That Falling Kite – part 2

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That Falling Kite – part 1

That Falling Kite – part 2

“Shinde…who are these kids and what are they doing here….tell them to leave otherwise how will we check the site?” Shivay said as he noticed all those kids running here and there.

“Sir, they are poor slum kids….it is their play area for years…I will tell them to leave.” Shinde said leaving for the said.

This hundreds of miles stretched barren plateau was the best place for the sister factory of this popular MNC they were trying to work with, this food carton providing company was working with 100 % recycling policy and they had been satisfied with the role it was playing in greening the environment.

Thinking about the deal, he walked to the other side of plateau where a few boys were flying a kite. He knew these developments will lead these kids no place to play but then it was his work and he had to do it …anyway he too was trying to help the society in one way or other way.

“Sir, once the work starts they will themselves stop coming here, right now they won’t hear.” Shinde apologized.

“Okay. Did you get any call when they are arriving?” he asked taking a look on his watch.

“The meeting in main factory has been ended sir, with senior boss they will be reaching here in half an hour.” Shinde replied to him.

“Okay, come with me and get me the building design Anand mailed this morning.” He said getting into the car.

“Yes sir.” Shinde nodded and went to fetch the file from the briefcase.



“Cheeku, did you see Ragi? He didn’t come to me from last night; even his mother had been searching him.” Enquired the lady they fondly called Maayi.

“He didn’t come??” he was surprised. “He was with me last evening we flew the kite together….i will go see him.” He said as he kept his sleeping sister to the little cot this shell had.

“I will be back in night Maayi and here I have kept the double-breads here.” He said keeping the wrapped food there.

“Okay Son,” and the lady bid him bye and seeing his sleeping sister he left for the work place but before he had to meet someone else or more correctly search someone.


“Ma ….Don’t know why but today I am restless.” she told her worries to her mother in law as they were waiting for their turn.

“It’s okay Anika, it is common in pregnancy.” Caressing her arms the lady answered. “It happens, with babies growing bigger the suspicions are usual to come and it’s your hormones too.” The lady who owned a royal calmness in her voice assured her.

“Yeah, maybe you are right,.” She thought to not think anything. But at Harshi’s time I wasn’t this afraid she couldn’t help but go there.

“Ma’am, come with me.” the nurse called her and entering inside she tried to breathe deeply to help herself.

“So ready Mrs Singh,” The Dr. in her mid-30s smiled to her with the little equipment already in her hand.

“You didn’t come last time,” Dr enquired checking the chart.

“Yeah, I had been too tired and the backache was not letting me stand for a moment.” She told the reason slightly trembling as the nurse applied the cold gel on her exposed belly.

“Okay, but we shouldn’t be missing any checkup,” Dr. smiled ordering the nurse to switch on the screen.

“So ready to see how the baby is doing.” Dr. announced as she started rolling the round machine over her belly.

It was one of the best moments, seeing the life inside her moving and showing the life it held. The genuine smile already came on her face and she kept watching the screen adoring the dark image it was showing.

When suddenly Dr. trembled and asked the nurse to call another Dr. though in the usual calm voice.

“Any problem Dr.” she tried not to feel terrified.

“Actually I need to talk something with him…no problem Mrs. Singh.” Dr. assured her but as she got up from the bed she felt something was not right.


Sliding the plastic sack hanging on the two nails as a door, he made the day light to enter the dingy place, and the sight got him nauseous. He controlled the feeling and keeping his palm on his nose and mouth he entered inside.

A few nearly empty Fevicol bottles were sliding here and there with the little fire remains and with a shoelace strangled between his fingers his friend was sleeping or was dozing near his own shoes they have got in the rags.

He had been again drugging himself with it. He thought and called him rather rudely. “Ragi !!! get up, you filthy boy ….your mother had been searching you and here you were doing  this .”

he nearly pushed him to the other corner to get a response and when he didn’t stir he decided to think about him later And call  his mother instead.

It was perhaps the twentieth time he had caught him doing this, many in the slum had some kind of addiction and it was not that they wanted it but it was their need. The hours they worked and the humiliations they suffered made them rely on the wrong addictions and generation by generation it was easily taken by families.

**This simple trick wasn’t that much of relieving as some said but it too provided the pleasure, they used to pour a little fevicol on the shoelace then burned it and inhaled the little smoke they got and it provided the little sensation they were seeking.**

He told his friend many times it was wrong but his friend had gotten this addiction and perhaps it was hard to leave now.


“Tell me Dr. is something wrong there, you took more than usual.” The old lady questioned taking the seat beside her daughter in law in front of the doctor.

“No no… there is not anything serious but we wanted to do a few more tests to see the development of baby, you know today we do everything possible to check if baby is fine, and these tests will also tell if there is some serious issue with baby to be prepared beforehand.” Dr. smiled in that straight posture.

She tried again to not think anything but this strange feeling was looming over there, she wanted to just run from here.”

“So Mrs. Singh, I want you to come on Wednesday…okay?” Dr. said writing something on her charts perhaps the appointment date and as they stood ready to leave.

“Wait….. I want you to come with your husband next time.” and this time her genuine but plastered smile confirmed her something was amiss.


So guys next part is updated, I am happy with the response first chapter got; it kind of encouraged me to come soon though I apologize if I was late :- ).

** I heard about this practice nearly 7 years back and you won’t believe but the poor kids and sometimes students too use it for the smoke sensation actually how the drugs and cigarettes provide, but it’s the milder version and dangerous too.

Note- please guys in any case don’t try this **Fevicol Practice….I am not promoting anything. I don’t know what age group is reading this story but I want you all to know this dark reality.

 Also all those readers who liked Rangeela aka Ragi – do you still like him? I know you felt he was interesting or his life colorful and yes his life is colored but with different shades of darkness. I am afraid you would start hating him soon.

Quite a lot of things I have thought about this story…with time I will unclose them.

Now I am waiting for your response….no denying but this time I am eagerly waiting :- )

With love Morusya.

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  1. Nikita_jai29

    It is amazing…

    1. Morusya51

      thank you dear…hope you like the next part too.:)

  2. This was great??
    So this is the harsh reality of the so called urbanization……. Land being taken away for factories, no playground, child labor, drugs, addictions…….
    I didn’t have any idea about the fevicol addiction…… But now I’m stunned to know that such type of practice also exists…… This is so dangerous…….. I’m speechless!!! I’m unable to get over it…..
    Anyways it seems something is wrong with Anika’s pregnancy……..
    Excited to know about it
    Post the next soon

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much Pakhi for the detailed analysis, i want to throw light on these things which are under the covers or we are too nonchalant to even care.
      that fevicol practice is indeed shocking, and it is horrible because everyone have easy access to that.
      now Anika and the pregnancy….i dont want to shock you guys more but it was one integral part for this fairy tale to turn nightmare from the very start. ?
      thankyou again for liking them and i will try coming soon<3

  3. Palak_55

    So, ragi is habitual to this addiction…..may be due to the conditions of his life he was pushed into all these dangerous practices and he didnt opted these with interest….but still I wanted to know more abt him….
    And about update dear …I am liking your efforts, your work and your concept regarding “That Falling Kite”…..and you come up with this idea is a great thing and I wish your efforts would work in right directions…and dear plz always come up with such reality of our society….and you are doing great work, believe me.
    Good Going, Keep it up… 🙂

    1. Morusya51

      May be his conditions led him…may be he himself got into ? lets wait for next part together….
      thank you girl for supporting me everytime 🙂 as we progress i will keep coming with darkness along with all those romance i like to write.
      love you ❤ and thank you for the wishes too.

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Awesome update ..but the fevicol thing is just so shocking..matlab dimag wahi pe atak dangerous it is..and anudi ki pregnancy mein problems..oh no..will be waiting for the next..

    1. Morusya51

      yeah that fevicol thing is shocking and maybe you wont get it on internet but it exist and i know that…i have known the rescuers personally at some point in my life.
      and Anudi 🙂 you made me smile dear for you adore the character Anika this much…a big fan of the show…right ?
      lets see what is there in next part ….and thank you dear for liking them:)

  5. Alekhika20

    Amazing update

    1. Morusya51

      thank you dear, hope you like the next part too.

  6. TUFriendsForever

    Such an awesomeee one i have never read a stpry which has message ans superbbb plot story here because most of them are romantic here i love thriller crime n detective story i love your story to the core such an awesome one i dont hate rangeela nor love him i am on neautral side and fevicol thing ohhh godddd i appreciate your move i wasnt able to beleive that but its was new to me keep going dr n yeah how about being friends??? Yeah I know i dont have an account now to pm u n ask this but soon if u accept my friendship offer would trouble u in a lovely way dont think of number of comments just keep writing and what happenedddd??? What is the doctor hiding??? What about the child?? Will be waiting for the next epi. Keep writing

  7. Morusya51

    thank you so much dear for you liked them this much….i hope you keep liking this story but i am afraid it wont be a thriller or crime based story 🙂
    yeah that was the motive, lack of content here nd i myself love something different maybe the real aspects of life !!! 🙂
    so neutral side….not bad , maybe thats the right thing. and i said i was waiting for response cause i myself am very excited for this story, i want many to read it nd talk about it…but i am okay with it.
    and Friends….okay 🙂
    all your questions will get answered in coming chapters….and thank you for the words and encouragement…thank you so much.

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