The Abyss – Ishqbaaz FF by Aashi (chapter-16)

The Abyss-Ishqbaaz FF by Aashi


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Rudra cried inconsolably in Soumya’s arms.After some moments his cries subsided into mere occasional sobs. Feeling rather ashamed of his breakdown,he looked up apologitcally, “sorry”.“You okay,Rudra?”Soumya had imagined a lot about a proper conversation with Rudra, and how she’ll react but it was the most unexpected thing.“Can I lay on your lap for some more time?”Rudra asked, hesitant. If the situation had been a bit different,Soumya would have refused but considering his mental state,she quietly lied his head down on her lap. She brushed her hands through his hair;Rudra closed his eyes,absorbing the thrill and calmness which washed over him at the same time.He shifted his head and looked up , straight into his Love’s eyes.

They were caring and concerned.His hand scooted almost automatically to her face,trailing a loose tendril of hair,tucking it behind her ear,moving along her face,tracing a finger down her jaw.Soumya closed her eyes involuntarily, her breathing irregular.It took Rudra all his might not to kiss her.A sudden ringtone of a cellphone interrupted the moment. Soumya’s eyes flew open but Rudra was already on the call without attempting to get up.Soumya flushed, embarrassed at the happenings but Rudra looked the least bothered.

“No yaar Chubby. I can’t come. No yaar..” Soumya looked inquiringly at him;he gestured at her to keep quiet and put the phone on speaker “Rudy tu ne promise kiya tha yaar. Aur ye party to tere hi farm house par hai.Yaar…” “He’ll be there Chubby,ab phone rakh”Soumya interrupted and cut the call.“Soumya, look everything is not in the good condition at home and will it look nice if I party right now?” “I know Rudra,but you can not change the happenings.Anyways, it’s nighttime and everyone else will be asleep.You can’t wait for everything to be all right to enjoy yourself and in the other hand you had committed yourself beforehand.So,you must go”. Rudra looked at her for some time “You’re coming with me as well.” “But Rudra..”

“No ifs and buts.You haven’t enjoyed a bit since you have been here.Get ready fast.I’ll go to your room in twenty minutes.Now go, go”.

Soumya looked at herself in the mirror.Her blue dress reached till her knees exposing her chubby legs, her bulging stomach looked embarrassing.“Soumya, jaldi karo yaar, I’m waiting” Rudra called from outside. Soumya took in a deep breath and moved out.They drove in a comfortable silence. Once at the farmhouse,Soumya got out and walked ahead while Rudra parked the car.He went inside to see Soumya already talking to some of their former classmates-all boys,specifically.Rudra couldn’t help but check her out.She looked beautiful and amazingly alluring. Her open hair posed a curtain around her round face, slightly moving as she laughed.Her lips curling upwards looking invitingly s*xy.She had lost some weight but still curvy, her legs.. “Rudra, control” he told himself and headed inside.Very soon many girls flocked around him,flirtingly.

He replied in the same manner as not to expose whatever was in his mind. Though he kept socializing, complementing,flirting,his head was full of Soumya’s thoughts but had to join another girl for dance when she insisted.He realized that he had forgotten her name as soon as they started to sway on the beats. Soumya, not able to see all that, took a rash decision- she drained a glass of beer then another followed by some more. Rudra hadn’t had a clear view from the dance floor realizing which Chubby decided to look for Soumya; his mouth fell open at the sight of her.

He decided not to cause a scene of any kind in the so took her to a room upstairs and informed Rudra through messages. To keep Soumya quiet, he shoved a can of beer in her hand. Almost at midnight Rudra was able to detach himself and went to room to find a tired Chubby who thankfully went of off to sleep in another room.

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