that’s How Opposite Attracts ff on Swaragini (Episode 1)


It was a normal day.As usual,I was a bit late for my drawing classes.I didn’t even get the time to comb my hair properly nor brush my teeth,I just wanted to finish that project back at the workshop.I’ve been working on it for days now,and today was the last day for the mannequin to pose for us.I just had to finish it. So I left in a rush and finally got to the studio.Oh my God, there was nobody on the corridors.I entered the workshop and made my way quietly through my colleagues.Arre… someone was sitting at my desk.
‘Excuse me’
I whispered He turned to face me,I immediately felt weird looking into his eyes,such was their depth

‘Yeh mera seat hai’
‘Oh’he looked at me but didn’t move
‘Excuse me’I repeated he looked at me again,oh God,what’s gotten into me,that look…
‘I need to finish my drawing’he looked at it,it was lying on the desk
‘This drawing?’he didn’t even bother to whisper,his voice was so intense
‘Haan’ I barely whispered Eventually he got up and let me sit but he went to Vivek,which was sitting right behind me and I heard him demanding he got up I tried not to think about it,but I couldn’t focus on the mannequin.

Kitni rudeness,haina?How could he just tell Vivek to move like that?Who was he anyway?I never saw him around before.I tried and tried to focus my attention on my drawing but…I think I felt his breath on my hair. Am I going nuts?I just had to steal a glimpse of him.So I turned to him
‘Do you happen to have an eraser?’
He was looking straight into my eyes,as if he knew I was going to turn and ask him something He then lowered his gaze and I turned to see what he was looking at- my eraser was on my desk
‘Oh’ I hardly smiled

Sorry? God Swara,what’s with you today.Oh my God.I just remembered.My hair!…My breath!?And he was so close. Wait…why am I even thinking about this.

Who is he?Why do I feel his gaze burning my insides?The mannequin,which was a wearing a mask,a pretty heavy one,and a cloak,took a break and as I couldn’t continue working on my already doomed drawing,I slowly looked around the workshop, which I never normally do.I usually either go to the bathroom or go and take some fresh air but not today.I kept looking around when I turned to him.
Again,his eyes pierced mine.I lowered my gaze.Wait,I shouldn’t do this.I looked at him again and tried to ignore his eyes
‘Umm, haven’t seen you around before’

He just looked at me,didn’t say anything.I tried to guess what he was thinking. But his eyes didn’t betray him
‘Did you join our workshop?’For a moment I thought he was going to say yes, then I thought he was going to say no. Then he just said
‘I like drawing’
Well, duhh, we all do. That’s the idea. But he didn’t draw a thing. I looked at him questionably
‘I’ve been told this is the last day for this mannequin’

Oh God, he’s right.Why didn’t he just leave then?I so wanted to inspect his clothes,his stature, his face even.I didn’t get to see him properly.But he was looking straight into my eyes. I just couldn’t. So I turned and somehow, deep within, I kinda expected him to call me back, but he didn’t.

The mannequin had come back by now and it was time to get this drawing over with. At least now I was able to concentrate more on what I was drawing. 2 hours later, it didn’t turn out exactly as I expected it to, but it was ok, I guess. People were leaving and it was time to turn in the projects. I saw him leaving, he put his sunglasses on then turned and slowly walked to the door.

I kept looking at him. He was wearing a leather jacket and some dirty jeans. His hair was longish and he had a bit of a beard. He left and disappeared out the door. So rapidly. I kept staring at the door, no one was noticing me till the professor asked me to turn in my drawing. I gave it to him. It hit me, my professor was quite a young guy too, he was just 8 years older than me, which made him 28. But what adifference between Mr. Kher and that guy earlier. Mr. Kher was wearing an impeccable shirt and a nice matching tie. His hair was gelled and his skin was baby soft.

Actually, come to think of it, all the guys in my workshop seemed pretty normal, average. The guy really was something different. I wonder what ever made him come here. Now I was really curious about his drawing skills. I kept thinking about all that till I got to the garden of the university and saw him!

He got on a black motorcycle and passed right by me, must have been 3 inches. My skirt went wild and my hair was a mess. I know he did it on purpose. He probably saw me checking him out. What must he be thinking of me?

I kept telling myself the way back home that he’s rude, that he’s a rascal.But something was weird about him,so weird that for some reason I kept thinking about him all day long.More so, all day I thought of what towear the next day.

I did my hair and I brushed my teeth several times. Somehow I just wanted to go to sleep and wake up the next day.

Episode End

Finally it ended I wrote this part 3 times cz 2 times it got deleted from my hand and I got really board but I was free n have nothing to do so I wrote this…hope u like I’m not able to write anymore so sorry for that if u wanna ask anything just tell me through I’ll answer it…but can’t write more…..

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