the alpha’s game
author’s note:
this isn’t related to game of thrones, but a supernatural story about werewolf sort of things
please read it, according to the response the first chapter:

i never thought you would do this!

would start.
caution: this contains foul language and it’s 13+( cause i think u guys can understand this)
please read at your own risk

you’re pissed off.
you just figured out that you’re brother betrayed you’re high guarded secret to your parents for an new car, which cost your family trip.
now you get a call from your friends who claims they’re kidnapped.
you go to the given address to rescue them it most possible means without the help of the cops (i know i am stupid, don’t need to emphasize that).
you are venting out your frustration on the alleged kidnapper that’s when you hear the word ‘mine’.

author’s note:
please comment ,
your comments are the second most valuable think after my precious book in life.
and yes i haven’t made the cover yet. please bare with me.

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