that’s why I love you episode 1


Hey guys bulbul here thankyou sos o much for the lovely comments foreverfan of twinj Teri baaten dil ko choo jati hain and thankyou all of you for commenting so let’s proceed

A marriage hall is shown decorated with orchids and combination of light blue and white colour
Mandap is shown where the bride and groom are sitting next to each other with pale faces as they are not happy with the marriage they are our twinj

Bidai is going on twinkle is crying after sometime she sits in the car with kunj

In car
Kunj: (lightly) twinkle
Tw looked up
K: take this ( hanky )
Tw: thanx

All marriage rituals are done and twinkle is sitting in her room

Why babaji why always this happens with me I luv UV but a I am married to kunj I know that kunj is so much caring and nice person and any girl can fall for him and he deserves better than me I have destroyed his life but I have to tell him the truth so that he can forgive me

Kunj enters the room and sits infront of twinkle

Tw: kunj I want to tell you a truth and plzz forgive me if you can the truth is ……..

Before she could speak
Ku: that you love UV and want to spend your life with him and u don’t want this marriage to happen and wanted to run away from wedding but rt uncle catch you and forced you to marry me

Tw: but!!!

Ku: I have heard yours and UV s convo but before I could stop the marriage it was too late I am sorry twinkle

Tw: no kunj you don’t have to be sorry even I am so sorry I betrayed your trust I am sorry(crying)

Ku: no twinkle but I promise that I will make you and UV one soon
Tw: kunj!!!!??
Ku: yes I will make you and UV one soon
Tw: but how

Ku: leave that on me and go to sleep I will sleep on couch and you will sleep on bed
Tw :but kunjkunj

Kunj : go and sleep I will come in few minutes

He goes
Tw thinks he is so nice babaji plz make him alwayas happy

Episode 1 ends here and plzz give your comments bcoz they are my motivation I don’t mind if they are +ve or – ve


Credit to bulbul

Credit to: bulbul

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  1. Shatakshi

    Hey bulbul
    That was Amazing
    Loved it??

  2. Haye bulbul osmmmmmmmm epi yaar mangaye
    Ur gr8 wrter m waiting for ur nxt epi
    So do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz
    Luv u ….
    Keep smiling…..
    Keep rocking….. Hehehe

  3. This is sooo good! I just loved it… Please update the next part soon..

  4. Kruti

    Nice epi

  5. Dreamer...arundhati

    Bulbul dear very good epi
    Plzz make it longer if u can
    But luved it
    Ctd asap

  6. Awesome dear….ur ff seems impressive…. can’t wait for next one…

  7. Foreverfanoftwinj

    Hey bulbul nice epi no no dhamakedaar
    And kya really meri baatein itni acchi hai ki tere dil ko chu jati hai.
    And haan I m 16
    But fr u I’m 14

  8. amazing episode dear and keep it up.And please post next episode asap I am waiting for it with my whole mind because I want to know what happened next.

  9. Thankyou so much all of you shatakshi zikra disha kruti forever fan of twinj lover dreamer sayeeda di thanx so much and sayeeda di your ff is so nice and oye nacheez tera ff kab aaega hain!!! Jaldi kar or shtakshi I want to know your age …if you don’t mind and forever fan of twinj asli naam kha hai tera

  10. amazing epi………just loved it…..seems intresting

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