That’s All I Know (OS #Sidmin)

Hello everyone! Fatima here?
Im going to start a os on sidmin♡
As its sidhant ‘s birthday today!! God bless him?
Lets start


Ugh!! This sun rays and the alarm clock?
My biggest enemies!!
Btw im twinkle taneja! The one known for being brave , beautiful and down to earth!
It is a monday morning
I woke up and switched my phone on..i recieved a text from my best friend that we have to reach college early as their is a party going to start coz principal’s daughter scored the highest marks! Oh i hate these toppers!
I ran to my washroom as i was already 30 minutes late! I came out wearing a white colour dress with black high heels and i left my hair open as i had no time for a hairstyle!
I ran towards my car..and drove off to our college.

12 minutes later…

I reached my destination and i collided with someone
And shouted at him/her
Twinkle ~ what the f….! Cant u see?
Mahirah ~ twinkle!
Twinkle ~ oh! Sorry mahirah! I though it wad soemone else

[ how many of you thought that it was kunj?]

Mahirah is my best friend and she is a really sweet person! And really pretty too!
We went inside and there was loud music going on!
Holy crap! I dont understand why they play such loud musics! Its awful!
We were sitting at a table when a boy came to me and said
Boy ~ hi! You look stunning!
Twinkle ~ uh! Thank you!
Boy ~ would you mind dancing with me?
Twinkle ~ not at all
I gave my hand into his and we started dancing on toota jo kabhi tara!
He looks so hot! His eyes..his lips..his hair..his way of speaking..his touch gives me current!
He kept his hand on my waisr and i kept my hand on his shoulder and other one holding his hand!

Boy ~ i am kunj..kunj sarna!
Twinkle ~ im twinkle taneja! Must say your a good dancer
Kunj ~ thanks bae
Twinkle ~ anyways where do u live?
Kunj ~ ******
Twinkle ~ heyy! Thats just opposite my house
Kunj ~ then why dont we walk back home together?
Before i could say anything i reliazed that the dance was over and everyone was staring us like
I left kunj ‘s hand and started moving to my car coz i couldnt bare this party! I dont like partying so though of going to shopping till the party is over! But ..kunj caught my hand
When i turned back ..he was on his knees

Kunj ~ twinkle , i know we dont know each other properly but i love you! Thats all i know!
I was awstruck! I wanted to say no but his eyes were too deep to insist anyone!
Kunj ~ will u be my girlfriend? And my wife later?
Twinkle ~ I..mean..i
Kunj ~ its okay if you dont want to! I will never force you!
Twinkle ~ No! I want to! I mean im ready to be ur gf n wife also!


Kunj got up and he started putting his right hand inside my hair and pulled me over and kissed me!
Yes! He kissed me! Shit! Its going out of hand now! Im not even able to say no!
And all of a sudden everyone started clapping!
Kunj ~ thank you!
Twinkle ~ ( smiled)

Kunj dropped me home in his car and i gave him a peck on his cheeks and ran away while he was smiling
I know that i cannot trust him nor i can be his gf or wife whatever but my heart trusts him n my hearts says yes! I cant deny!
He is the sweetest guy ive ever seen! The most romantic…a perfect guy for me! Infact perfect for anyone but no flirting ha? He is mine!

Next morning..
I recieved a text from him
Kunj ~ good morning sweetheart! did he get my number? Oh! Mahirah!!!!!

I replied
Twinkle ~ good morning! Have a nice day!
Kunj ~ i told my parents about you!

Why is he so eager to make me his? I mean we just started yesterday!
Twinkle ~ so early?
Kunj ~ yes it was important!
Twinkle ~ okay!
I ended the convo with a bye! Love you!
And ran to get ready! I came out in a skirt and a crop top!
I went to college and there i met kunj again!
We were together the whole day!

5 years laters…

Oh! Nice to see u ppl after 5 years!
Oh there is kunj..he is coming
Yeah yeah! Let me answer you!
I got married to him 4 years ago!
I want to tell him something really important today!

Kunj ~ hi sweetheart!
Twinkle ~ i want to talk
Kunj ~ say? Im alwayd there to talk to u
Twinkle ~ shut up kunj! Its important
Kunj ~ yeah say na
Twinkle ~ your going to be a father
Kunj ~ oh wow! ….wait! What????
Twinkle ~ yesss!!!!
Kunj ‘s happiness had no bounds ..he was behaving like a kid ! Jumping and screaming..
My silly husband! But i love him! Thats all i know!
We were blessed with a girl whom we named “mahirah” coz my friend mahirah shifted to US 2 years agi and i was missing her like her! We often visit her whenever we get time to go there! And she and her husband samar also stay with us when they come to india!

Sorry im not good at stories! I know it was boring im so sorry! Positive and negatuve leave ur comments below and pls tell if i should write more!
– fatima♡

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  1. Presha

    Its awesome..
    Just loved it…
    Too good

  2. OS was toooo gud
    I loved it
    U do write this type of stories

  3. Fabulous , luved it!!
    Keep writing more… ??

  4. Loved it

  5. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Amazing os…..
    To good
    Do write more…
    Love you

  6. Ramya

    Awesome amazing
    It’s so cute n lovely
    Simple n sweet
    Loved it
    Love u keep smiling

  7. Mia12

    Haye meri janeman,,
    What a os yarr Awesomely portrayed everything,,?????????????? Just Amazing, Fantastic, Suparbbb yarr,,????????? And twinj scean was ufffff I just Love it to the core,,❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Ab jaldhi se thik hoja and apna ff post kar ok m waiting,,???.
    LOAD’S OF LOVE,,❤?❤?❤?❤..

  8. Sameera

    Hey yaar Fatima sooo cute loved it sooo much indeed a cute story ????

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    Superb keep writing

  10. SidMin

    Aww Loved it the is was so sweet 🙂 and cute ..
    Lobe you Keep writing such stories 🙂

  11. Awesome….
    Twinj scenes superb….
    It was cute and sweet story….
    Luv u….

  12. Twinjfan.tamanna

    so cute story! beautifully written! just loved it

    With Love,

  13. Baby

    ohhh no……♥
    it was jst so cute…….♥
    loved it a lot…….♥
    lods of love………..♥

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