that’s why I love you episode 7 ( confession special)

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys I am back again missed me ofofcourse not I am not a celebrity but Chalo Jo bhi hai thankyou for the lovely comments I am really happy to know that you like my ff and

Sayeeda – I will not tell my real name so soon bulbul is a name which my dear ones had given me and tu is also special for me so I used it here

Shtakshi : happy to read your second season of lion and lamb a

And thankyou all other commenters who commented on my previous episode so I should give a pause to my tongue and let’s proceed

Twinkle is happy as well as sad happy bcoz she has realised her love for him and sad bvoz she still has not confessed to kunj abt her feelings


Today I got the real love of my life thankyou so so much babaji for sending kunj in my life I don’t have words to tell you thankyou but babaji I hope I have realised my feelings early bcoz I hope its not too late plzz babji don’t send kunj away from me ever I want him only him no one else wtever punishment he will give me I will except it but he should pardon me otherwise I will die without him

A tear escaped from her eyes

Yaadan teriyan plays in bg

Yaadan teriyan aundiyan …nnnn
Hanju le le ke
Yedan teriiiyaannn audiyan
Hanji le le ke

Roneya assi kale
Ratio us chann thale
Bai hai ke

Yaadan teriyan ×2

There bina dil ye dhadka nahi
Tere bina dil ye bhi lagda hi nahi
Koi Jane is duniya de wich re ke

Re re ke

Son Teri din tutda hi nahi

And she slept remembering about kunj

New day a new start and a new twist was stepping towards twinj but they were unaware abt the fact

Tw got up early and dressed her best as today she was going to do the most

She reached amritser and headed towards srana mansion before opening the main door she took a deep breath and opened the door

She stepped in but soon two voices captured her ears she went towards the direction and saw the man of her dreams

Finally kunj today I will confess each and everything with you but I should ask for forgiveness first but all chain of my thoughts came to an end when he called me
POV ends

Ku: tw you came
Tw : yes umm kunj I want to tell you something
Ku: I also want to tell some imp news
Tw : but mine is more imp .
Ku: no but mine is more imp.
Tw : aacha ok you speak first

Ku: ok tw meet Mr. Aggarwal he is our lawyer

Tw : lawyer ????
Ku : yes now you would be thinking that wt is he doing here

Tw : yes

Ku : ( by taking a long breath )

Tw I am sorry for that day but today I want to clear all the mess so Mr . aggarwal give me the papers

Gives the papers

Tw this is our divorce papers !! ( it echo’s )
Tw (shocked )

Tw I know that you are shocked but I don’t want you to be in a cage with me I know it is very difficult for you to move on without uvs memories but I will remain as your friend for life but our relationship was for just our families sake but there is no use of extending this relationship I have signed the papers only you have to sign them now

Tw : no kunj I will not sign

Ku:(shocked) why tw sign them and just move on
Tw : no ku I will not sign it till my last breath I will not sign them how can think of divorce
Diverse is between two persons and I am not going to give you divorce

Ku : are you mad tw why will you not sign the papers there is no need to be in a realtionship with me and why do you want to live in this cage why tw why ????
( guys Mr. Aggarwal gas already left )

Tw : bco I love you damn it ( it echo’s ) yes yes I love you I know I have done many mistakes in the past but u really wanna be with you I want to spend my whole life with you

Ku laughed sarcastically
Ku : are you serious tw do you really think that I am a toy whom you use when in need han tell me first of all you rejected me betrayed my trust but I ever blamed you …. No na and now I have decided to leave you noelw you are saying that you love me wt a reason tw wow I am impressed

Tw : ( crying badly ) plzz kunj I am sorry for my past deeds but I really love you trust me kunj I am sorry

Ku: no tw its too late now before two days I proposed you and you rejected me and now you are saying that u love me

Tw : no kunj I realised it only on that day
Ku: no tw now just stop all this and sign the papers
Tw : kunj plzz don’t do this to me
Ku: tw I know some days you will feel bad but later you will forgot that if some kunj came in your life or not

So go and sign the papers
Tw : no I will not
Ku: u will
Tw : no no no no no
Ku ( irritated ) ok don’t sign them and stay like this only and leaves from there


Wt happened now !! At will I do I have to convince him for the denial of these papers ( wiping her tears ) no tw u have to be strong so cheer up and convince him

After 4 hours kunj come back tw tried to convince him but of no use 1 week has passed but kunj was still the same. He was not ready to change his decision sometimes she cooks food or coean his room do all his work but he kept on ignoring her now tw was loosing her hopes so to share her pain she had only one way


She found it under the slab of kitchen
She came in the balcony and drinked it as muvmch as she can but she had drinker a full bottle she was out of control

Ku had came back from office and was searching for her but he heard a sound breaking glass he got tensed he shouted twinkle but no response again but still the same he was hell tensed he find in all rooms but no sign of her finally he reached terrace and got the biggest shock of his life

Tw was standing on the ceiling edge and was abt to fall

She gas closed her eyes but she opened them as two hands were holding her she saw kunj seating badly and she smiled lightly

Kunj put her down and hugged her tight as much as he can tw was just huuging him like a baby

Ku parted him from her
Ku: ( holding her from her shoulders ) are you madmad? have you lost it?at were you doing here and wait he smells her are drunk tw
Tw nods her head in a no like baby
Ku: yr tw at if something had happened to you if I had not come on time tw and now just come with me
Start to drag her but she stopped him

Tw ( fully sunken avtar ) no I will not go and I want to die why you stopped me
Ku: tw shut up why you want to die

Tw : (innocently) kunj there is no reason for me to live you are going to leave me then thee no reason for me to live and really will die without you (teary eyed)

I know ku that I have done so much mistakes but I really love not for short time but for long time I really very love you plz kunj give me a chance

Ku: I will give you the answer first come with me
Tw : No first answer me
Ku : no come with me
Tw : ( like a child ) no I will not ( making pout face )
Ku: you WL not understand na so ………………

He lifts her in his arms and headed towards there room

Tw : leave me kunj ( crying like a baby )

Kunj has reached their room and be proceeds towards there bathroom he put her down and make her stand straight
Tw : I hate you no no I love you but I ahte you you took ne here

Ku: you want your answer na so I will tell you the answer

Ku starts the shower and make her and himself wet in water

Both were continuously looking in each other eyes
Tw: ( lightly) I am sorry kunj
Ku : shhhh tw know just keep quite
Now tw was in her senses a bit
Kunj cleared a flick of her hair tucked behind her ears he cupped her face with his hands and rubbed his thumbs on her cheeks he then kisses lightly on her both eyes then forhead
Tw felt thousands of butterflies inside her stomach
Kunj kisseed her one cheek and said
This kiss is for coming in my life

Ku kissed her other cheek and said
This is for becoming tw kunj sarna

And finally after a cute sa chotu aa euelock their lips finally meets it was a soft kiss kunj was sucking her lower lip and she was sucking his upper lip now the kiss has become more passionate the kiss was expressing their pain love trust on each other the kiss was a passionate one and they unwillingly parted away and kunj said
This is for loving me so so much

Tw blushes and having tear in her eyes
Tw : I am sorry kunj ……….
Ku pecked her lips and said
No need to say sorry now no more sorries ok now only you and me ok leave all that happened in the past just think abt our present and future ok and promise me that you will never ever in my life leave me ok boz I will die …….

Tw pecked his lips
No kunj now death can’t separate us ok and I am sorry

Ku: if you will again say sorry then I will not talk to you
Tw : aacha baba ok
Ku smiles
And both hug each other

To be continued

So guys how s it actually I was supposed to upload it yesterday but due to my bffs bday I was hell busy so don’t get time and tell me how was the confession

Was u able to convey their romance

So do comment ok

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  1. Kruti

    Awwww such a cute one…..loved it
    Finally twinj have been united
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    Wooowww Bulbul u nailed it dear….
    Soooooo romantic episode with a cute confession…
    Twinkle bhi sach mein sherni hai kya idea niklala hai kunj ko manane ka…yrr it was toooo good…
    Bas ab jaldi se next post krdo…

  3. Angita

    Great episode bulbul loved it

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    Amazing cute mind blowing epi….

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome cute epi…..talli twinkle ka drama….

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    Wow bulbul
    The confession was really Awesome yaar
    Loved it to the core❤❤❤

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    Loved the episode and waiting for the next please post it soon

  9. Thankyou so much for your lovely comments it means a lot

  10. Dreamer...arundhati

    Bulbul. . The confession was 2 good
    U nailed it
    Ctd soon

  11. Shonaa...

    It was tooo cute…. schiii awsm episode… loved it ??

  12. Apoorwa

    hot and sizzling romance was amazingggg!!

  13. Amazing! Loved this 🙂

  14. bulbul amazing nyc 1 luvd d episode

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