Thats called acting

All of we praises Eisha who plays role Dhaani and Mishal who plays role Viplav in the serial IKRS for there super performance in this serial… But take a moments and think how much we hate Raja aka Khushwant Dasharath and Kanak…. We hate them soo much isn’t???
Its very easy for male and female leads to take place in our hearts… But not for negative leads.Its very difficult for negative leads to take place in our heart ♥…. Most of us use to scold these three negative roles whenever they hurt our Vidhaani but do we knw tat if we scold them tat much means they have taken a negative role in our heart… Its very difficult to take that place in our heart… So pls also ensure that u also praise our serial’s negative roles too for there acting….

The way Raja acted during all his scenes from starting to the end of his character… Dasharath (DT) who grabbed the show and nailed it is just awesome…. This is not an episode analysis but a collection of episode character analysis….

Credit to: Swetha


  1. Louella

    Swetha aka shanitics it’s wonderful. Ya u r right that it’s not easy for the negative characters to take place in our heart and they have done it. U have touched my heart dear.

  2. saranya

    Shwetha u are right but i have one complaint,u didn’t mentioned our dear problem he is already in our heart with his super cool acting and with that expressions like amma,pagli etc etc.hahahaha.and what abt our foolchand,he is also there na with the uniform of a pandit.anyways whatever u said were 100% true.

  3. Nimisha :-)

    Well done Swetha.

    You are so right. I really hate DT, KT and the Awasthis and I mean REALLY! But it’s down to the actors and how good they are.

    Hope to read more from you soon. Xxx

  4. harna

    thats true..atleast u r giving ur point of view..thats a very good move…if for me i always look at people who taunt the serial negative role actors very, they dont understand that its just a serial n two,if there is no negative in serials,then no spice n twist in that story…i know people loves good part n they want the good parts but atleast should think that our real life is not in 100% good part..there are stil bad n good happens to us in many ways…


    so your asli name swetha hai na shanitics?
    nice dear i read this earlier but i can’t comment it

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