thapki pyaar ki sab tera one shot 2

thanks to all for ur comments i really miss u guys. we all r connected to each other BCOZ of thahaan & Tpk so i want to everyone to write ffs or motivate others.
as u all know tpk only famous for its dragging & THAHAAN we all love them so tolerating the dragging

now i will not talk to much & start the last part of this OS
@ a beautiful place
bihaan reached a beautifully decorated place .Our lovely lady thapki has done all the arrangements to propose her husband .
bihaan:”How bad i m no one is like that me. From my birth destiny always play games with me.I m the WORST bro, son & now i m bad husband.Where r u thapki? i really dont deserves u as u r very beautiful lovely & charming princess & only a prince Can be ur husband not me THE ORPHAN & UNLUCKY BOY who always shout on others.”
he want to speak more.
today he want to tell thapki how much he loves her but his mind is telling him that he is not a perfect guy for her.
REALLY I CANT UNDERSTAND WHAT PERFECT means so illiterate i m on understanding relationship but i know onething

perfect means that who always love u, cares for u, fight for u, who loves u from heart not ur physical appearance & as u all know BIHAAN LOVES FOR THAPKI IS ALSO PERFECT now returning to OS
thapki hears all his words tears rolled down her eyes but today there is no need to cry today she had to tell his love his husband that he is the PERFECT man for her.

thapki:” yes u r right i m beautiful lovely & charming princess but i dont need any RICH HANDSOME DASHING PRINCE bcoz i have already my husband is with me, who is more big than a prince A KIND HEARTED my charming hero yes b 4 bihaan pandey is b 4 buddhu but never b 4 bad. the one who cares for everyone & never want anything in return that guy is perfect for me.Who can sacrifice anything if his parents says to him. HE is The SHRAVAN KUMAR of his parent’s. Tell me one thing bihaan the guy who always support his wife Is his wife not proud on him? the lady will be very lucky & i m happy that god choose u as my husband.”

bihaan began to cry as he never expect thapki will say this to him.
thapki hugs him & say:” the wife the chuk chuk gadi want to tell his moti buddhi that SHE loves him a lot & cant imagine her life without him Is his husband didnt give her chance plz tell me bihaan.” she cries but happiness is hiding in it.
bihaan:” so what u think that husband want to die by saying no to his wife no way”
b….. he laughs thapki also smiles.
bihaan” i love u too my chuk chuk gadi.”

he kissed her on the forehead.
thapki:” now come we will cut the cake together as today is the celebration day.”
bihaan;” as u say my loving wife.”
thahaan cuts the cake and bihaan say:”thank u chuk chuk gadi i m very happy today.”
thapki:” no thank u something is left, turn around bihaan.”
bihaan turns around & found some persons holding different boards and something is written on it.
he reads

bihaan smiles & look at thapki lovingly and say:” yes.”
thapki take out her vermillion & Mangalsutra and say;”now”
bihaan fills her hairline & put the mangalsutra round her neck.
they both r very happy today as they both had found true love.

they reached PN
in thahaan room
on bed
bihaan:i promise i never leave you.” he kiss her.
thapki:” i also promise bihaan i never broke ur trust.”
after that thahaan start a new journey of their life which is full of love & trust no cheating nothing

In morning
bihaan is sleeping thapki recalls what happened yesterday.
she smiles but wont wake bihaan as she want to sleep him more.
she went in the bathroom & freshens up
she come outside & began to comb her hair.
suddenly an idea come in her mind but as she is about to sprinkle waters on his face she saw he was not there.
where he gone???
he hugs her from behind & say;”gud mrng chuk chuk gadi love u;”
thapki:” no u not prove it.”
bihaan takes the sindoor from her & fills her mang & kiss on her forehead and thapki kiss on his cheeks
they smiles
bihaan:” now happy .”

thapki:” hmmm.”
bihaan:” thapki my whole life is urs each & everything is urs sab tera ”
thapki;” all mine.”

bihaan:” yes”
he plays the music & thahaan dances on Sab tera.
after dancing
thapki;”so u say all mine plz give me 5000 rs. want to go on shopping:-) ”
bihaan” GAJABB C 4 chalak C 4 chuk chuk gadi:-) ”
they both smiles
thapki kiss him on cheeks

than he goes to bathroom as he demand kiss

ok bye thahaan lovers

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  1. Happy. .. romantic. …….lovely. …. Heart touched. …. ending
    Really superb story. …….

    Come back with another OS related to the ongoing track. …….

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  5. Very nice dr!! Hope this will happen on real tpk too……:-)

  6. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    Aw so cute, I loved it so much Anu Hun~Nusz

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