that’s why I love you episode 2


Hey guys thankyou for the comments but somewhere I was disappointed as you are not liking my ff only 10 comments and I think if it will continue then I will end this ff plzz tell if you want me to end this ff and I should come with a new story
This is for commenting??
So let’s proceed

After kunj came out from his room the sharpness and boldness was no more on his face he walked for some time and entered a dark room he proceeds and there were so many pics of twinkle kunj came in front and breakdown

Why god why you do this to me what wrong deeds I have done that you are punishing me like this ( crying) I have loved twinkle with all my heart but she she is in luv with UV …..why did she do this to me I can’t tolerate this I am feeling like to kill myself for loving twinkle ,……………………………………………………………………..but this is not her fault not at all I should do something so that I can make twinkle happy I only want her happiness that’s it I don’t know from should I get the courage but I have to do this for my love
And he doze off there itself

Twinj room @ morning

Sunrays falls on twinkle s face as it wasorning she woke up and stretches her arms and syas good morning
She then see empty couch and thinks lunj havnt retuned where is he ???

She goes to freshen up and changed to navy blue and white chiridar and looking stunning

Kunj opens his eyes saw himself in that condition and woke up and goes to freshen up

All assembled in the hall as it was twinkles first day she makes food and serves to all except kunj bcoz he was late she decide to take food for him in his room itself

Twinj room

Tw enters with food she kunj there
Tw : gd morg kunj
Ku: gd morg tw
Tw : ku have some food I have made it as it was my first rasoi in the home so taste it

Ku: tw wts wrong with you why are you being like a typical wife our marriage is just a joke nothing else so you don’t have to do such things ok

Tw : yes but it was needed
Ku: no it was not ( almost Yelling)
Tw: why are yelling???

Ku: I am sorry tw but don’t do such things I feels guilty that a u married you destroyed your life so plz ……

Kunj went out for his office
Tw thinks what happend to him ????

In hall

Bebe gives honeymoon ticeckts to twinkle for Mumbai twinkle takes them and became worried

Episode ends here I know it was short but tell me through your comments if likeit 1♥ plz comments -ve and + ve any plz comment.

Credit to bulbul??

Credit to: bulbul

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  1. Shatakshi

    Hey bulbul
    The episode was Superb
    N there is an advice from my side…
    U know when I started my very first ff…at first there were not many comments…
    Then after that I started the second….u know the ff…
    So please don’t be heartbroken…
    It happens at first…
    N as days will pass on…u will get to know that there r many silent readers of ur ff..
    Stay strong…n keep writing
    N one more thing…please don’t aad UV…I mean that kunj will leave twinkle n she will go with UV or something like that…

  2. Nyc epi..but pls post long ones 🙂

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Hy bulbul….its was good….pls continue. .

  4. nice episode bulbul dear I love it.

  5. Kruti

    Nice epi

  6. Gud epi dear loved it n don’t end ur ff it’s too good

  7. Nice story plz cotinue…:-)

  8. nyc bulbul pls continue

  9. Srija

    it’s very good ?????
    please continue soon
    please don’t end it

  10. That for the comments and shtakshi that means a lot and I have to add UV but for only one episode and forever fan of twinj tune kun ni kiya comment pasand ni aaya ka

  11. Dreamer...arundhati

    Bulbul plz don’t get sad bcoz of the no. Of comments. .u r a fab writer.there r many silent readers too
    keep writing
    lovely epi

  12. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    haan???? hw can u say like that bulbul…?? don’t u dare say anything to one of my fav ff…yaar what to say about ur ff….I don’t have words to explain hw mucg I loved it….its…its just amazing yaar. ….

  13. Fan

    Awesome epi..

  14. Bulbul don’t think negative yrr… nd don’t end it….this is awsm ff…. plz continue it…. today i read ur 1 episode as well nd u r a good writer…. so plz continue….

  15. Apoorwa


  16. heyy good start sorry for not complimenting ur first epi
    your storyline is quite interesting btw …

  17. Thankyou so so much for your comments and shona di I am so happy that you read my ff bcoz I love you ff unconditionally ?? dreamer arundhati thankyou for your lovely comment twinj fan tammna these words are enough for me to continue keep loving me and all other ff writers and stay blessed

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