I Thaught you changed : Shivika (Part-2) by rena

Hi guys I am so sorry for being late I am really busy these days it’s the reason I cant update and thankyou soo much for ur comments hope you like this part

Shivaay room
Shivaay :anika how can u just leave me I did not even give me time to explain
Om:why will she Shivaay when u and ur are so eager to find her past how will she stay here u very well know Shivaay Anika doesn’t want to know her past
Rudr:bhaiyaa I know khoon khandhan matters to u but it does not matters to anika bhabi
And it’s not her problem it’s actually our mistake that we forced her into the marriage for our reputation then also she beaded all the taunts and again u are hurting her by doing this bhaiyaa
Shivaay: rudr I know that what I did is wrong but it matters to me but not more that Anika nothing is important that Anika and her happiness
Om:why Shivaay why shw is important to u
Shivaay: bcx I love her and then he realised what he said
Rudr:yes bhaiyaa u love Anika bhabi
Om:Shivaay it’ is the truth don’t hide it
Rudr: bhaiyaa if u want it Anika back then just go and say yr feelings
Shivaay: but how can I
So omru winked at each other

Om:o.k ok don’t say someone else will marry her
Shivaay : who … who will marry her she is my wife
Rudr:if u dontvsay her feelings n.a. bhaiyaa I am sooo sure rohit will marry her
Shivaay got jealous and angry
Shivaay: how do u know rohit
Om:Anika told us she said he is very sweet
Shivaay: he is not sweet he is a flirt If i ever see that idiot I will surely not spare him
Rudr: I saw his picture in bhabi phone u know he very handsome
Om controlling his laughter :yatgey might become a very good couple rohika
Rudr: ha o rohika very nice rohika rohika
It’s better that shivika
Shivaay is sooo jealous and angry
Shivaay: what the hack rohika to hell just stop saying that it never going to happen Anika is mine just mine I will confess my feeling towards her no matter what she is just mine and if I ever see right again I am not gonna spare him
And Shivaay goes
Omru high five
Om:it worked
Ru:I just want my billu billu back

Anika house
Anika:it’s good that I left from there anyway this has to done someday it’s better that I did now he is never gonna change and nicer gonna love what are u saying Anika how can he love u u r his responsibility bahgad billa idiot
The bell rings
Anika it might be rohit he might come to meet Chanda (in my f2f rohit is anikas friend and chandas lover )
Anika opens the door without seeing who the person is she speaks:ok thankyou and then she looks at him
Anika:u what are u doing here
Shivaay suspicious tone:why was u expecting someone else
Anika:ha I was
Shivaay:what whom was u expecting at this night
Anika got angry:my boyfriend u idoitidoiy do u have any problem
Shivaay: oh boyfriend and smiles its okay and then he got shocked what the u have a boyfriend
Anika :why can’t i have a boyfriend only u can have
Shivaay:No u can’t have becz u am u r husband
Anika :Shivaay just leave plz
Rohit arrives there
Rohit:anika he gives the food
Shivaay:who is he
Anika without answering Shivaay: thankyou rohit

Shivaaypov:uhh so this differ is rohit he have very shock of becoming her boyfriend n.a. I will show him 2hat it is to become an husband
Shivaay:u idoiy and beats
Anika:what are u doing Shivaay
Anika:rohit I am sooo sorry u go now o.k
Rohit leaves
Shivaay: I Will will not spare him
Anika:why Shivaay he is chandas lover and he is my friend
Shivaay got relief by hearing that he is her Frei d
Anika:now can u leave
Shivaay :how can I leave when u are here
Anika :ehhhhh what is it problem
Shivaay closes the door
Anika is shocked

Shivaay :my problem is u and goes closer to her
Anika stammering: me why and just go from hete I am not scared of u
Shivaay :oh really not scared of me
Anika: ha I am not scared
Shivaay holds Anikas waist and pulls her closer
Anika: plz leave me Shivaay
Shivaay: No and pulls her little more closer and only an inch is left
Shivaay scared??
Anika :no why arecu doing this to me she breaths heavily
Shivaay loses a her closing the gap between them
Anika was he’ll shocked
Shivaay:Anika I am sorry for what I did to u
But I never meant to hurt u yes nkk matters to me but not now bcx u changed me u are the person which matters to me the most I can’t even leave without u I can’t see tears in ur eyes
Anika:why Shivaay why
Shivaay: bcx I love u u are my life my heart my heart beat u are the person with whom I want to spend my life

A lone tear escaped her eyes
Shivaay: Anika I love u and plz I can’t live without u plz don’t leave me
Anika was happy :I love u too Shivaay and hugs him
Shivaay:so u forgave me
Shivaay: maybe universe wanted this we fight and solve our problem
Anika:ohhh universe ki boyfriends so I are missing her
Anika: u I know what u are a biluuu u go to ur Tia
Shivaay:Anika u know what it dream is not going to happen sorry but I won’t leave I forever
Anika :maybe my bad
Anika sprinkles water on his face
Shivaay chew her they had a pillow fight and then they fall into bed
They was in their own world of love the consumated their marriage

The end

Hope u guys liked and sorry for a borring storey plz comment with love yes Rena

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