That Teacher…Episode 3

Hi guys without wasting any time I am starting with the third part
Episode 3,
Swara’s P.O.V
Ufff at last I reached to school I was missing my school a lot. I missed u darling school. And you all know what I got a great surprise that shaina also joined the same van in which I go. Since it was morning we were not in mood to talk as all of us were very sleepy to do that. So it’s time to find my classroom. Hmmm… I remember it’s now on first floor. Yippee…
Swara enters her classroom and meets her new classmates who are busy in gossiping. No one pays any heed to her as she is quite introvert and tries to remain to herself. Only shaina and Sonalika knows the real her. She goes to meet Sonalika and roam on their own floor busy in talking about their old bf (I told you all about their imaginary boyfriends). After the bell rings all went to their respective classrooms bidding bye to each other and promising each other to have their lunch together. The day starts by meeting new teachers and introduction of their new classmates. They realize that their class teacher is quite strict with the seating arrangements and Swara’s new partner is Ragini. She is quite upset about it but soon they become good friends and their seat is fixed on first seat. The time passes and since shaina is now involved in a big friend circle she stops being with swara and sona. It’s lunch break and swara and sona are talking and gossiping with each other busy in passing comments to their new teachers.
SOna : how was your day mrs. Kapoor
Swara : Just like yours mrs. Taneja. Anyways I have heard he is in a relationship..
Sona : no my nami is far better than your ranbir.
Swara: oh please haaan atleat my ranbir don’t looks like a monkey.
Sona: because he himself is a monkey then how will he look like one and anyways why are we fighting about them. Anyways did you see the new basketball coach ?
Swara : no and are you trying to dump name and go to that coach…
Sona: Nice idea let me try this but I didn’t see him..
Swara : lemme inform this to shaina she will be very happy after listening this you know since last year..
Sona: Shut up Swara I wont let shaina take him I am happy with my name…
Swara: anyways lets go for a walk in the ground.
Sona: first promise me that u wont tell anything to shaina or she will again start teasing me…
Swara : I will think of it….
Sona : SWARA…
Swara: OK fine I wont tell anything now can we goo..
Sona: Sure…..
In the ground… ( besde the tree there is a basketball and nobody is in the ground. They roam in the ground and get busy in their talks. The bell goes and all of them run to their classes.
Swara’ P.o.v
OMG a new basketball coach.. I think he is a boy I don’t know why since morning everybody is talking about and girls are hovering over him. Maybe he is quite goodlooking. Hey guys my new sports teacher came… her name is nidhi. She is so fat and so tomboyish. Hmfff.. her perfume smell is also so bad. I don’t how how did she enter in the class. So now its time to go in the ground.


At last with a lot of hard work I wrote the 3rd part. I know you all are waiting for his entry desperately. I am sorry. I tried to make sanskar’s little bit appearance and pakka wala promise to make sanskar’s entry in next part.

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