thapki pyar ki (fan fiction) – without trust there is no love (Part 3)


Guys I am garima and I try to make my episode long so the story start.

A lady wear blue sari is bauji sister .All panday family is very happy to see him but shock also .
Bauji-Oh lalita you?
Vasundara- didi you tell us that you came here bihaan pick up you.
Lalita-oh babhi ji don’t worry. I don’t have any problem. And where is druv? Bihaan-druv is going to America for business and sharadha also.
Really guys I don’t like sharadha drama .

Lalita-oh I understand.
Bihaan Thapki take blessing to lalita.
Lalita- oh I am not so old . You are always don’t live happily. (All family members are shocked)
Lalita-oh I am just joking. You are always live happily.
Bihaan Thapki- thanks
Lalita- and one thing bihaan Thapki listen you call me didi Bihaan Thapki- but
Lalita- don’t but what you understand I am not so old so please you all call mi only di okay.
Bauji- bihaan please drop lalita to his room.
Bihaan- okay

on room Thapki press his clothes and then bihaan come and kiss him on his chic.
Thapki- bihaan what are you doing.
Bihaan- in tomorrow I was give you answer.
Thapki – (smile) ya because you are My moti budhi husband.
And then Thapki run bihaan run to catch him .
Thapki -bihaan summan babhi.
(Bihaan look in gate and summan babhi is not here)
bihaan- where?
Thapki – in your dream.
Bihaan- oh you making fool me .
Thapki-oh bihaan you are already a fool (and their tom and Jerry show sart)

ln dinning table all having dinner.
Lalita-oh I forgot to tell you something.
Bihaan- what?
Lalita- Tomorrow my son sahil is coming .
Bihaan thapki oh sahil bahia. Bauji and Vasundara- sahil beta.
Summan pretty- sahil
Lalita- ya
bihaan Thapki- so we should decorated the whole house.
Bauji- yes.

On the next morning whole panday niwas is decorated.

Precap- in main switch is shock surkit and bihaan is about to touch it .
What happens? Bihaan touch the switch or not.

Can somebody came to save it? Answers is in next part keep reading and keep commenting.

Credit to: garima

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