thapki pyar ki (fan fiction) – without trust there is no love (Part 6)


Hy guys so soory for so late update.
So my fanfaction is started from .
In morning everyone having dinner bihaan is upset because today radhika is arriving after 2 days.
Bihaan – it is important to arrival today.
Thapki – ya di please don’t arrive.
Radhika – I already told you that It is impossible to me to stay here please bihaan and thapki understand bihaan.
Bihaan – ok di
radhika- bihaan don’t upsad na . I promise I will be come back as soon as possible I promise to you.
Bihaan – promise .
Radhika – yes.
Every one star laughing .

In evening
radhika is arriving for America.
Radhika hugged thapki
radhika- (hugg bihaan) bihaan don’t be upset when my work is done I come back. In the corner.
Lalita – radhika don’t know that it is important to you to come back but possible if(smile evily).
Lalita – sahil you done it What I sad to you to done.
Sahil – yes mom our plan is done.
They all smile evily.

In morning .
Bihaan is upset
the tear start coming his eyes
he remember what happen in night.

In flashback.
Bihaan is in the balcony and hear something fishy.
Bihaan run where the sound is coming .
Guy1 – oh all family members think that radhika is in the America but they don’t know that .
(And this time thapki is come ) … Thapki think bihaan is upset so what I do thapki- bihaan
bihaan doesn’t response.
Thapki think so what i do .

She come with a glass of water.
And throw it on bihaan face.
Bihaan – come out on his sentence (and said in anger) thapki what are you do. Chuk chuk gari you don’t have mind .
Thapki – bihaan why are you talking to me like this .
Bihaan – thapki first you throw water on me and you tell me that I don’t talk to you like this.
Thapki – but you are upset and….
Bihaan – so it mean that you throw water on me.
The tears come out from Thapki eyes thapki move back and start walking.
Bihaan realise that he do wrong.
Bihaan pull thapki hand and hug him . Thapki is shocked.

Bihaan – sorry thapki .
Thapki – don’t worry bihaan I forgive you. And they separate.
Thapki – bihaan all things are all right please tell me.
Bihaan – yes thapki
Bihaan – I don’t tell you the truth.
Thapki move back and think what happen to bihaan.

In the morning.
Bihaan is walking on hall and then sahil coming .
Sahil – bihaan bhaiya good morning.
Bihaan – don’t talk to me .
Sahil – oh bihaan you are all ready it is the only start.
Bihaan pull sahil collar
sahil- leave me bihan
bihaan – Mr. Sahil you forget that I am bihaan panday. I doesn’t scared to any thing all thing scared to me so Mr. Sahil our fight is stared and I doesn’t loose any fight.
And then bihaan leave .
Sahil – bihaan you earlier know that what happen when any one start fight to me (smile evily)
episode end

preacap- a fire on panday mansation.

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