that’s why I love you episode 4

Hey guys thankyou so so much for your lovely comments I am so happy that you liked it but guys I wanna ask you all that a new story is revolving in my chotu sa mind so just wanna ask that I should continue my ff or end it or gave a intro of my new story and ask for your view so tell me in the comments so let’s start

Kunj came back from the flat went to ask for keys from the reception and went inside the room and settled himself on his bed and thinks

Kunj POV

I miss you so much tw I know that you didn’t miss me but I do I miss your bubbliness your smile your friendly behaviour but I know you love UV but I don’t know why I feel that he is not right for you don’t know why I feel so but whatever it is you love him and live with him so I don’t have any problem with it your siyappas I will miss so much ………….
( he was thinking about tw but suddenly he saw tw in white saree and black blouse on couch )

He go twowrads her to touch he was very happy but it was his imagination but suddenly tgier was a knock on his door he come out from his dreamland and opened the door
But when he opened the door he got the biggest shock

His whole college friends were standing in front of him
( how many of you guessed that it was twinkle tell me in the comment box )

So let me introduce

Swara: helly shah
Ragini: tejaswi wyangakr
Sanskar : varun kapoor
Laksh : namish shah
Sonakshi : Erica fernendes
Dev : shaheer sheikh

They enters his room with a bang and hug him

He was so so happy to have them
Swara was wearing a long kurta with plazo and ragini and sona were in same
And our other hero’s were wearing loose shirts and jeans

Sona for sonakshi and shona for swara

Shona : kunj I messed you so much Yar
Sanskar : han yr we missed you so so much not only u jungly billi
Shona: main jangli billi to yum bander

Lucky : stop it Yar you both started again
Sona: common Yar we all met after so long and you are fighting
Dev: yes she is right
Ragini : hmm son a will be always right for dev na ( in a teasing manner )
Sona blushes
Kunj: aacha tell me how you get to know that I am here
Ragini : we all are staying in this hotel and laksh saw you so we came here
Kunj: aacha kiya Aake

Sanskar : aacha leave all this where is our bhabhi
Lucky & dev : yes yes where is she

Kunj was all speechless he don’t know want to say

Ku: mmm guys she……mmmm
Sanskar : say it na

I am here guys
All turned back and saw twinkle standing there with a smile on her face

Ku to himself tw tu yahan

All gang : hi tw how are you we miss you a lot

Tw : even I missed you all a lot

They chit chat for some time and all started to leave
Dev: aacha guys listen as we all are here so let’s go for a trip what say

Rags: hmm idea is nice so let’s go na

Ku: you all go I am not coming
Laksh : wat Yar kunj not now
Tw : both of us are coming
Shona : yeah hui na baat. Let’s leave for manali what say

All gang : ok done we are going tomorrow

Dev : I will arrange the tickets

All gang members bid bye to each other swara and sanskar are married laksh a d ragini are married dev and sonakshi are married

@twinj room
Kunj was going to ask tw but before he could ask at happend tw quickly hugged him and started to cry

Ku: tw y are you crying and y you come back and where the hell is uv

Tw ( crying) he betrayed my trust kunj
Ku: wt!!!!!!
Tw : when you left from there I went inside and sa w his pics in whole house and not a single pic of mine I got some doubt then uv told me to cook for him I went in the kitchen and started to search for ingredients but I don’t find them so I went inside a room where I saw…………..uv making out with some other girl

Ku anger was on high peak he wanted to punch uv harder
Ku: don’t cry stop crying
Tw : no one loves me kunj everybody leave .e why

Ku: tw don’t think like this and that uv don’t deserves you you are so special and everybody loves you and now don’t think that no body is with you I am with you

( they are still hugging lol)
Tw : how can you be so nice kunj
Ku: I am not nice you are nice so stop crying
Now they broke the hug

Ku cupping her face
Ku: don’t cry for that idiot now stop crying otherwise you will look like a 1920 chudail

Tw smiles

Kunj get up to sleep on couch but tw stopped him
Ku: at happened tw
Tw : ku can you plz hug me
Ku : ok (, surprised ),
Kunj hug her as same as when our twinj were I. Tent during rajjos weeding

Both fell asleep in that position only both feeling so happy to be in each other arms it was ok for kunj but tw was more than happy to be with him she was no longer thinking abt uv that she also dont know

Episode ends here

So guys how was the episode I hope it was long enough but guys this manali trip will bring new twist and turns in twinjs life and this gang will play a crucial role and I decided to choose manali bcoz I am from himachal Pradesh so hope u all enjoy in manali and plzz tell me your view in your comments plz don’t hesitate in commenting I don’t mind if that are + ve or – ve

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