that’s why I love you episode 5

Hey guys without wasting anytime let’s proceed and thankyou and sorry ceremony will be at last

Swasan raglak devakshi twinj had decided to go manali by bus so they have booked a mini bus
( hiys this is a imaginary bus so read and enjoy )
Twinj were sitting opp. To swasan and on twinj left devakshi were sitting opp. To raglak

All seats were decorated with beautiful covers and there were small lights all over and it was very spacey so they can dance easily ??

Tw was wearing red plazo and blue London kurti with white polka dots

Ku was wearing blue jeans and white t shirt and brown blazor with hair bouncy ( just imagine guys )

(Should I give the description of other couples tell me in the comments )

So today I will give

Swara was wearing floral print Jim suit and sanky was wearing pinkish blazor with white shirt and blue pants

Rags was wearing simple kurti and pijami of red and white laksh was wearing blue jeans and black shirt

Dev was wearing grey shirt and blue pants and son a was wearing blue plazo and pink kurti

They were discussing something let’s see at was it

Sanky: hey guys let’s play something ??

Shona : shut up yr sanky u always want to play

Son a : are shona let him na say sanky

Sanky : thanku for taking my side umm let’s play passing the parcel

All gang : ok

Rags : I not feeling well so I will look after he .music ok guys
All gang : ok

So they started and it stops on shona
She sings han hasi ban gye and maintain an eye contact with sanky she finish it and it stop on laksh he sings I love you from bodyguard rags started to blush harder
And now it stops on dev

Dev: are I am not singing

All gang : y Yar ??

Sona : are guys let him be na he is always be Mr. Obodro

Dev: ok I am singing

He sings tu mujhme mujhse jyada hai from krpkab

Now it stops on tw she sings

Hamdard from ek villain and make an eye contact with kunj bit he breaks it don’t know why

Now it stops on sona she sings mere khwabon me Jo aae

It stops on sanky he sings mere khayalon ki mallika

And finally it stops on kunj and he sings waffa ne bewafai from Terra surrur

( plzz listen the song guys it is really very nice )

And he ends the song tw was hurt by his song but doesn’t show and after gossiping everybody doze off
Except our hero kunj Was lost somewhere

Kunj POV

Tw is with me my life my love is with me but is she really happy ???? I don’t know what to do she is nice but if again UV came back in her life than she will again leave me and I can’t let that happen ……

No kunj wt are you thinking she is not your slave that whatever you will say she will do it like that ….oh god I am souch confused

I promise tw this trip will be so beautiful for you and u will stay with me or not will be decided in these days

( tw is resting her head on his shoulder )

Kunj just admire her and planted a feathery kiss on her forehead and he also sleeps

After some time tw woke up and saw herself resting on his shoulder and his head on her head she moves away and make kunj comfortable and thinks

Thankyou babaji for sending kunj in my life he is so humble and nice he didn’t demanded his rights on me and on this trip I will make sure that he will be happy

Tw unknowingly was moving towards him and she kissed him on his cheeks and backs off and thinks at I have done I have kissed kunj I was in a relationship with UV but I never allowed him to kiss me or I kissed him but I have kissed kunj

No no tw it is just for the sake of friendship hmmm it is

And she doze off

Now the mini bus has reached manali the birds are chirping the sun is gasping through the the clouds the whole mountains were covered with a sheet of snow all over and a cool breeze is also flowing which beautifies the scenery of the place

Sona : this place is so beautiful
Dev: not more than you
Sona (blushes ) shut up Mr. Dixit

Laksh : let’s proceed towards our destination

Dev: we will go to my farmhouse and then go for trekking ok

All gang : okok


It was quite big ( guys imagine the house of Anita luthera )

All went to their rooms and twinj also

@twinjs room

Ku: tw you go and freshen up I will go later

Tw : ok

She went in the washroom and came back after 20 mins.

Then ku went and came after 10 mins

Ku by rubbing his hair with the towel came towards tw and said
Ku: tw …
Tw : han ku
Ku: umm I want to ask u something
Tw : but lunj before you ask I want my thing back

Ku: wt thing tw
Tw : aree my manglasutra
Ku: but y you need this
Tw : aree I am your wife and your all friends have wear it and I should also wear it na otherwise at they will think

Ku: y yes you are right take this

Tw : thankyou
Ku: I am going to roam in the house and will be hall itself ok bye
Tw : bye

Ku was outside the room and was so much hurt now my misunderstandings are clear she is living with me for my reputation stake and I will not let that happen tw I promise I will leave realese you from this cage after this trip he calls someone and talks which is muted

All of them get ready and go for trkking in Himalayan trekking place it was so beautiful you could imagine guys

All couples start their trekking and enjoys each others company except iir twinj tw was happy from inside but didn’t show but kunj was just quite

After sometime tw was abt to fall but he hold her from her waiste and got in an eyelock

Sajna ve plays

Shona coughs both came back in to senses tw blushes little that she also don’t know y after trekking they visit many markets and churches the rivers

And came back in between sona found something fishy between twinj she discuss with her group so rags told that she had heard their convoy and told the whole scene

Dev: so they don’t love each other

Shona : ku love her so much bit she didn’t realize it yet

Sanky : I have a plan guys

He told the plan which is muted

To be continued


Kyan karoon kam tha Yar but koi ni an regular post karpongi and thankyou for the ents I know it was short but wt to do Yar so pardon me and throw your valuable comments

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    It was amazing…..& hope soon all misunderstandings get cleared…& twinkle realize kunj’s love….

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    Nice epi

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    Amazing…..awesome …loved it …post next soon

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    Oye hoye bulbul rani
    Kya likti hai behen
    Sorry sorry mere ff pe Jo tere lie likha tha vo maine bhot pehle likha tha.
    So….now u must have understood
    Gussa nhi hona

  5. Super episode

  6. bulbul osm episode bt pls post atleast thrice a week pls

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  8. NYC epi bulbul loved it….update the next part soon just can’t wait for it…

  9. Shatakshi

    Hey bulbul it was so cute
    Loved it❤❤❤

  10. Thankyou so much guys I am writing it now and forever fan of twinj too bhi jaldi apna secret unfold kar or sayeeda for your ff I can’t stop loving it shtakshi do come with lion fell in love with a lamb season 2 and dolly kruti naira purnima thanku for the comments and baby I will try to poast regularly but wt to do yr I am in 10 so so much project work anyways keep supporting me stay blessed

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