that’s why I love you episode 6

Heys guys I am back again I know that I am so lazy head but what to do Yar but don’t worry I will try my best but my school teachers oho yr being a sweet and bright student is the headgirl of school so wt to do but again so sorry yr and thankyou for your comments and if crazy di is reading it or any friend of crazy di is reading it plz ask her to read and comment so let’s proceed

Sanskar calls kunj to come to lawn without tw
He agreed and came

Sanky : finally you came yr

Ku: yup tell me wts the matter

Sanky : ku is everything fine between you and tw

Ku was silent but later speaks

Ku: no yr everything is fine

Rags : plz kunj now you will hide things from us

Ku: I am hiding nothing guys

Dev: common ku speak up

Shona: yes ku tell us plzz

All gang : plzz ku plzzz

Ku: ok guys I am telling
Kunj tells them the whole flashback and UV truth

Ku was in tears

Ku : guys tell me at should I do I really love her but my love doesn’t want to make her feel like a caged bird I don’t know that ever in her life will she be able to move on or not

Sanky : just calm down ku I know you truely love her but you have to make her understand at love is

Ku: but how ??

Sanky : I have an idea

Ku : at idea

He told him the idea and kunj became tensed

Ku: I can’t do it guys after doing this she will surely break our friendship that I don’t want

Shona : no kunj everything will be fine
Trust your love ok

Ku: ok guys

Shona and others girls have called tw to a famous church of kullu and she agreed

She reached their and saw it was beautifully decorated with tiny bulbs paper lanterns roses and cancels and red balloons

She was so impressed by the preparations
She proceeds further and saw a masculine figure in front of eyes

Tw : kunj
Ku moves towards her and kneel down

Ku: tw I konw that it is so strange for you to see me like this but I have to do so tw u are the best thing that has ever happened to me when you came in my life my life became full of colours I had stated to live my life by you I have discovered new phases of my life your each and every drop of tear make my heart to cry I can’t see you in pain I want to make you feel special will you give me pleasure to hold your hand for your whole life

Extending his hands

She gives her hand and said yes

Kunj was so happy that he hugged her he was on cloud nine he wanted to jump and scream in joy but his happiness didn’t last long when tw speaks up

Tw : I know kunj that you are acting I have seen all our gang behind the wall so understand the situation that they had made you to do so and I know that you don’t do something like this right kunj

Almost on verge of crying

Ku: yyyes tw uu arre right

Both parted away and kunj makes an excuse and goes from their followed by the boys while the girls were with tw

Ku enters the backyard of the church and kneels down cries hard

He started yo scream and tears were gushing from his eyes like floods all boys reached their and him like that they were confused a they went to him

Laksh : kunj why are you crying

Sanky : yes ku today u should be happy na bcoz she accepted you

Dev: yes kunj why are you crying

Ku: ( crying) she again leave me

All boys : wt??

Ku tell them the whole story

Sanky : have patience ku everything will be fine

Ku : nothing will be fine I will free her from this relationship

Dev: wt no ku u will not Do this

Ku : this is only way I am going plz don’t follow me

He goes from their

Now girls talks

Shona : congrates tw I am so happy for you both

Sona : yes congratulations

Tw : thankyou

Rags : mm tw can I ask you something ?

Tw : yes you can

Rags : before your and kunjs marriage do u love someone Else

Shona : and don’t tell lie bcoz we already knew it so plz

Sona : we want to hear truth from your mouth

Tw tell them everything and also the truth. Behind the proposal of ku

All girls were shocked like hell

Sona : ddo u tell ku that u don’t love him

Tw : ( casually) yes

Shona ( fully frustrated ) how can you be so selfish han he always did a lot for‚ for your that BL***y boyfriend can’t you see the reason for his softness for you

Tw : wt?????????????????????
Rags : I have seen him in Mumbai with swollen eyes and today when he tell me the truth I was sure that the reason behind his swollen eyes his sleepless nights is you

Tw : BT wt did I do ???

Sona: at did you do ……

You idiot he loves you so much that’s why he always cared for u so much and toady also he had proposed you with his own will not in any pressure

Tw : but how can he ( lag gaye 440 volt )

Shona : his care his possessiveness towards you was jaut love nothing else

Rags : when u left him did he say something to did he asked for his rights as a husband did he force you

No na but u killed our jolly kunj know he don’t how to smile he is so much depressed

Tw ( crying ) how can I be so selfish he loved me and I betryaed him insulted his love not once but twice

Tw runs fro. Their to her room

She reached her room and sat on bed with a thud

Tw : he loves me much that he don’t even let me know abt it always cared for my happiness but me I don’t deserve him but I also don’t want to leave him this a strange feeling at should I do now and where will be kunj wt will be his condition now at will he do

With these thoughts she slept and woke up around 7:30
In morning
Tw came to hall and saw everybody hell tensed she goes near them asked at happened

Sanky : tw kunj had left for Mumbai yesterday night and told us that he has a imp. Meeting

But we all know that he don’t want to face you so he left us told us to come after two days

Tw : I want to meet him

Sanku : no he will not so plzz be with us for next two days ok
Tw : but

Sanky : its final

Now in these two days our gang had make tw realise her feelings for kunj now tw knows that she loves kunj she was on cloud nine when realized it she was so happy but her happiness will last long or end here to know stay tu ed with that’s why I love you

So guys this is the chapter plz tell me how’s it and plz do comments plzzz ok stay blessed and happy I will post next one on I think tomorrow so be happy and comment

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  1. Sayeeda

    Awww….it was so so so emotional …feeling bad for kunj but happy that Twinkle realized her feelings for him ….
    Excited to see how she will make up her mistake of betraying him…do post soon …
    Since long time I’m thinking to compliment u …u really have a very good name …BULBUL cute one

  2. Kruti

    Amazing epi……loved it
    bechara kunj ya uska dil kitni bar todogi……don’t do that one again
    By the way loved the epi….eagerly waiting for d next one

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing epi…bechara kunj…feeling sad for him…

  4. Dreamer...arundhati

    Bulbul do sorry for not commenting on the last epi
    donno how I skipped it.
    maybe in excitement
    but wonderful epi
    bechara our dear kunj
    lets see what ur gonna give us
    eagerly waiting for ur next epi
    love u loads

  5. SidMin


  6. bulbul it was osm…really loved it….feeling sad for kunj..wtng for nxt

  7. Thankyou so much guys for your lovely comments and now you will see diff shade of kunj so stay tuned love uh muahhhhh and sayeeda. That’s my nick name my real name is …………..I will tell u but I want to make you all my friends and I want to be a registered member but every time it shows some error so plzz help me out

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  9. Shatakshi

    Wow bulbul
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    Loved it to the core❤❤❤

  10. Thankyou shtakshi for an lovely comment

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    1. Sayeeda

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  12. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    wow…it was really emotional im still crying. ..

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