The best lessons of life (part 1)


Hi friends..
I hope u all like my introduction to characters.. Leave suggestions for any change in story..

It’s midnight…
Somewhere in chennai a girl is seen sleeping in bed..suddenly she s disturbed by something in dreams and getup and sits in bed and starts
She s crying vigorously sitting in bed..the sun starts coming out spreading light all over her room..
She s looking very tiered with her eyes turned red due to crying..its none other than jhanvi..
Her father enters the room to wake her up and gets shocked to see jhanvi like this..
(Friends I m not going to give any name for jhanvi’s parents..)
Father: jhanvi wat happened.. R u alright.. Y u r looking tiered…r u crying..
Jhanvi: didn’t reply for her father..
Father: calls jhanvi mother and ask her to see her state..
Mother:didn’t say anything and leaves the room.. She weeps inside her..
Father: he sits on bed and caresses her head and wipes her tears.. jhanvi try to forget the past and try to live in present and try to move on in life..its just a matter of 1yr..within that make yourself better to cont ur studies..
Jhanvi: didn’t say anything to her father but smiles getting little strength..

Jhanvi’s parents and her brother take her out to change her mood..but she s just thinking about her past..

What is jhanvi’s past? What made jhanvi to cry till her last? Is her past love is following her or something different?
To know about full story..pls leave ur suggestions to cont my story…

jhanvi’s father make jhanvi join in computer course..

Credit to: Vibhu

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  1. Nice story….
    Waiting for next update

  2. Our parents are our future present past yaar with out them we are zeros so always listen them nice storyy dr

  3. I thnk its the bad memories f past love, wich is hauntng hr. . . N nice start vibhu. 🙂

  4. Hmmm nice start, interesting, plzzzz continue, eagerly waiting for the next episode

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