That Falling Kite part 3


“Cheeku…bring me the tong, I have to shape this glass viol.” called Somesh, a young man of 26 or 27 But the long years in such workshops have made him perfect in shaping any kind of glass; be it the floral shape glass jugs, vases or the beautiful viols.

“here.” He said passing the long iron tong to him.

“Easy boy, you are again coloring your palms.” The humorous man reminded him turning to the hot furnace where he was skillfully shaping the beautiful viol into its shape.

“Yeah….I’ll take care.” He said turning his attention to the two colorless glass sheets between which he was incorporating the color sheet.

He was amazed of how Somesh with a perfect craftsmanship blew air into the big glass bubble with his mouth and at the bubble end the rod helped the bubble to take the shape of desired article; Somesh was one of the best artisan here and was highly paid too….Cheeku too dreamed of becoming a great Glass artist like him someday, and  also to have that bright red motorbike like him.

Little kid and his seemingly big but little wishes….it is more simple when you don’t have pressures and grudges of expectations and boundations which big city rich kids are often forced into.

“Cheeku….came a loud shout from the other corner suggesting he was taking much time and the other men in the next room needed the colored glass.

“coming…replying them back he hurried his little but skilled hands to color the sheets.3 years here had made him skilled too in  a few things and he was often said a bright employee with the enthusiasm he came with. And Somesh also taught him many new things whenever they got time and some spare raw material.

“fast Cheeky boy…..Somesh called the nick name which he hated being called.


“Ma….have you seen Anika? She isn’t in room.” He asked as he came checking his room.

“Actually she wasn’t feeling good from the time we came visiting the hospital….right now she is in the back garden.” His mother answered lifting her eyes from the papers she was going through.

“Okay…I will see her.” he said grabbing the water bottle from the fridge.

“Bhaiya, will you take some snacks?” asked the elderly man from the kitchen.

“No Dada…sometime later…had tea with team just before leaving office.” He said smiling.

“Cook something sweet dada, we have some developments today.” He told the man who got more happy with the news and happily nodded for the said.

“Son….the lady in one of the finest silk came near him and the silent demeanor didn’t go well with him “The visit didn’t go accordingly; I guess there is something wrong. Dr. has asked you to visit the hospital in two days with her.”

“What do you mean?” He kept the bottle back on the platform.

“I don’t know but there is something; go talk with her…she is upset that’s why.” She said in a low tone.

And with a swift movement he rushed to the garden.

She was nowhere in sight when suddenly he spotted her yellow flowing kurta peeping from behind the lean trunk of lemon tree her favorite place where the sweetly sour fragrance of lime flowers was too raw.

Covering the distance in long strides and switching the one switch which illuminated a few white LEDs he caressed her shoulder.

Turning to him she wiped her tears hastily. “Hey…you home?” she tried smiling “let’s go inside.”

“stop …he shushed her, sitting beside her. “How the visit gone?”

“ummm, it was fine.” She answered and that was no lie.

“Then why the tears?” he pointed spreading one of his legs in front of him.

“I was feeling low.” She answered honestly.

“These are not the depressed tears that often come in late nights now a days?” he asked and the joke already hinting the tear sessions she went in nights due to the mood swings.

“Shivaaaaay…Don’t tease me.” she smiled finally.

“That was what missing in this yellow atmosphere.” He said looking at her.

“Yellow….i didn’t understand.” She sounded confused.

“Your yellow dress, this yellow sky and these yellowish white flowers….only the bright smile was missing.” And they both smiled.

“But I am afraid Shivaay…I felt something was amiss with the way she asked me to visit her next time with you.” She told him her worries.

“Just this…there are many times doctors need to visit both the parents for the counseling and talks…you forgot we did this during Harshi too.” He reminded her.

“Yeah…I remember but there was something in the tone ….i don’t know I just want my baby to be healthy Shivaay.” She said more like prayed to the power all prayed.

“It will be healthy, don’t worry.” He said opening the fist she had unknowingly made and interlocked their fingers; giving the little assurance she needed.

“You know today I met a little girl, she was from the local slums near the site I visited today,” he started after a while. “But if she dressed nicely and cleaned properly I am sure she would look such a beautiful kid.” He remembered the meet.

The little girl was running on the road and behind her an aged lady too was trying to walk as fast as possible. She wanted something and with Shinde he stared the scene.

She was gesturing something over her and in a while it dawned on them she wanted the colorful kites.

Wishing to see what she does next they kept watching her, and then to their utter disbelief she snatched the kite from a boy nearly of her age and now she looked happy and content, least worrying about the now crying boy perhaps she was familiar with.

They had laughed on the scene and her tomboyish attitude…little they knew kids of these slums were nurtured in difficulties that these traits came not because they were taught but with the experience they were having from the time they took birth.

He again smiled on that as he recalled the memory and the girl. “actually she reminded me our Harshi, though our Harshi is nowhere close to her but she was around her age or so.” He said.

“Oh, she would be a brave girl.” She too smiled. “These kites are the longings kids don’t get often and sometimes a falling kite becomes their uncompleted wish.” Suddenly she sounded lost. “You know the falling kites are the uncalled destinies many times.”

And before he asked what she meant their little moment was kidbombed by their daughter who wanted to meet the baby and hear the kicks.

And Unknown to them one more kite was going to cut from the string to fall somewhere and was on her way to become the uncalled destiny of someone soon.


Hello readers, so the next part is updated. Hope you enjoy it also I apologize for the delay.

Note – kidbombed. A word of my mind 😉

Will be waiting for your response. With love Morusya.

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  1. Pakhi007

    You have left me speechless…… I don’t know what to say……. Amazing?? would be an understatement for this wonderful piece of work….
    This is so symbolic and philosophical…….
    The fallen kite is being compared to the unfaithful and unknown fate , I suppose…..
    The last para and Anika’s take on kites has got me bit emotional but fearful at the same time….
    Excited for the next…. But frightened too

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much for the encouraging words Pakhi (i hope its the same Pakhi i interacted in earlier chapters ?)
      and Fallen kite is the symbol for………lets see what it becomes in next or second next chapter. yeah, the words already hints something big and to see it we will be meeting in next chapter:)
      love you girl for the support.

      1. Pakhi007

        Yeah it’s the same me??

    2. Morusya51

      i felt it was you but asked to confirm….❤?

    T C A S S ?

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much dear…hope you like the next part too?

  3. ItsmePrabha

    again a great update..Anudi ki baathon se bohoth emotional ho gayi hoon aur darr bhi lag rahi hai..and haa anudi issliye kyunki i admire her soo i seriously feel she is my long lost sis..and yess a big fan of the show..sorry couldn’t reply at that time..will be waiting for the next..

    1. Morusya51

      thank you Prabha (i hope its okay to call you that way :)) and oh my such an attachment to Surabhi Chandna :)….i am happy you love her so you could reach my story.?❤ and never say sorry girl.
      next update will be after Holi i guess….but if i get time i will come soon 🙂 and i too will wait for your lovely words dear.

  4. TUFriendsForever

    It’s was interesting somewhere I feel philosophical which is quiet enjoyable the words just get into into my heart and I feel light but yet heavy.the lemon yellow atmosphere explained ohh god I imagined myself sitting there and thinking it would be tooooo good but I have not seen such kind of place but if I find it would be awesome thanks a lot for just kindling my thoughts.Cheeku potions are good but sad for me in a way.They have to be tirelessly working oh god I couldn’t even imagine the life like his.I should actually thank god I have a good life like this but it’s human nature to complaint about what we have.Anika and Shivaay part was so emotional ???? pinky is just a great support to them and yeah pls break the suspense in the next chapter I can’t wait anymore what about the child?? What is the doctor hiding??? But yeah it can also be like what Shivaay was saying just some doctors want to have both for checking but I can’t think like that the falling kite you make me think more about what is gonna happen next? Falling kites are the uncalled destines what does it mean?? I would express one weird imagination of what may happen next like the baby inside May die(I really hope that shouldnt happen) and they are gonna adopt the child Shivaay saw on the slum may be?? let me wait for the next one but pls make it fast within this week upload the next part

    This part I have no words just to explain its was phenomenal awesome superbb interesting mind boggling awestruck amazing chapter
    Love the way it’s was

    Keep writing such beautiful stories
    With love

    1. Morusya51

      first of all thank you so much for such long analysed comment dear ? i felt happy seeing this comment. yes…these things are better explained with philosophies i feel. and i hope you get one such lemony place cause it exist and i have seen 🙂
      yes, we should always be thankful to god for all the things we have(this was the basic idea of starting this story i mentioned in earlier chapters somewhere)
      all the suspense needs next and second next chapters to unfold 🙂

    2. Morusya51

      sorry i needed this second comment to explain things 🙂
      Falling kites and uncalled Destinies- it will be showed in chapters or i will explain in last chapter itself.
      and your weird imagination – well, thats why i dont watch tv shows(indian) 🙂 lets see what happens….
      thank you so much dear for the lovely words and encouragement …love ya?

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely and seems mysterious update soon dear

    1. Morusya51

      thank you dear….did it seem mysterious ? well, because of the last words …right? ? hope you like the next part too.;)

  6. Palak_55

    Really Dear your penmanship, sometimes stops my breath…. 🙂 and u know while reading i cant even stop for a moment…..
    totally different way of expressing each and every part of your story……
    and on “kidbomed” i have to say that dictionary of your mind is too humorous….
    and now waiting to know ‘how the falling kites are the uncalled destinies’…

    1. Morusya51

      Oh man…what a beautiful thing i git to read ” u couldn’t stop until end ” thank u so much dear?
      Haha …sometimes my dictionary keep inventing words 🙂
      Yeah next chapters will reveal it…
      Love you girl?

  7. Alekhika20

    Awesome update

    1. Morusya51

      thank you dear…hope you like the next part too.

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