That Teacher….. Part 4

Episode 4
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Swara’s POV

OMG OMG… guys what I am seeing is sooooooooo cute. Look at this small young girl trying to do skating. So when we reached the ground I could see small children. And Ritu maam was their incharge,.she is a good teacher. Nidhi ma’am asked us to either play kho kho or basketball, since I am not a sport I preffered playing kho kho. Me and Shaina only preffered to play kho kho as all my classmates went to play basketball because of that so called handsome coach. God so girly girls. Uff….

Nidhi – you both also go and play basketball as two children cant play kho kho.
Swara – ma’am no offence but I don’t to play basketball please.
Nidhi – Shaina do you want to play basketball
Shaina- ma’am I am not interested. Ma’am but I have an idea can we play badminton
Nidhi- as u wish.

The others girls made a line and nidhi ma’am sent a girl to the coach. Shaina and swara were playing badminton very well both of them were not missing a shot. But Shaina missed the shot.

Swara- kya kar rahi hai tu haan…
Shaina- bhen who to dekh…
Swara started looking here and there…
Swara- kuch nahi hai chal khelte hai.
Shaina- abe palat yaar dekh kya hot ladka hai
Swara- …(haye kitna cute ladka hai. Maan kar raha hai jake coach ke gaal pull kare. Agar maine iss moti ko bata diya toh pur school mein dindhora pith degi.)
yaah yaah… he is good looking only
Shaina- bye jaanu I am going to my jaanu
Swara – what the…. Where are you going u cannot leave me for a good looking boy
Shaina- to play with my new crush
Swara- you are such a b****
Nidhi – mind your language do you want me to put a black mark on your discipline record. No na then go and take 2 rounds of the ground without stopping
Swara- what..
Nidhi – gooooo… or else a black star…

Here swara goes to take the rounds and on the other hand other girls were blushing and playing basketball.
Uvff this nidhi is she mad how can I take 2 bid rounds of the ground without stopping. Just with his entry he ruined my sports period. If I find him some where alone I swear I will make this man regret his decision of looking so handsome.
What ??? am I speaking.
He is not at all handsome or good looking. Look at those stupid girls. Look how they are blushing and playing basketball. It looks like they are playing blush basket. I am like look at those girl. They are not even ready to jump to do the basket. At least I am better than them.
Swara was blabbering and taking her all the frustration out unaware of some ones eye on her. The bell rings and all of them go back to their classes the day ends.

Helloo guys.. I am updating after a long time. I know its really boring. And I truly need your all the suggestions. Please give some suggestions to me so that I can make this story quite better one.


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