Thapki Pyaar Ki- A Loving Pat (Introduction)


Hi. This my ff on the show Thapki Pyaar Ki and each episode of this ff will be published on every Thursday and Sunday in January.

Show introduction:
Thapki(Jigyasa Singh) a lively and a intelligent girl faces certain problems that affect her life. However, she decides to move go a city in order to find a job and meet all challenges in a positive way.

in this show it’s shown how Thapki gets married to Bihaa instead of her love interest and boss Dhruv Bathla and how she has to stay in the Pandey house for three months after which she will get divorced to Bihaan. The actual person behind this is non other than Dhruv’s mother Vasundhara who is behind this mishap. And no one knows that besides Bihaan and Vasundhara. In this show it is shown that Dhruv gets married to Shraddha which is Vasundhara’s choice , but he still loves Thapki a lot. It’s being shown currently how Bihaan saves Thapki from problems created by Vasundhara and Shraddha.

This ff will continue in a different way, and will be shown what happens after Vasundhara’s reality comes to the fore.

Character introduction
Thapki Bihaan Pandey (Jigyasa Singh) – Wife of Bihaan , but used to love Dhruv , used to hate Bihaan but now they are best friends she is an innocent, good hearted , religious, well-cultured girl but gets insulted due to her stammering problem

Dhruv Pandey (Ankit Bathla)- Husband of Shraddha, son of Vasundhara and Bauji , loves Thapki a lot even after getting married talk show anchor, innocent, good at heart, truthful, honest, confused, stubborn

Bihaan Pandey (Manish Goplani)- husband of Thapki, adopted son of Bauji and Vasundhara, Thapki is more of his best friend than wife, daring, funny, good hearted , naughty , bully, talented, funny but only studied till 12th standard

Vasundhara (Jaya Bhattachaya)- mother of Dhruv loves Dhruv but don’t like Bihaan at all and hates stammering the only reason why she hates Thapki as she believe stammering=evil , and blindly believes Shraddha, selfish, arrogant, traditional, misconception of stammering

Shraddha Dhruv Pandey (Monica Khanna) – wife of Dhruv only married him for wealth and fame, selfish, arrogant, ill-mannered, drama queen, not understanding, cunning

Supporting Characters
Aditi Chaturvedi (Sheena Bajaj)-
Thapki’s younger sister, sweet , brave, naughty, don’t believe in love at all after Thapki got married
(She’s unmarried here no diwakar nonsense)

Shubh (Shubh Kalra)-
Thapki’s younger brother , cute, chubby, foodie loves his family a lot, and only person in Thapki’s family who saw the good sides of Bihaan

Krishnakant Chaturvedi(Shakti Singh)-
Thapki’s father good hearted, kind, honest loves his family a lot and always proud for Thapki but hates Bihaan

Poonam Chaturvedi(Prateeksha Lonkar)-
Thapki’s mother good hearted, innocent , concerned , sweet
but hates both Bihaan and Dhruv a lot.

Grandma of Dhruv and Bihaan, innocent, good hearted, understanding, likes Thapki a lot and pampers Thapki and Bihaan a lot

Balvinder Pandey(Jairoop Jeevan)
Father of Dhruv and Bihaan, Dhruv and Bauji shares a hate-love relation, good hearted, but corrupted , understanding, brave, daring

Preeti (Resham Thakkar)-
Elder Bahu of bauji’s cousin and wife of Ashwin.Thinks herself modern, loves to speak in English, funny, but good person, little greedy, best friend of Suman

Suman (Puja Sahu)-
Younger Bahu of bauji’s cousin. And wife of Sanjay.Traditional, prefers sudh hindi , funny, good person, little greedy, best friend of Preeti

Elder son of bauji’s cousin. And husband of Preeti. Likes Preeti, and follows her , and also helps Bauji

Younger son of bauji’s cousin. And husband of Suman. Likes Suman , and follows her, and also helps Bauji.

Characters to be continued (not shown in the show anymore or discontinued)

Boyfriend of Shraddha, still loves Shraddha a lot, and planning to get Shraddha somehow has little grey-shades

Paan (Vishal Thakkar) (Supporting)-
Good friend of Bihaan , knows about Vasundhara’s truth,

New Characters
Bihaan’s younger sister- Latika
Is good hearted just like Bihaan, and always adores Thapki and sees her as an inspiration , funny, sporty, hates Vasundhara to the core but likes other members of the family.
U can assume Shweta Vyas as Latika who is seen as Riya in Zindagi Abhi Baki Hain Mera Ghost on life ok

Dhruv’s employee- Nachiket
Always comes to Pandey house, to give Dhruv papers and has an eye on Pandey house, Thapki’s childhood friend and grey-shadded character. love interest of Aditi.
U can assume Shehzad Sheikh as Nachiket who was last seen as Rehan in Qubool Hain on zee tv

These are the characters for Thapki Pyaar Ki- A Loving Pat ff I have made some changes to the character and some of the characters will be shown after some episodes
And if needed more characters maybe introduced but. The minimum episode of this ff is 5 episodes. And the fate of this ff will depend on ur comments so comment as much as u can 🙂

This is the precap for episode 1:
Paan tells the marriage truth to Thapki . Thapki gets shocked that Vasundhara was the one behind it and Shraddha overhears them. Later, Bauji is seen frustrated on Vasundhara and says he knows the entire truth and reveals it to the entire family. Everyone is shocked especially Dhruv. Who told Bauji the truth Thapki or Shraddha?

Do check out the first episode of Thapki Pyaar Ki on this Thursday, 14th January, night
By any chance, if this ff gets cancelled I will inform u beforehand on TPK episode update or on this page.

And please feel free to express ur opinions 🙂

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  6. Ankita Chhetry

    Bihaan name should come first then Dhruv.. Bihaan is main lead

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  11. Varsha Darshini

    Actually its good tat diwakar is nt here as aditi’s husband and pls make shradhha good n get hr out of this serial. Pls make it dhruvki.. They r made fr eachothr

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  21. Awesome… Please just continue, great job!!!!!!

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    foolish vasundhara

  23. Pleas take note that the first episode of this ff have been preponed to tomorrow 12 Jan. I m really happy to say among all the ff introduction I have published this is the most commented one. So I have decided to prepone this ff as I can see u all r excited for this ff. Thanks for the support. And I have decided to make some changes to the day this ff will be published so please do check out the first episode of this ff tomorrow for the changes also 🙂

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