that’s why I love you episode 3

Heys guys I am again back with my Thiers episode I know I am late but I am busy with my studies as I am in tenth standard so forgive me and your comments encouraged me so much and I understood that comments doesn’t matter to keep the work going so enough of my speech let’s start the ff

Kunj was so so tensed in his office he was continuously thinking abt when he yelled at twinkle but suddenly he remembers something he call his PA ( let’s call her amaya ) and told her something which is muted…….

Twinkle in her room was thinking abt kunj and questioning herself that how will she tell kunj abt the honeymoon tickets and her thoughts came to an end when her phone beeps
A 440 volt smile appeared on her face

She picked up the call
Tw: hello UV
( how many of you have gussed it correct tell me in the comment box )
UV : hi tw his are you I missed you much jaan
Tw : I missed you too uv
Uv: tw pack your bag I am coming to take you away
Tw : no need uv
Uv: but why ???
Tw explains him everything abt kunj and ………….

Uv : finally that jerk do something good that blo*dy idiot is just good for nothing he is such a …….
Tw : uv stop it don’t u dare to talk rubbish abt him he is doing a lot for us and u you are doing this
Uv : why are you behaving like this he is just a jerk
Tw : stop it uv bye

Tw thinks : why I shouted for uv ?? Why I can’t tolerate a word against him ?? Y but she ignored her idea and started to work

At night
@ twinj room
Kunj came back as he was fully exhausted by the work tw came in gave him glass of water he thanks her
Ku: do you want to tell something ??
Tw : mm ….yes
Ku: say
Tw : mmmm ku be be be has given mmm us honeymoon tickets
Kunj keep quit and thinks something

Ku: tw start packing
Tw : wt!???
Ku: yes

Tw ( angrily ) what the hell kunj I didn’t knew that you will stoope so low I treated u as my friend and u did this I thought that u are a genuine person but u u are a cheapster
Ku: tw you are getting me wrong

Tw : I am getting you wrong han …. Kunj agar tumhe mera faida hi uthana tha to itna aacha banne ki acting kun ki ( it echo’s )

Ku:(helding her tightly and pinned her to wall ) how can you think that I can do this han I was asking you bcoz I have arranged a trip for you and uv so that you and uv can spend some time together I was thinking that we will leave for Mumbai together and split their and you go to uv but u ……
Leaving her

I know tw uv don’t have a house so I have arranged a flat for him and if you trust a bit then do your packing

Leaving from their

Tw : how can I say that ??? I have hutted him so so much he is doing so much for me for my happiness and I hurted him I am so bad and cries

Next morning
Tw woke up and find herself on bed
She understands that kunj had done this so she get up and find a note

Tw I am leaving for airport uv is already in Mumbai so come fast and your luggage is with me come fast
Tw smiled but later became teary eyed and thinks babaji I have hurted him so much I have to ask sorry

@ airport
Tw enters the plane and was wearing red churidar and she find her seat next to kunj and become very happy

Tw tired to talk to him but he kept on ignoring her
She felt bad

Twinj reaches Mumbai and drives to the flat of uv that ku gave him

Outside the falt

Tw : kunj will u come in with me ??
Ku: I am sorry but I don’t have that much courage
And started to leave
Tw ( holding him by wrist ) plz kunj for me and I am really very sorry for yesterday
Ku: its ok and I will come with u

Both went inside and uv came and hug tw for the first time she didn’t responded as she was feeling uneasy
Uv: I missed u so much

Ku: mmm tw I think I should leave and started to leave
( sad sajna ve plays )

Outside the falt
Kunj was going bit he felt two soft hand on his back as someone was back hugging him a drop escaped from his eyes and it was tw and she was also crying

Both hugged each other for long as it was their last hug but ku broke it and said
Ku : tw don’t cry now you are going to start a new life so don’t cry mmmm tw I want something from you
Can you give me
Tw : yes kunj plzz ask
Ku : tw give that manglasutra back to me as I don’t want that this thing trouble you in carrying your new life so……
Tw gave it back to him with teary eyes
( Chadariya cheeni )plays in BG
Kho gya gum ho
Gya waqt se chraya tha Jo
Apna bnaya tha
Wo tera wo mera
Sath nibhaya tha Jo waqt se churaya tha

Chdari ya chini re cheeni aankhen bheene re bheeni re bhini yaden jeeni re jeeni re jeeni

Episode ends on kunj and twinkle sad face

Precap : ther e is a knock on kunj room

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  1. Osmmm epi dear loved it
    N sad too feeling bad for kunj……
    Precap seems interesting do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz………

  2. Ria

    It’s amazing.. will be waiting for the next episode.

  3. Shatakshi

    It was so emotional
    I really felt the pain
    N the song u choose was perfect for the situation
    N really I guessed wrong …I thought it was KUNJ or chinki but not uv

  4. Waiting for the next Episode

  5. Kruti

    Awesome epi

  6. Beautiful. Loved the epi.

  7. Awsome pls post next one soon

  8. Dreamer...arundhati

    Bulbul osum
    The end was very emotional.
    Ctd soon

  9. Im feeling bad for kunj this episode had a lot of emotions pouring out of mee loved it yaar …

  10. i love it i thick that is tw knock door is it right

  11. Episode was just too good.. Actually to that extent that even I felt like crying my heart out with kunj.. Just muuaahh..

  12. Thankyou so so much for your comments it means a lot but I will not be able to post for two or three days one bcoz of my netpack and second bcoz of my studies so. Stay tuned don’t forget me and love me stay blessed

  13. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    Awesome. …yaar u made me cry…n the song was just perfect. ..I had been known from the intro itself that u will rock n u hv rocked love u bulbul…

  14. oh god bulbul i hpe sidmin ll unite in ur ff soon

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