The best lessons of life ( part 4)


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Please inform me wen u guys get bored…I don’t want to bore u with my story..

The episode starts with jhanvi reaching computer course center And enters and thinks I I’ll surely get rid of my past and start my new phase of my life…
She enters her class room where there r nly 10 students present there and they r all elder than her..when she enters the class all turned to see her for one min and again started their chatting..
After 10min The course teacher enters the room and started to chat with students and ask for their intro and she started tell the basics of course..
At first jhanvi didn’t understand anything but her thinking get over all and started to get topper of batch in the courses..she finished c,c++and java in 6 months..when she got doubt she ask her brother for help and solve the doubt..
Jhanvi s now somewhat got matured and independent in this time..
Now jhanvi has been not went to school to 1yr and next year admission started in schools..jhanvi didn’t want to get back to the school and Wanted to study different..
Her parents suggest her to join 3yr diploma course which she can cont near her home and she can travel in college bus..
Jhanvi thinks this is what destiny have written in her after much struggle so she accepts parents decision in this..and decide to join in diploma course..
Jhanvi enters that college along with her parents and her brother…it’s not a big college but somewhat all courses are there along with all facility in big institution..
Jhanvi gets nervous and hold her father’s hand while entering into college.. Her father calms her down saying all r happening for gud so don’t worry.. Jhanvi smiles and nods..

They enter the college office to enquire about course and join..she joins in ICE diploma course which is different from others..and her parents are happy that she is changed a lot from before..
Jhanvi is informed about the course and timings of college and bus facility and reopening of college and so on..
While coming out of college she turned to college and thinks to herself that I hav gone through lot in my past and I don’t want to cont that in my present.. And I wish I don’t ever see my past before me..

Will the new phase of jhanvi will continue happily? Will she encounter her past again? What will she learn in this new phase of life?

To know my story please continue reading my story..

first day of college..

Hi friends…
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Credit to : Vibhu

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  1. What happend to jhanvi…. i like her family they r always there for her

  2. Nice plot dr, make it lil more long, plz. 🙂

  3. Hi vibhu dear, nice episode, jahnvi is very lucky to have very supportive family…let’s see what happens in a the college…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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