That Teacher…Episode 2

Episode 2
Sorry for delay guys so here I am with the next part of the story. Soo In hope of you all liking this part of the story I am typing this.
And here are the links for
Introduction – intro
Part 1 – Episode 1

Let’s Start

Narrator P.o.v
I hear someone snoring hard hmm this sound is coming from swara’s room. Let’s see why is this loud coming from her room and here we go…
The great kumbkaran is sleeping carelessly spreading her legs with open mouth. And suddenly shomi auntie comes…
“shona wake up its 6”
“Mom ten minutes more…”and she turned her face.

After 5 mins the thing that every mother does…
‘pichle aadhe ghante se utha rahi hoon… tu uthti hai ya paani laoo (i am trying to wake u up since last half n hour and you are still sleeping, are u waking up or should I bring water)’
“mom waking up” she stretches her yawns and gets up starching her head… “mom it was just 5 mins why you woke me this early….”
Shomi gave her deadly glare and lef the room.
She goes to washroom and gets freshened up. Have her bathe and comes down ready in her uniform and directly goes in the kitchen takes some vegetable in a spoon takes the chappati and makes a roll and has the first bite.
“hey bhagwan, is rakshani ka kya hoga.(oh lord what will happen to this witch)”
“maa what did I do….”

“you did not even do the pooja(worshipping god) and asking me what did you do… huh”

“pls don’t shout in the morning itself mom”

“ Now I am shouting… anyways you yourself don’t want to start you class with goodluck your fault anyways your lunch is ready.”

“ok Mom”

It’s 7:15 am now..

“ bye mom the van came…”
“Bye Beta… Have a good day.”

Precape : 1st day of school

Sorry guys actually my mid – term is still going on so I will give short and irregular updates.
Forgive Me

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