thapki pyar ki (fan fiction) – without trust there is no love (Part 5)

This is my maha episode ☺so my maha episode start with thapki run to save bihaan. Bihaan is about to touch main switch and he touched it and get shock a man wear black jacket and blue jeans take a wooden Road and escape him bihaan become unconscious.
Thapki- bihhhaaaan! Bihaan please open your eyes please bihaan please (she started crying ) everyone comes. Bauji- bihhhaaaan what happened to him.
Vasundhara- bihaan please open your eyes.
Bauji- I call 📞 doctor.

In room bihaan is unconscious.
Bauji – doctor nothing happen to bihaan.
Doctor – don’t worry he is fine now.
thapki- thanks doctor.
Doctor- welcome so I leave now he go.
Bihaan get conscious.
Bihaan- thapki Bauji ma. They all become happy 😊 vasundhara- oh I thanks to god bihaan to save you And thapki
thapki- I don’t save bihaan ma.
vasundhara – you don’t save bihaan thapki so whom. sahil- this is not right you all forget me. Bauji- sahil you. Bihaan- thanks bahia to save me.
sahil- oh bihaan I am your brother not real but brother so please don’t thank me.
Lalita- sahil oh beta I so miss you.
They hug.

Bauji- beta you are really lalita son if you tell us so we come to pick you.
Sahil- oh mama ji if I tell you so how I became a hero everyone starts laughing 😂 everyone go thapki sits towards bihaan
thapki- bihaan you don’t have an eye.
Bihaan- oh thapki please don’t angry me.
Thapki- if anything happens to you.
Bihaan- oh thapki I have an chuk chuk gari and he saves me from all problems thapki kiss on bihaan chik and bihaan become shocked bihaan- I don’t know that my chuk chuk gari is so romantic.

Thapki feel shy in night 🌃 bihaan goes to balcony for having fresh air and then he hear someone talking bihaan- who is talking at night bihaan goes to where the noise come he hear ha ha ha so our first plan is done it is the time of our second plan bihaan become shocked and he hear a noise that they were going he runs but no-one there in morning everyone having dinner bihaan thinks about the incident thapki- bihaan take some food. Bihaan didn’t respond Bauji- bihaan bihaan bihaan bihaan- oh sorry Bauji I think about something bauji- ok thapki is telling you to take food bihaan -ok and then a girl wearing jeans and a beautiful red top come everyone become happy 😊 bihaan- oh sis ya in my ff there is a bihaan sis she goes to study for noida i think you like it .
thapki- radhika.
Radika ya I am you are happy to see me
everyone welcome radhika
Bauji- so why you come here.
Radika- I’m came here only two days
thapki why only two days.
radhika- ya because I have some work and after completing it i gone.
bihaan become sad and everyone goes to room.

Preacap- bihaan telling all family members about something and Bauji slap her.

Please guys please comment. What are bihaan telling why Bauji slap him answer is in next part. ☺💖🌹

Credit to: Garima


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