The best lessons of life ( part 3)


Hi friends..
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Hi frnds..
Sry for hiding my identity.. I thought of saying wen u like my story..

Episode starts with jhanvi and her father in ice cream parlor..
They enter the parlor..her father ask for flavor..
She don’t know what to choose and order herself for Vennila flavour for both when her father choose that..
They sit in some table to hav ice cream.. When her father started to speak..
Father: r u alright now..
Jhanvi: first didn’t know what to say and then nods yes..
Father: look jhanvi past can’t be changed.. Future cannot b judged what happens.. All r nly having present to make their life successful.. Look I didn’t ask u to forget past its vry tough I m nly asking you to make ur past ur strength.. Don’t fight with it just let it go…
Jhanvi: papa I knw u r my strength always..u I’ll stand by me whatever happens.. I I’ll surely take this failures as stepping stones to my success.. Don’t worry about me..
Father: smiles and says to himself she s getting back normal and I hav seen new jhanvi today…
After having ice cream they leave from there to house..
It’s night all r getting normal in house which is like 6months before..jhanvi sat with her parents and vishnu to hav dinner..
After dinner jhanvi returns to her room for bed.. She goes through the details of course which she joins.. And she lie down in bed after sometime..

Jhanvi s gng through her past of her love and insult..she remembers about her first meeting of irfan(her first love or infatuation)..
She met him as a new member of class in eigth grade..and how she fell for him in each and every time…. How she got insulted because she dumb other classmates laugh on
her about this…and her love proposal to him and rejection..and Atlast he gets friendly to her not as love and that’s when her life changed due to some other circumstances…by thinking and remembering all these moments she slept off without knowing to herself….
In morning…
Her mother wakes her up for computer course classes to attend..she gets ready to leave to computer course… Her father wishes to accompany her..but she refused because she decided to b independent and goes..

She reaches computer course center and
enters it by thinking I I’ll surely get rid of my past here and move on to my new phase of my life..

How will b the new phase of life jhanvi? Will she get rid of her past here?what is her past still haunting her?what is waiting for her in her new phase of life?
To know my complete story pls read my story and leave comments..

6months passed and v see jhanvi is filling admission form for her studies..

Hope u guys like it please leave comments if its getting bored..bye guys..

Credit to : Vibhu

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  1. Ayyo jahnavi guys past hum ko itna dard dhethe he tho bhool jana cjahiye aaj hum kya hein kitma kush hein yeah importent hein hamare liye…..

    1. Well said hayathi…love you loads. .take care

  2. Very nice episode, going well. Want to know all the answers…nice precap…plzzzz continue. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  3. Hi frnds..
    Thank you for your support.. I will upload 2 episodes in morning and another in eve..don’t miss any episodes..

  4. Hi frnds..
    I hav been uploaded nxt episode 21hrs before and not yet they published my u knw how much time will they take to publish ff..I hav uploaded episode yesterday afternoon…

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