THE ANTAGONIST…Swaragini…Chapter 3

Hello chunks.. Again its me..Abhi. Iam really really happy ….Its my birthday today.I wish i could give you some ragsan romantic scenes as treat.But in this ff,Its merely impossible.But definitely soon you will see their romance.And about Ragini’s character,Its quite twisty.Anyway,I cant promise that Ragini wont be negative because she is the antagonist,but as the title says,Antagonist is the protagonist of my ff.I know its confusing,but i will try my best to fulfill your expectations.No more buck bucks.

Lets go the chapter 3.

Swa____san enters Laksh’s room.Swara cries.Sanskar holds laksh’s hand. Laksh is lying on a bed.Its full of medical equipments around him.He is in comma. Ragini enters the room. swara:Ragini…Don’t dare to enter inside.What do you want now?Do you want to kill him?Now,its almost like that.He is dying daily.Its all because of you.Why are you destroying our life? Now because of you sanskar’s life is also destroyed.Ooh!! I forgot,your birth itself was a destruction to our family.

Ragini gets angry hearing it. Ragini:Swara…… Ragini slaps swara and holds her neck. sanskar tries to save swara from Ragini. Sanskar:What the hell are you doing Ragini.? Ragini:Who the hell are you to ask that? sanskar drags Ragini from there. Sanskar takes Ragini to her room. Ragini:Leave me .. Sanskar slaps her. Ragini:How dare you slap me? Ragini pushes sanskar.Sanskar was about to fall down,suddenly he holds her hand.So both of them together fall on the ground.(no eyelock haha) Ragini punches on Sanskar’s chest. sanskar:ahh Ragini continues to do the same. sanskar holds her hand tightly and angrily looks at her. sanskar tightens his grip. Ragini:Ahhh. Sanskar:Its paining na..The same pain is experienced by others when you hurt them. Ragini bites on his hand and runs from there. sanskar:Ahhh..Why this girl is always biting!! @lunch time. All are sitting around the dining table. Sumi:Beta Sanskar…what happened to your neck.?There is a mark..It looks like something bite you.

sanskar looks at Ragini. Sanskar:Wooh ma.. Sumi:Look..In your hand also its there.I think you should meet doctor. Sanskar:Its not needed ma.I got the insect which bit me..I will take out its poisonous teeths soon. Ragini coughs hearing it.Sanskar gives her water. Ragini:Are you a dentist to take out teeth.I think you should not do anything.Such insects attacks you only when you irritate it. Sanskar:Ooh!!To take out that insect’s teeth i don’t want to be a dentist.I have better ideas.I wont leave it easily. Ragini glares at him. Ragini leaves from there.

After sometime.
@Ragini’s room. Sanskar enters there. Ragini:Why are you here? Sanskar:For sleeping…what else. Ragini:You can’t sleep in my room. Sanskar:I didn’t ask for your said me to sleep here. Ragini:ooh!!!Do whatever you want. Sanskar:K..thats good. Ragini sleeps beside him. In between Sanskar hugs Ragini while sleeping.Ragini tries hard to remove his hands but no use. Morning. Sunrays falls on both of them. They both together open their eyes. Sanskar’s hands are around Ragini’s waist.Ragini’s leg is on the top of Sanskar’s leg.They both get shocked seeing their closeness. Ragini suddenly takes her leg. Sanskar is still shocked seeing her too close. Ragini is struggling hard to remove his hand from her waist.He suddenly takes his hand realizing their position. Ragini and sanskar feels awkward. Ragini:Voh…I asked you not to sleep beside me na.Now,look. Sanskar:Whats the matter?Iam your husband,whats the big deal in it. Ragini:You blo*dy cheapo..You were trying to take advantage of me! Sanskar:Ohh please!Forget about it! Ragini:I Hate you Sanskar:Ooh!!Who is gonna love someone who destroys everyone’s life!!Hate u too. Ragini:get lost you idiot!

Precap:Ragini’s dairy..

How is it??


  1. meetu

    happy birthday sweety.update mad girl made me….plz. In this ff ragini is positive and has hidden i right

  2. Pokerface

    May the Lord always protect you. May you attain fame and May your life be fulfilled. May in this ff ragini is positive. Happy Birthday

  3. Abhi142



    Thankyou so so so much everyone….I will post mad girl ff too…Thanks for the wishes..Ragini is a kind of negative but there might be some reason too

  4. Asra


    |Registered Member

    Happy birthday to u dear… May god bless u with all that u dream for….may happiness s always be a part of your life…have a great day dear….
    it’s awesome update dear…ragini diary….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

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