thapki pyar ki (fan fiction) – without trust there is no love (Part 7)


Recap- thapki is some nervous because his marige is fixed on next month and then bihaan come there and said don’t nervou thapki I am always with you and put his hand on his shoulder and give a cute smile. After some time sahil and lalita entry and after radhika entry she is bihaan sister not real like druv radhika arive to America due to some work bihaan hear some fishy word and he goes to one room in he hear that what happened to radhika panday family don’t know bihaan become angry to thapki thapki start crying and he about to go bihaan hold his hand and hug him and say sorry thapki think what happened to bihaan in morning bihaan walking in hall and then sahil come sahil good morning bahia bihaan don’t talk to me oh” you get irritate and tensed already it is only start. BIHAAN said oh you really think this I am not scared to anyone and anything all are scared to me. So see what happens to you when I said truth to all. bihaan goes . sahil said later you know bihaan what happened when anyone try to fight with me.

So episode start from
in panday mansain .
All having dinner.
Bauji – today we celebrate sahil and lalita coming because they come after so long time. Suman – it is so good bauji.
Bauji -thapki and bihaan summan and preeti you all decorated and make arrangements for celebration . Thapki – so give list bauji whose people we invite.
Bauji – no thapki beta we does not invite anyone because it is only a family member celebration. Suman and preeti- (with sad tune) Ok bauji.
bauji goes.

Suman – pretty is in not fat I want to invite my friends.
Pretty- why ?
Summan- oo”ho pretty think you learned that some days ago we goes to shopping and bought a beautiful dress.and I want to wear him one any function.
Preeti- so what matter on this you wear it on today function.
Summan- preeti oh you are too much.
Preeti- (with angry tone) summan.
Thapki and bihaan began to laughing.
BIHAAN – babhi and are too much.
Summan and preeti – ( with angry tone ) bihaan.
With laughing bihaan stops and think about something and become sad.

The panday mansain is looking very beautiful.
Lalita- (start laughing ) oh they celebrate our coming.
Sahil- after some time they are crying due to our coming.
Lalita – sahil first of all we try to take believe of all family members so our mission fire is done.
Sahil – yes sir.
Lalita – oh sahil you are .
Sahil goes come with hiding sahil put a diya and put it near a curtain and run from there.
In this time bauji is coming sahil said it a good opportunity to take believe of bauji. SAHIL – bauji ma want to talk with you.
Bauji – where is your ma.
Sahil – in the temple.
Bauji -Ok
bauji goes there and sahil smile evilly .

BIHAAN – thapki come with me .
Thapki- Where and why.
BIHAAN – thapki come.
Bihaan hold thapki hand and make him to go.
Lalita – sahil all are in garden so to complete our plan who is in panday mansain .
Sahil – bauji.
Lalita – oh so you are ready.
Sahil – yes.

Thapki – why we are come in room .
Bihaan close thapki eyes with his and move him on room and open his eyes.
Thapki is shocked and happy. His room were decorated so romantic.
BIHAAN – thapki sorry I behave very rudely with you tomorrow sorry. T
hapki -( put his hand on bihaan neck)
bihaan don’t worry I forgive you.
BIHAAN – thank you.

Meri asique song plays.
Bihaan put his hand on thapki belly and thapki put his hand on bihaan shoulder and they start dancing. They were lost and bihaan put his hand on thapki check and was about to kiss but then they hear a voice fire fire fire .
Bihaan and thapki run where the sound is come thapki and bihaan came to hall and then they are shocked to see bauji in the middle of fire. T
hapki and bihaan- Bauji
and there whole panday family is come.

Vasundhara starts crying.
BIHAAN – don’t worry I save you.
He is about to go in fire but on this time sahil jump into fire and save him . Vasundhara stand up bauji is unconscious. They take bauji to hospital.
Episode end.?

precap – bauji slap bihaan. bihaan is in road and a car coming by front on him. bihaan is about to hit by car and. …….suspense.

Please please please please if you read my ff and like it so give your opinion. And I think to end it but lf you like it so it is end after very long time please tell your opinion .

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