thapki pyaar ki sab tera one shot

sorry for late guys very busy
here the epi start with bihaan wakes up by thapki sound who is singing & dancing in bathroom madly mad girl in love full childish behaviour ha ha ha ( nachu mai aaj cham cham cham)
B:”oh thapki come outside if ur dancing & singing finishes important work today so i have to freshen up.
she come outside how preety she is looking lovely lady a beautiful princess.
bihaan almost lost but again angry man say;” i cant understand why r u doing all this u know i m angry from u & i will not become that old bihaan so stop ur nonsense & get out from life ok we r not husband wife nor friends nothing plz Stay away if u want to see me happy.
he goes but turn around & say:” i will not come in my room until u r here going to guest room ok stay here.”
he goes and get teary eyed as he dont like the way he talk he want to stay with her but the word CHEATER roll down his mind
thapki is also crying here ( darmiyaan plays)
t:” i have hurt u bihaan now i will gain ur trust & love ok.”
bihaan is leaving angrily suddenly he heard a voice from shraddha chudail room.
S:”i m so smart i have a create a rift between the TWO SO CALLED LOVERS THAPKI BIHAAN i have just say a truth and the thick mind believes me i thought he didnt but he forgot thapki good deeds and become her enemy soon she leaves the pandey nivaas and i wil become best bahu ha ha well done job shraddha.”
bihaan get teary eyed he repents on his deeds he recalls his harsh behaviour towards thapki. he want to cry but cant his heart is cursing him how can he do this how can he not trust her. now he want to say sorry want to confess his love.
he runs towards his room in hurieed he want to reach there as soon as he can his heart his brain only want to stay with her lady love chuk chuk gadi.
suddenly bauji stops him & say to go for a imp work.
bihaan thinks tonight he will break all the rift & built a strong relationship which nevers break.

@ thahaan room
thapki doing video conferencing with her friends mineey fatarajo LOVE GURUS OF MY TPK.FAMILY ha ha
they give her idea to propose bihaan
thapki:” thank u guys love u.”
fatarajo:” no not to us say it to jiju ok.”
thapki:” i will kill u lady.”
mineey:” wow good job fatarajo yes thapki say this to bihaan jiju ok.”
they laughs thapki blushed.
@ night
bihaan return to the house
but cant find thapki he worries as he thought she left
B:” plz thapki come back dont go anywhere i m repenting i wil die without u come na plz.” he cries recaling their moments.
suddenly he saw a chit there.
he reads
oh bihaan pandey C 4 challenge by Ur C 4 chuk chuk gadi find me if u can no cheating ok go find the most happiest person of this house u will find clue from that person.

bihaan thinks and say:” happiest person?????? oh yes bhabhi preeti bhabhi
he runs towards her room.
preeti:wow bihaan devar g smart now next clue go to ur favr8 place in this house u will next clue there.
bihaan again thinks
& say each & every corner of Pn is my favr8 yes yes i know ram pyari gulaboo tabela. i m coming

he go to ram pyari found a chit there again he reads
now very nice bihaan pandey impress ram pyari she will bring u to me ok.”
bihaan thinks and Give aam papad to ram pyari .
b;” now ram pyari plz help me & take me to thapki.”
ram pyari goes and bihaan follows her
soon they reached a place

next part u all have to wait plz do comments ok bye dont know when i will be free

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  1. it’s amazing dr…….waiting 4 their love confession!!!!

    1. in the next part thahaan love confession.happen
      thank u sweety

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  4. Plz jaldi next epi upload karna

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  5. anu dear what to say…it is so good. And i am soo happy that u added me in your ff. Thanks dear. Upload the nxt part soon i am waiting.

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  6. Anu loved it quickly update next part ASAP and u made me a love guru 😛

  7. Hi anu my frd it’s awesome episode.Waiting eagerly for the next episode.

  8. thanks fatarajo & shruti

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  10. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

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