THE ANTAGONIST…Swaragini…Chapter 1

Its me..
And here is the first chapter of my ff..,THE ANTAGONIST

A girl is sleeping in a dark room.The room is full of devilish photos and masks. A boy enters the room covering his face.He put chloroform on her mouth and then,takes her in his arms.
A girl is sleeping beside a guy.She is looking so sweet and innocent.He is so handsome and lovely.Sunrays starts disturbing her sleep.She slowly opens her eyes. At that very moment itself her innocence flew away . She:You….!!You blo*dy hell..
Suddenly the boy wake up.
Boy:Gud morning darling.

She:You !!I told you many time not to take me here.Iam not your wife. Boy:Even i told you many time not to mess with me.
She:You will pay for this.Oops!!Not you,your family will pay for this. Saying this she walks towards the washroom. He pulls her and she falls on the bed.He comes on the top of her.
She:What the hell are… He closed her mouth tightly with his hand. He : .Dont force me to do something which i don’t wanna do!
She pushes him and said:Oohh!!Are you gonna kill me..omg..i got scared.what do you think of…
Before she could complete her words,he pressed his lips on hers.She was pushing him but he was adamant.He breaks the kiss. She:You cant force me.

He:But you forced me. He then starts kissing her neck. Then shoulder.She starts shouting.
Ragini:Stop….you blo*dy cheapo..stop this.
He:Everyone begs you in this same way when you play with their life.And you always say you have nothing to lose.Even i have nothing to lose.I will never allow you to destroy anyone’s life.
She:In your dreams…You know what,Even god cannot stop me,then who the hell are you! He gets angry and starts unzipping her dress. She:Noooo!!
She closed her eyes.
He leaves her and goes to washroom. She opens her eyes and looks around. She:He left me??really!!

In the washroom.

He opens the shower.
He:Why are you doing all this.Why are you trying to destroy everyone’s life.??why??You are a devil,but i couldn’t become one…But now i will have to.You left me without any option.Devil’s place is hell,and i will show you your hell.This is Sanskar Maheswari’s promise.
He comes out of the washroom.He looks at her angrily.She takes her dress from cupboard and goes to washroom.

Aftersometime,she comes out. She starts walking downstairs. All are having breakfast. When they see her,all gets scared except sanskar. Sujata:Sanskar,why is she here? He:She is my wife mom.Mrs Sanskar Maheswari. She hears this and gets irritated.
Dp:Sanskar,I don’t think she should be here!
She:Iam not gonna stay here anyway..Iam leaving. She was about to go but Sanskar holds her hand. Sanskar:You are not going anywhere right now.Come have breakfast.After having breakfast we both will go to your house.

She:Who the hell Are you to say this..Iam leaving.
He slaps her. He :You are not going it? She takes a jug,breaks it and takes the glass piece in her hand. She keeps the glass piece on the neck of sanskar’s sister Uttara. She:You did wrong sanskar,and your sister is gonna pay for it. Sanskar:…dont do anything to her.Why are you like this?
She:This situation is created by you. She:If you want to see her alive.Give divorce.Sign in those papers. Sanskar:Sign!!!my foot! She slaps Uttara hard.

She:Don’t force me to kill her.sign…


why did they marry??who is the girl??


  1. lisa

    hey ur prologue is in amy jake name and episode 1 in abhi142
    u have 2 id’s
    and plz make it ragsan i love ragini

  2. Asra


    |Registered Member

    fabulous dear….loved it alot…
    how was ur exam dear….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

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