thapki pyar ki (fan fiction) – without trust there is no love (Part 9) (mega and special episode)


Thanks you so much Anubuti joylin anchal juviria and kumutha for your support you are awesome.
So my episode start with.
In hospital.
BIHAAN- docter thapki and bauji are Ok.
Vasundhara- doctor please tell nothing happen to him.
Doctor- don’t worry they are Ok now you go and meet him.
Vasundhara- bihaan you go and meet thapki.
bihaan goes thapki is unconscious. bihaan hold his hand and said.
BIHAAN – thapki I am so sorry this is happened because of me .
bihaan start crying.
Thapki open his eyes and saw bihaan.
Thapki – bihaan why are you crying I am fine now.
Thapki sit and said bihaan don’t worry see l am fine.
Suddenly bihaan hug thapki. Thapki is shocked.
BIHAAN – sorry thapki this is happened because of me.
Thapki – ( tightly hug bihaan and said ) bihaan no you never hurt me .
They separate.

Thapki – so Mr bihaan panday please smile for your misses thapki panday.
bihaan smile.
On this time doctor come there.
Doctor – Mr. BIHAAN panday your wife is fine now after some time rest she were totally fine so Mr. BIHAAN panday…..
BIHAAN – Ok doctor I leave from there.
Doctor- tapki so I leave you take rest .
Thapki – Ok doctor.
Doctor leave after that bihaan is about to leave thapki hold is hand (na na na music plays).
Thapki – bihaan please don’t go.
BIHAAN – thapki.
Thapki smile childishly.
bihaan sit and kiss him on his forehead.
Bihaan- thapki I love you.
Thapki -(kiss him on his cheek and said) I love you too bihaan.
Bihaan goes.
Thapki fell something wrong.
Bihaan sit on hospital chair.on this time sahil come there
Sahil – so Mr bihaan panday you learned what I tell you that you fell guilty about your behaviour about me.
BIHAAN – so this is all happened because of you.
Sahil – you force me to do so.
Bihaan hold his collar.
Sahil – oh bihaan look you I miss old bihaan.
Bihaan leaves from there.

On Road.
Bihaan start crying.
BIHAAN – what I di I don’t understand.
He were lost in world.
And a car coming fast from forward . Bihaan doesn’t saw him.
Car coming fast.
And he about to struck by car. And then **************************************************** and **********************************and ******************************** and then thapki come there and save him.
Thapki – (with angrily) bihaan what happened to you you doesn’t saw car.
Bihaan hug him tightly.
Thapki – what happened to you bihaan please please i request please tell me.
BIHAAN – i tell you the truth. Thapki this all things is happened because of sahil.
Thapki – what sahil bahia.
BIHAAN – yes thapki.
In flash back.
Bihaan saw one men and one woman they were talking.
First man- oh the whole panday family is thinking that radhika is in America…………………………………………………………………………………………. but he doesn’t now that we kidnapped him.
Bihaan is shocked.
Their face shown and he is lalita and sahil.
Bihaan goes there.
Bihaan- what you kidnapped him.
Lalita and sahil are shocked.
BIHAAN – i tell your truth to all.
Bihaan is about to go on this time lalita said
Lalita – beta you fell guilty if you tell the truth.
Bihaan move back
BIHAAN – what is your meaning.
Lalita – bihaan if you tell anything so we kill radhika.
BIHAAN – no you doesn’t do this.
Sahil – bihaan you doesn’t know about us if you tell anything so we definitely kill radhika.
Lalita – so make your choice. BIHAAN – Ok I doesn’t tell anything.
Sahil – it’s fine.
Flash back end .
Thapki get shocked.
Thapki – so sahil and lalita auntie kidnapped him.
Bihaan nods.
BIHAAN – sorry thapki but if I tell you anything so they were kill radhika.
Thapki – don’t worry bihaan we save radhika di.
Thapki hug bihaan and bihaan hug her to.
Thapki – bihaan I am always with you.
Bihaan smiles.
Episode end.?

precap – so sorry but I don’t decide it.
Thanks for reading.

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