Thapki Pyaar Ki-Thapki and Bihaan Love Story ff chp-1

Hi friends this is my first fabrication.Hope you all will enjoy.Please I need your support in comments.
It is continue after bihaan and thapki were leaving in one room.

Scene 1
In thapkis and bihaan room both were very angry with each other .Finally thapki breaks the silent and tells Bihaan I will sleep on bed and u on sofa.Bihaan tells why this is my room B for bihaans room so I will sleep on sofa .Then their nok jhok starts and dadi was seeing all this standing outside and she was smiling.

Scene 2
At the dining table on night
Thapki and bihaan sits beside each other and thapki moves her hand to take curry just than bihaan also takes curry they share a short eyelock thapki tells I ahave taken first so I will eat first.Bihaan tells no i.again they started fighting.

Precap:Thapki wakes up and in sleepy mood enters the bathroom and bihaan was already their she is shocked to see him taking shower.Hurriedly she turns to went and slip and bihaan holds her and they both are under shower.They share an eyelock.

Sorry friends for short update if I will get more likings and comments than I will make it longer.

Credit to: Deeba


  1. Amritam

    Sorry deeba! I would advice u read more blogs and other fan fictions and try to improve this! Moreover ur language can get far better too. Please start over by writing written episodes so that u will understand how to take writing the right way! Sorry it’s not to discourage u but I hv this sincere advise to first develop ur skill than to try exhibiting without honing it..!

  2. jes

    plz continue writing the thahaan’s love story I like this show very much n! n I’ m very excited to see this two fall in love wit each other.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.