The bhoot who are cute. (Swasan & Raglak) OS

“Now  blow the candles..” A man of around 25 years old asked to his wife of the same age as he was.

Just they both were there in the room. The room was decorated with balloons and candles and was looking cute and beautiful. His wife smiled and blew the candles off.

That man started singing while clapping,”Happy birthday to you…may god bless you….may god bless you dear——,” but before he could complete the door of the room opened with a loud sound.

They got shocked to see someone there in a hood.

_____________After 2 days_____________________

A girl was sleeping in her room. We could say that she cried a lot due to the tear strains on her cheeks. She was looking pale. Suddenly lots of wind started to blow. The doors of windows started slamming due to the wind making a huge sound. This disturbed her sleep. She sighed and moved towards the window to close. She tried to held the door of window but suddenly a hand which had long nails appeared in front of her making her to scream loud.

 Now scene shifted to a small clock which was showing 4 am. From that clock the scene shifted to A boy who was jogging on the road. The road was so silent and nobody was there. No street lights, no moon light as it is a new moon day.

The boy’s face was showing sleeplessness and tiredness… He is jogging when a car came in full speed to hit him he closed his eyes and screamed but nothing happened to him. Beside him a man was standing smirking at him.

He was shocked by this sudden happening. He thought it might because he didn’t sleep last day’s night.

He walked off from there.

_________After some hours___________

In a garden dew was shining on the grass in the beautiful dawn..
A beautiful girl of about 23 was sitting in garden with her guitar…The golden ray of the mighty sun fell on her face..a smiled appeared on her glossy lips when she felt the gentle touch of nature…tough it was a fake smile but with her smile all flowers opened their petals., the cool breeze was touching her white flawless skin..her eyelids were closed and she inhaled the fragrance of flowers..she was singing a melodious sound, her voice was very sweet..sweeter than any honey found in the whole world..!
She opened her eyes, her eyes were chocolaty brown and but their cheerfulness got lost somwhere.

A boy who was also in his mid 20s was seeing her hiding behind a tree..just then a strong blow of wind  passed by him and a male voice whispered in his ears”Don’t u have courage to talk her, Sanskar!!”
Sanskar turned but didn’t found anyone!!
In the whole garden that girl and Sanskar were alone then who whispered in his ears…?

That girl was engrossed in her singing but a female voice whispered in her ears”Swara!!do u love someone??Do you love Sanskar?”
Swara became shocked and looked everywhere but didn’t found anyone..!!
She was more shocked due to the question asked by that voice and same happened with Sanskar!!

Sanskar came home,

“I can’t love her….I can’t destroy her life because of me.” He mumbled to himself and then grabbed his phone.

“Swara….I have signed the divorce papers…” He said having tears in his eyes.

He cut the call immediately before even letting a sob come out from his mouth as he didn’t want to show that he was crying.


  A man was  beating another man blue and black. The man was bleeding… But the man who was beating was not showing any mercy.

The man who was beating said  angrily while beating,” What you said? Don’t seperate them.. they love each other ha… ” He punched that man on his face and continued,” He loves her  then what are my feelings towards her… I love her and she should be mine… She will be mine… She will be Sahil’s wife… Sahil Swara Senguptha”

 He kicked him in his stomach and ordered to his men,”Take this back stabber away from here…”

Saying this he went from there to a room and he moved towards a big portrait. He caressed it and said,”I will not let you go back to Sanskar….he came in between us…but soon because of your misunderstandings you both  will sign the divorce papers and I will make you mine Swara… You will be only mine.. !”


Swasan were coming back from the advocate’s house. It got night time and they were travelling through a forest as the advocate’s house was at outskirts.  Swara was sitting in the car holding her head as her head got injured a bit along with leg when she tumbled down from the stairs of the advocate’s house.

After going on further the road diverged into two roads.
Sanskar stopped the car there.
“I don’t know the way to hospital now from I take you there.. which road we should take? I think…” He said but Swara said in the middle,”Left..” and on the same time Sanskar said,”Right”.

“I think Right one is correct route..”Sanskar said.
“No..take left one..” Swara argued.

After a long arguement Swara said ,”We should check in internet.” But my phone’s battery died.”

 “The network is weak here..I am unable to see..”Sanskar said.

“Why don’t we ask someone” Swara said which made Sanskar angry a little he bellowed,”Now whom I ask the route at this time in this isolated forest.”

Swara then realized what she said before but what she could do. The wound was paining and she wasn’t in a condition to think much. Just all she wanted to get rid of this pain.

Swara just looked out and saw a couple walking having hand in hand.”Huh..such a sweet couple they are and see here this guy is forced to go with me.” Swara mumbeled which Sanskar heard…

“What they are doing here in this forest it’s not a garden that they are roaming here..” Sanskar thought looking towards them.

“Wait wait whatever it is…we can ask the correct route from them” Sanksar said.

 Swasan came out of the car and Swara said,”Excuse me “They looked towards her.”Can we know the way to the hospital??” Sanskar said.

That girl smiled and pointed her finger towards one route.

“Thank you so much.”Swara replied with a gentle smile.After that Swasan sat back in the car and went from there.Swasan reached the hospital and the doctor applied medicine and bandage on Swara’s wound while Sanskar was staring her.

After that they were coming out but they saw two bodies were being taken there on stretchers by which they were passing.”Doctor two bodies came for postmortem ” the nurse said to the senior doctor.Then by a blow of wind the white sheet of cloth got removed from their faces revealing their faces.

As Swasan were passing by their eyes fall on their faces and they left dumbstruck to see that these two were the same whom they in the forest.”They were murdered we found their bodies yesterday from a house.” The nurse said.”Yestarday” Swara murmured and Swasan exchanged an anxious look.”We wish to know when the death exactly happened.” The inspector said and went from there.

Swasan came back to the car and as soon as they opened the door to sit is they froze their being afraid.

That couple was sitting there on the back seats….the doors of the car started opening and closing again and again. This chilled Swasan’s spines.

Then the doors got locked. Swasan were still standing out of the car.

“Going for divorce?” Came written by blood on the glass of the car.

“Y-yes…but what you have to do with it?” Swara stammered.

The divorce papers which were on the front seat started burning and suddenly that couple started disappearing.

Swasan were in utter shock to see all this. Swara held Sanskar’s hand tightly. She being scared moved more and more closer to him and hugged him.

He hugged her back and then after a while they both looked towards each other and their eyes met. They were sharing an eyelock, their eyes were exchanging the emotions of love,confusion and pain. Sanskar couldn’t control more and held her hands softly in his palm and said,” Swara I don’t know how to tell you…I even don’t know you will believe my words or not but I love you very much…our marriage was an arranged one and it broke your all dreams….!! I don’t want to let you suffer because of me.. that’s why I was freeing u Swara…but in all these days when you weren’t with me..I just kept on thinking about you..It pains Swara to hide my feelings from you…it pains a lot..if feels like I am holding a fire ball inside my chest..I can’t control I confessed…I know you don’t lov—-” before he could complete Swara kept her hand on his lips and nodded in no.

“You know nothing Sanskar!!! You know nothing!!! I love you veryy muchhh…!” She shouted, tears were rolling down on her chubby cheeks.

“I thought u love Kavita…and I will destroy ur life if I will come in middle..” she said.

“And I thought u love Sahil…” He said.

“No Sanskar….He was just behind me….I wanted to get rid of him…..he used to irritate me…I loved only u in my life….u r my first and last love…” she said.

 They were still having that eyelock… filled with lots of love.

Their eyelock broke with a loud sound of thunderbolt..!! They both hurriedly sat in the car.

Both were very happy as today they confessed their feelings. Sanskar was driving the car and Swara was staring him lovingly,he too looked towards him with happiness but suddenly….

Their car stopped in between the way in front of a house which was the alone house at that place.  After many tries the car didn’t start so Swasan had to take shelter for that night in that house.

They opened the gate and came in. The door slammed close after they entered.  Decoration was there like it was someone’s birthday just before a few days. They came in a room where blood was tinted on the walls of that room, the scarlet red colour was smeared on the floor indicating that someone would have dragged the corpses there. Swara covered her mouth by her hands trying not to let out a scream seeing this horrifying scene.The sickening smell filled in their nostrils. Swara started feeling dizzy so Sanskar grabbed her through her arms immediately and took her out of the room to the hall and made her sit on a coach.

Someone suddenly passed a glass of water. Sanskar being worried just took the water and made Swara drink it.. after Swara became a little fine.

Sanskar turned and said,”Thank you—” he got shocked and stammered,” both?”Swara huged Sanskar being scared.

“Hi I am Laksh.. and she is my wife Ragini” the boy said.

“Don’t get scared we both will not do anything to you…We both are here only to help you.” Ragini said.

Swara being  confused,”Means?”

Laksh sat on couch and pulled Ragini beside him,and said” First know about us later we will say it to you…” He continued,”We both used to study in same college. We both were best friends in our whole group… Our group contains three members… Kavya, Ragu and me… Kavya though joined in our group used to be a little away sometimes from us… We thought may be she likes to be alone more… But that day came when we went to a party she invited as her birthday. I proposed Ragini in her party… She was also so happy. But after sometime suddenly she started to behave some strangely like asking us to go away… The people in the party are also behaving strange. They were asking Kavya something continuously… We both didn’t understand anything.”

Swasan were listening them with full interest, “What happened next?” Swara asked.

Ragini continued,” As she was asking us to leave I asked her I will use washroom and go. So she guided me to washroom. When I was returning from washroom I heard some two people talking.

 Kavya: yaar wait for few minutes… They will go… I will take them out… 

Boy: (talking desperately) I want it yaar… you know na that drug doesn’t let to control yourself. I am not able to control it… I will not come out give me here I will have it and come out…

Kavya sighed and gave him some packet. 

That boy immediately started inhaling that powder and tasting it.

 I  understood and stood shocked.. I slowly sneaked out and dragged Laksh out. I told everything to him and he immediately called to police… Police reached there and arrested Kavya with proves…

Officer: (shaking hand with Laksh) Thank you Mr. Laksh. Because of you both we could catch them.

Laksh: it is our duty sir.

Kavya: (looking at RagLak angrily) I will not leave you both… Soon I will take revenge from you both. 

Laksh didn’t pay any heed to her and police dragged her away along with other culprits. 

Three years passed… We got married and started living happily. We never expected that the storm named Kavya will enter in their life again. 

It was my birthday few days back. Laksh planned a surprise for me.  It was 12 am and Laksh woke me. I  got surprised to see the whole room beautifully decorated.

 Laksh: (whispered) Happy Birthday wifey.

Ragini (hugging him) thank you so much hubby. 

Laksh: (holding her hand) chalo… Cake cutting time.He takes her near the cake…Laksh: now blow the candles….

After that I blew the candles  and he started singing the birthday song but…then someone opened the door. It was she…Kavya! Being a spoilt  daughter of a rich man she got bail soon. She was stumbling while walking.  We understood she was drunk. She had an axe in her hand. Laksh hid me behind him. She attacked Laksh on his stomach. He Laksh vomitted out blood, somehow gaining some strength he slapped Kavya and she fell down. I ran to the hall and to the telephone Laksh was there in the room only. His body  didn’t support him to move as she attacked there very hard. I had tears in my eyes seeing his that condition.

I was dialling  police’s number but then someone smashed my head and it was Kavya only. The phone fell from my hand. She hit me again at head. My vision got blur..I heard Laksh’s screams…Kavya was laughing seeing us. She dragged me to the room holding my hairs. I was screaming in pain but that wicked Kavya didn’t show any mercy. She threw me near Laksh.

We both were lying in the pool of blood,We turned to face each other, Our hearts became stubborn and didn’t want to beat now,our lungs also fed up but the only thing which were determined to do something were our EYES!! Our eyes had a desire to see each other,they wanted to fix each others image in their respective eyes when they will stop blinking for ever..

  We both held each others hand and our hearts stopped singing the song of each other’s names..!!


Ragini narrated the story. Swasan were very sad.

“We are visible to you both only and you both only can free us from this world…you have to help us in taking the revenge from Kavya and we can be freed by uniting u only.” Laksh said.

Swasan looked each other and then promised them that they will help them.


  The scorching golden sun was glaring the trackless desert. The hot winds were stirring up the sand. A camel train was traveling in the desert.

 Just then they saw someone was lying on the sand in front of them. The leader of the tribe got down from his camel and came to that person. He saw,that the person seemed to be a boy of about 24-25 years and was dressed in a white shirt and blue coloured jeans. Rivulets of blood were flowing down from his forehead. That tribe leader checked his nerves and found that he was alive. He took him with his tribe to his home.

The tribe took the person to his home. He got him treated by the Rural Vaidya…

Rural Vidya: he was beaten brutally… Now I gave him medicines… It will give him relief soon… He will get conscious in sometime.

Tribe head nodded his head.

After sometime we see two souls appearing near the Sanskar who is unconscious.

Ragini: OMG!!! Laksh he is brutally beaten up by him.

Laksh: (frustrated) if that was not the auspicious time and we could have gone near them by now that Sahil will be dead..

 Ragini: yes… The auspicious time is over now… Now only Sanskar getting conscious is necessary. Laksh noded…They both look at each other and plan something. They notice Sanskar moving his hand.

 Ragini: he is moving.

Laksh: yes… Sanskar slowly opens his eyes.

Sanskar: (looking at Laksh and painfully whispers) Laksh.. swara?

Laksh: (bending his head) sorry Sanskar she is in Sahil’s clutches… We could not save her as at that auspicious time we can’t do anything. We are sorry.

 Sanskar: (worried) I have to save her.

Ragini: not ‘I’ Sanskar ‘we’ will save her… We have a plan.Sanskar looked at them and Laksh explains him.

Laksh: first you have to come out of here.

Sanskar slowly got up and walked out of the room. The tribe head looked at him.

Tribe head: hey you woke up.

Sanskar: (joining his hands) thank you so much for helping me… Now Is should go… I have to save my wife. Saying this Sanskar just goes out of the house while the Tribe head looked on.

Sanskar took  a bus and was waiting impatiently to reach his place… While he is continuously talking to raglak…. All are looking at him as an alien.

Ragini: you guys stop talking… They all are seeing Sanskar as an alien…Sanskar looked around and smiles embarrassed.

Sanskar: (murmuring) how can I forget that only Swara and I could see them?

Laksh: stop talking yourself… Still they are seeing you wierd…Sanskar shut his mouth.. after few hours Sanskar got down the bus and took a cab. He reached a pub and got down. He looked at RagLak and nod to them. Sanakar slowly enters the pub. He looked around and finds Sahil and Kavya talking something seriously while sipping some alcohol.

 Sahil: so you have to get ready with those drugs on Sunday… My clients will be waiting at my place.

 Kavya: you sure… I will be on time… And I hope you will be on time with your payment too…

 Sahil: yes dont worry… And I asked you some drug so that I can make Swara according to me…

Kavya: yeah here it is… But yeah be careful while injecting… It may cause rash to her if her body doesn’t support to this drug… If you want I can help you in checking whether it will support her body or not…

Sahil: ok come with me. Sahil saying moved from there and Kavya follows him. They go inside the pub and we see a room. They enter into the room. Sanskar in the waiter dress following them while RagLak are already in the room where Swara is. They untied Swara who is tied for the chair. She looked at them with smile and hope of seeing her Sanskar again.

Sahil enterd inside the room along with Kavya and get shocked. Sahil: (angrily) how the hell you got untied?Sahil got a hit on his back of head. He looked at Kavya angrily Sahil: why did you hit me?Kavya looked back confused that he is talking to someone else. Now she also got hit. Kavya: it is you who is hitting me and shouting. Sahil: when did I hit you?Kavya: just now and when did I hit you?Sahil: just now… They both looked at each other confused. Suddenly there came a smoke which has a different chemical and they both starts to talk all the truth about their deeds. Sahil unknowingly takes a gun and points at Kavya. Kavya does the same.The shoot sound is heard and we aee two bodies lying on the floor in the pool of blood. Swara is hugging Sanskar with teary eyes.RagLak lookede at each other and slowly disappears into the air.Scene showed like police watching the CCTV footage of the room. Officer: what are you both doing there?Sanskar: Sahil called me sir and when I reach here I found both that girl and Sahil shouting madly saying about the crimes… Suddenly they both took the guns and shot towards eachother…. Officer: ok if we need any other information we will contact you. Hope you will support us…Sanskar nods yes and SwaSan move out of the pub.Swara: Sanskar why did they shoot eachother? Sanskar: RagLak whispered in their ears… They are in the effect of drug na they do whatever others say. Swara: where are they?Sanskar looked around but didn’t find them. Swara also looked for them but could not find…Suddenly a big thunder sound and Swara hugs Sanskar tight. Camera moved upwards where RagLak are looking at SwaSan with smile on their faces.


Swasan started living happily.

One day they came to stadium to watch the cricket match.

Swara was shouting,”Virat…!! Virat!!!”

Sanskar looked towards Swara with irritation.

“Swara stop shouting.” Sanskar said being jealous.

“Why? I love him very much na…Let me cheer him up,” Swara said.

Virat Kohli hit the ball with his bat and it went higher and higher in the sky.

The opposite team’s fielder  was just about to catch the ball and Swara closed her eyes but suddenly the ball changed it’s route and crossed the boundary….and it was a 6!!!!

“Yayyyy!!!” Swara squealed in happiness while clapping.

Sanskar and others were confused,Sanskar said in shock,” How it happened?”

Then they heard a whistle sound. They turned their head and saw that Raglak were sitting beside them,Laksh was eating the popcorn and  Ragini was drinking the juice which Swasan had brought for themselves. RagLak winked towards them and SwaSan sighed and they all laughed.


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  • I write Swasan stories and also of Raglak. You can read them on my wattpad id shinchan0324.
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