The best lessons of life ( part 2)

Hi friends..
Thank you very much for your comments… If I can I I’ll try to add long episode..
Its very different friends not nly her past love is haunting her but something other than that made her very strong in her life and her carrer(it will b the main suspence of the story it I’ll revealed in my final episode pls cont reading)

The episode starts with Jhanvi’s
parents take her out to change her
mood..but her mood is still sinking in something and is not able to happy with her family..
Jhanvi’s parents and her brother(Vishnu) are her strength and weaknesses..
He studying in college 2nd yr..he s elder brother of jhanvi.. He is always best than a friend, gud than a teacher and better than a brother to jhanvi.. He always extends his hand in support to jhanvi whenever she falls weak..

jhanvi always think him as a gud frnd whenever she want to share her sorrrow
and worries.. But she also hidden about her love(it’s better to say infatuation in her age..actually its not her love but infatuation and she find her true love in arrange marriage) to her brother..Jhanvi’s age will be between 14 and 15yrs..(I think y I said it s just infatuation now u understood)..
Jhanvi’s family reached back to home after having little fun and dinner outside..
Jhanvi goes to her room sees a paper which is kept in her cupboard… On going through that paper she gets somewhat angry and she kept back it in locker and locked it so that she will not see that back again in nxt 6months..
Jhanvi thinks of something and decides to talk to her parents..
Jhanvi’s parents and brother hav been sitting in sofa and chatting about something when jhanvi enters hall all gets silent and sees jhanvi..
Jhanvi comes to her mother and sits beside her..
All r watching jhanvi with ques in their eye thinking what happened to her today she came to talk to them in hall after so many months..
Her parents and her brother gets happy that jhanvi is getting back to
Jhanvi says to her family that..
Jhanvi: I wish to move on in life and join in some course for another 6 months and after that I will join back to school..
Father and mother: smiles and says if u wish to join v I’ll b happy dr.. Don’t worry..and asks her brother to chk the computer course near our house.. Her brother nods yes and smiles…
Nxt day her father took her to nearby computer course center and ask her which course she want to join..
Jhanvi ask the instructor there how many months for each course..they replied depending on the classes conducted and attended by students.. If they come on daily except weekends the each course It I’ll b finish
between one to one and half months..
So jhanvi decides to study from basic to the level she can..
So she asked her father about that and joined in course..
They left computer course center after they get details about course and timings..
Jhanvi ask her father for ice cream when he s about to get into car..
He smiles and compiles..
Jhanvi get into the car for gng to ice cream parlor..
Jhanvi says to herself that I want to move on in my life for the sake of my family and never think about her past and cry and decides to become strong..

What is Jhanvi’s past? Y she decided to not think about her past? What happened to her at this age that changed her life? Y she didn’t cont her studies for one year?
To know jhanvi’s story keep reading my episodes..

First day in computer course center..

Hi frnds..
It’s actually a real story of a girl who overcome her weaknesses and get succeed in her life..its mainly about her family support to her..sry if I bored u…
Pls leave ur comments and suggestions.. Bye..

Credit to : Vibhu

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  1. So cute dr……

  2. Hi vibhu, it’s really interesting story…i like it…plzzzz continue. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode

  3. Hi… Vidhu…Don’t mind… Is This story based on real events??? Is it related to you? Overall it can be an inspirable story…. Really good one…. And didn’t bore me buddy… Hope not even others….

  4. Gd going dear keep it up…
    Jahnvi is very luky having such supporting family…

  5. Very nice vibhu !! Love d jhanvi story !!

    So whr u frm ??
    N wat do u do as in studying or job ??
    Hey 1 more ques r u boy or a girl..??

    Hope I dinn hurt u by asking d last ques !!!

  6. Hi friends..
    I m a girl..from TN.. I m not a student..I hav finished my studies..
    This story is actually true story and I added some imagination in this story to go intresting and jhanvi is none other than me..
    Thanks for your support guys..hope u guys like my story..

  7. Hi vibhu nice story…
    It’s interesting. .

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