thapki pyar ki (fan fiction) – without trust there is no love (Part 2)


My ff start from in morning thapki wake up but and bihaan is sleeping bihaan look so cute in sleeping.

Thapki kiss him from his forehead and goes.

When thapki come back bihaan is don’t here . thapki where is bihaan goes?

And then bihaan come and hug him from back.

Thapki what are you doing bihaan.

Bihaan I am your husband so thapki so what?
Bihaan so I am doing what a husband do.
Thapki puss bihaan
thapki ya you are a moti budhi husband.
Bihaan ya ya

thapki run and bihaan follow her and this time summan babhi is come.
Summan if your tom and Jerry show is end so please come to dinner.
Bihaan and thapki are shry and said ok.
Panda family sorry panday family sitting in dining table and in this time a lady wear blue sary come .All are shocked and happy to see him.

Precap information about some new entry.

If any problems please tell me. And the great suspense is coming soon keep reading. Thanks for reading and please comment and those who don’t comment to some problem big thanks to you.

Credit to: garima

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  1. Hey guys I am know that my ff is short but picture tho abhi baki ha mera dost kar aour parso sa meri story start hogi.

  2. Sorry guys I know that this is very short but this is only starting picture tho abhi baki ha mara dost.

  3. Hey garima don’t worry friend “No one is perfect” Ur mistake doesn’t matters

  4. Thanks and keep sport me shobhi.

  5. Hey garima..i like the thahan scene!! Keep it up dr…

  6. Thanks sobhi and keep commenting.

  7. Nice and cute ..keep it up ?..actually I stop watching tpk because of stupid and idiot track …but I love to read ff

  8. Ya noor I know the list of command is decrease day by day. And thanks please keep commenting.

  9. Sweety and noor thanks you so much and next part is published soon please keep reading.

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