Thapki Pyaar Ki Sab Tera (One Shot)

hey guys i m back i know no one had miss me but i always miss u guys busy in my studies but writing this Os only for u all & also quite disappoint by the track so plan to write this.
here it start
thapki is walking down on the stairs & she is thinlking of her charming hero bihaan whom she hurts but she is repenting she want her friend back who always care for her.
thapki pov
what happened to him? i know he is angry from me but i cant see him like this.What destiny is playing game with me the Boy who always support me never hurts me yes he often teases me but he never do it intentionally.

now he is trying to hurt me & shouting at me oh!what happened to u bihaan.

she get teary eyed & not getting answer suddenly she goes out and went to RAM PYARI.
t: oh ram pyari bihaan is ur friend &only u can help me to get my old awesome friend back plz help give me any idea.”
rampyari takes thapki to storeroom where bihaan kept his Drawings & paintings in which he express his all feelings.
thapki look at them and thanks rampyari & pats her.

bihaan is stepping ahead toward his room but still he is thinking of shraddha words & fuming in anger without listening to his heart who is explaining him that The innocent girl & Her CHUK CHUK GADI can cheat him but the moti budhi is blind & become deaf who just think about the cheat words.
poor man cant understand he is also done wrong with her lady love.
he go to the room it was dark there.

suddenly when he enters lights come & he saw that On the walls all his memories his childhood activities his painting & some of thahaan moments is pasted.
he smiles but soon he returned to a angry avatar & shout
B:” who dare to put all my things here i will kill that man.”
Thapki comes wearing a blue saree which u all know bihaan favr8 colour.She is putting mangalsutra the sindoor everything which a Suhaagan wear .

he smiles for a while all his anger all his memory is lost only one thing he is thinking about was HER LADY LOVE.
but again as he is angry young man say:”what the kind of hell is this thapki R u crazy i m not a child who become happy by seeing this.”
he twists her hand & say:”i will not that old bihaan who easily listen to u U R A CHEATER LIER everything understand.”
thapki get teary eyed but she wipes her tears & say:”i know u r arrogant but i m also ZIDDI type girl i in few days bihaan will back.”
B:”ok try now sleep here i m going to guest room remove all this ok.”
he about to go but thapki holds her hand

Ranjhana plays
T;”remember Ma words she had say respect ur wife sit here & be quite.”
Thapki try to bring smile on his face by making different faces & sing TU HAI HERO MERA & dance but BIHAAN NOT PUT A EYE ON HER WHICH MAKE HER SAD.
B:”now stop all this go to sleep ok & u will sleep at ground its my room my bed so sleep there ”
thapki put a mat on the ground & try to sleep but cant as everytime thahaan awesome moments havent let her sleep.
she close her eyes and cries
bihaan also suffer from same thing he havent a courage to tell her that he is in love with her & cant harm her

bihaan is sleeping on bed & thapki on the ground suddenly she moves left & saw cockroach she got afraid & want to shout but cant as she dont want to disturb bihaan sleep that is love
she notice he is sleeping on other side of bed so she decide to sleep another side.
thapki goes & slept their.
suddenly bihaan who have an habit to move his legs hand during sleep.
his one of hand comes at thapki chest
her heart make a voice his touch affect her.
a love feeling engaged her she turn pink but she come out of senses & try to move his hand but its heavy HA HA 2.5 kg hand.

she try to move his hand over another side but she just cant balance & falls on bihaan.
oh they r too close thapki on bihaan arms
bihaan wokes up really shocked but again they both r lost in another world.(oh ranjha plays )
they comes in senses.
B:”what r u doing here? And u jumped at me to kill me u try to murder bihaan pandey.”
she has no words at all she want to speak but fails as she really lost in his thought
t;” cockroach i m afraid of cockroach at ground so decide to sleep here but ur hands trouble me ….!
b:”so u try to kill me u lady.”
go & sleep other side & plz dont disturb.

thapki sleep on another side & thinks oh what had happened to me so fool i m why the mix reactions coming on my mind.pagal
oh lady u r mad in love

in love reallly i m in love
her heart answered her.
she smiles & (in mind i m in love oh bihaan i love uuuuuu.
she sleeps after the realisation.

i will try to make another shot & in next part thahaan will unite
bye bye

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  1. Awesum episode luv it yr

  2. Hai anu ……it’s superb. ….
    Yesterday I read it in TEI updates….(fatarajo information) wrong published in TEI…..
    waiting for next part. …

  3. Hey…ANU,its extremely striking one.if you can pls update next part soon.i really miss you in the written updates.

  4. Superb…

  5. thanks to all my dear friends i will try to post when i m free

  6. Hey anu dear i miss u too n as usual awesome..update soon next part..

  7. Anu awesome one shot yaar

  8. Very nice yaar .

  9. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    Nice one shot fam, you’re very impressive and amazing like always on all your ff you did… Hope you come back with another one soon…~Nusz

  10. Lovely ep my frd anu.

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