The best lessons of life ( part 5)

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Sorry to tell u that the new phase of Jhanvi’s life cannot be that easier she will go through a lot than in her past but she I’ll never fall in love with anybody and she will surely fall for the person her parents choose for her in future.. But there is lot of time for that track..
It’s just an small information for the readers who all r asking what happened in last..

The episode starts with..its nearly one month after Jhanvi’s admission in diploma course..
It’s early in morning Jhanvi’s mother is doing pooja and some God song is playing in Jhanvi’s brother laptop….
After pooja her mother enters Jhanvi’s room to wake her up..but jhanvi already woke up due exciting of first day of college.. She sat in her bed with leg crossed and going through some papers related to her course..her mom enters and smiles after seeing her already woke up and ask her to get ready..

Jhanvi enters the auditorium where her fresher’s meet held along with her parents.. After sometime the dean of college enters and gives some lectures and rules and etc.. After that students are asked to assemble in respective classes for 10min where they can get further information and leave for their home..jhanvi along with her parents comes out of auditorium…
Just then jhanvi parents notice some known person in same locality also came there for his sister’s daughter fresher’s meet..
Just when jhanvi saw her(gauri) and said hi to her..from further chatting jhanvi came to know about she also have join the same course as jhanvi..
As they r getting late to assemble in class they just said to their parents and they start to go towards college building..
Vthey came close to eachother easily.. they reached the class where v r asked to assemble..
After sometime a lady teacher enters introduce herself as their tutor and further she informs about sections and they r also informed about mixing of two courses in their class(actually 1st yr I’ll b mixing of different groups)..
V all left after that and jhanvi and gauri reach college entrance where their r parents waiting for their arrival..
They said bye to eachother and leave for different places..
All went well for first one year of the course they enjoyed a little studied a lot and they didn’t know how one year passed..
At last day of their first year 2nd sem exam they r informed about their departments..
They had 1 month vacation after their sem. Jhanvi contacted gauri rarely….
Vacation passed and last day of vacation jhanvi arranged her bag with required new notebooks and pen etc..
After that she came to have dinner with her family.. Wen she reaches table all r waiting for her arrival..
Jhanvi: mom I hav arranged my requirements in my bag tomorrow s my first day of my second yr college..I m very happy dad..and thanks bro for ur support..I have get rid of my past mostly dad I am strong person one can ask me or comment me on my past now..if they dare to ask me they will get fit reply from me..
Jhanvi’s parents and brother look at her in surprise and gets happy for her….

What will happen in her 2nd yr of diploma? Will her past comes before her? Will her next 2 yrs of study will b peaceful? What r the new lessons for her life is waiting in nxt 2 yrs?

To know the my story please keep reading my episodes… Bye…

Jhanvi’s first day of college.. She is shocked to find someone in her college bus…who is she…

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I am trying to add long episode… Please leave ur feedback…

Credit to : Vibhu

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  1. Jhanvi is brave girl

  2. Hi vibhu dear, it’s going really good. .I like jahnvi. Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  3. Any problems can be solved wn thr is a parents support. …

    She is lucky tht she have a beautiful family and life partner

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