THE ANTAGONIST…Swaragini…Chapter 2

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Here is the second chapter.
Ragini:Sign it..quick
Sanskar:Ok..wait..i will sign.
He starts walking towards her.

Ragini:Don’t dare to come near to me..Stay away.
Sanskar:Can you take that pen please.
Ragini looks irritated.She then turns to take the pen.Sanskar suddenly holds her hand which is having glass piece and Uttara escapes.He then twists her hand.The glass piece falls down.Ragini shouts.
Ragini:Aahhh…Sanskar,don’t try to become over smart..It will cost your family.
sanskar suddenly lifts her in his arms.Ragini is struggling to come down.
sanskar:We are going to Ragini’s home.We Will come back tomorrow.

Ragini:You…..You wont stay in my house.Leave me!! I will go myself.
sanskar ignores her and starts walking.He makes her to sit on the seat.She is struggling to come out.But he locked the door.He starts driving.
She is still trying to open the door.Finally,After getting too much irritated,sanskar holds her hand tightly.
Ragini:Ahhhh….leave my hand.
Sanskar tightens the grip.She goes near to him and bites his neck.
He stops the car suddenly.
sanskar:Ahh..What the hell… Are you mad!!

Ragini :Don’t try to mess with me..
sanskar:Actually…let me ask you something!!Why do you always destroy other’s life..What do you get from doing it?
Ragini:Happiness.I just hate everyone.
Sanskar:Just because of you…your sister is suffering in her life.No sister will do what you did with your sister.Why sister,even enemies wont do that.
Ragini:Ooh!!You all always loved my sister right!!! No one never cared about me!!
sanskar:Because you always make troubles in other’s life.
Ragini:I don’t care!!Now lets leave.

Sanskar again starts driving.
Ragini:Wait…stop here!
sanskar:But why!

Ragini shouts:Stop.
He stops infront of an orphanage.
Sanskar:Now are you gonna destroy their life too.?
Ragini:I need this place for my company’s new branch.So I want them to leave from here.
Sanskar:What,where will they go?
Ragini:Its up to them!
sanskar:How can you be so cruel and heartless.Anyway,first lets leave to your house.While coming back we can come here.

Ragini :okay then!
sanskar in his mind:I wont let you do this mistake Ragini.
They starts going.

@Ragini’s house .
Sanskar and Ragini enters the house.
Swara along with sumi dadi dadu Shekhar Dida comes out.
They all gets happy seeing sanskar.
Swara hugs sanskar. are fine na?
sanskar:hm…all fine.
Ragini gives an irritated look.
swara looks at Ragini angrily.The whole family looks at Ragini with little fear.Ragini smirks and enters.
She goes to her room.Sanskar keeps talking to her family.
Sumi:Its good that you are staying here today.
sanskar:My family is not safe with her.And i will have to do something about it.So sometimes we will be here for a week.

Ragini:One week…haha,is it enough for you to make my evil out.
sanskar:Let me try.
Swara:Sanskar…come lets meet laksh.He will be happy seeing you.
Sanskar:Okay lets go
Ragini:I will also come.He will be more happy seeing me.
She smirks.
swara:Don’t dare to enter there.


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