Thapki Pyaar Ki- A Loving Pat (Episode 7)

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Here it’s night time and Bihaan is doing some work and Thapki is taking rest. Just then Dadi comes.
Dadi: Thapki bitiya, I have brought some soup for you, have it before it cools down.
Thapki: What was the need?
Thapki tries to get up.
Dadi: No, no you will rest today and take care of your hand.
Thapki: Thank you.
Dadi leaves,
Thapki tries to have soup but due to her injuired hand she is facing difficulties.
Thapki: Ouch!
Bihaan looks at Thapki. Thapki tries again. Bihaan takes the soup.
Thapki: Its okay, Bihaan I will manage.

Bihaan: Keep quiet. Open your mouth.
Thapki: What?
Bihaan: I said open your mouth.
Bihaan feeds Thapki soup. Na na na Music plays.They share an eyelock.
Thapki: (in her mind) Why do you care so much about me Bihaan?
Bihaan: (in his mind) I can’t tolerate to see you in pain.
Just then Dhruv comes in, and someone calls Bihaan. Bihaan goes out to talk.
Dhruv: How is your hand now?
Thapki: Much better Dhruv sir.
Dhruv comes and sits beside Thapki and takes out a marker.
Thapki: What are you doing, Dhruv sir?
Dhruv writes on Thapki’s bandage “Get well soon :)”
Dhruv: You are the one who told me that we should always keep everything colorful.
Thapki smiles,

Shraddha sees this and fumes.
Shraddha: (in her mind) Oh no, they are getting even close due to this incident. My entire plan have flopped.
Just then someone calls Dhruv
Dhruv: Isn’t it possible if you delay this interview?
Dhruv keeps the phone.
Just then Bihaan returns to his room.
Thapki: What happened?
Dhruv: I am sorry Thapki, I have tried to persuade the makers a lot to postpone your interview tomorrow, but due to certain issues they can’t do so. I will have to think of some other ways.
Thapki: It’s okay sir, I can go for tomorrow’s interview.
Dhruv: But Thapki, your hand?
Thapki: Sir even you had taken an interview when your leg was injuired so why can’t I?
Dhruv: Thank you so much Thapki for understanding.
Dhruv leaves.

Thapki: I am so nervous, I hope I don’t mess up anything tomorrow.
Bihaan: (in his mind) Oh no, this chuk chuk gadi is always in tension.
Bihaan: Don’t be nervous, Thapki.
Thapki looks at Bihaan.
Bihaan: You no need to be nervous as you yourself very well know that you M for Mahaan Atma will M for mess up everything as usual.
Thapki: I will be sucessful in tomorrow’s interview at any cost.
Bihaan: Ghajab.
Thapki and Bihaan goes to sleep in seperate directions. Thapki practices a lot, and falls asleep. Bihaan makes Thapki lie on the bed properly and keeps her scripts and Bihaan’s bracelet gets stuck on Thapki’s dupatta near her bandage. Music plays. Bihaan tries to take it out, but he is scared what if he hurts Thapki’s injuired hand or disturb her and while thinking he falls asleep.

It’s morning and Thapki wakes up and sees Bihaan sleeping near her by sitting down.
Thapki: (in his mind) Bihaan is so innocent from heart, he have always think about others before himself. He is so cute when he sleeps. Why am I thinking like this? Am I in love with him?
Thapki remebers all her moments with Bihaan and smiles. Just then Bihaan wakes up. He is lost in seeing Thapki,.
Thapki: Bihaan?
Bihaan comes closer to Thapki and Thapki doesn’t do anything this time, and as they were about to kiss someone knocks the door.
Bihaan: (in his mind) What was I going to do?
Bihaan is about to go, but due to the bracelet, to make sure Thapki doesn’t gets hurt, Bihaan takes out his bracelet and goes to open the door.
Servant: There have been a problem.
Bihaan: What problem?
Servant: The saree Thapki bhabi gave me to press, I accidentally burned it.
Bihaan: Where is your mind nowadays?
Thapki: No problem, I will wear some other saree.

Bihaan: Now why are you seeing my C for Chehra, you already burned C for chuk chuk gadi’s saree? Now leave.
The servant leaves.
Thapki: Oh no, this saree was for my interview and all my sarees are bright, I was specially told to wear light saree this was the only light saree I had.
Bihaan remembers he brought a light pink saree for Thapki.
BIhaan: This is for you, Thapki.
Thapki: Saree?
Bihaan: Don’t be too happy, mom told me to give you one that’s why.
Thapki: Then, I will definately wear it
Thapki: (in her mind) Bihaan I know you brought this saree for me, as .Ma hates me. I will definately wear this saree for you Bihaan.
Thapki sees Bihaan’s bracelet and decides to keep it with her.
Thapki changes her arm bandage to her hand bandage as her injuiry is reduced due to minor sprain.
Later, Thapki is trying to wear saree but due to her hand she can’t. Bihaan comes in ans Thapki tries to cover herself.

Bihaan: I am so sorry.
Bihaan is about to go.
Thapki: Don’t open the door. I don’t want anyone to see me like this. You close your eyes.
Bihaan does so and Thapki tries to wear saree.
Bihaan: How long will you take?
Thapki tries, Bihaan gets frustrated and open his eyes.
Thapki: Bihaan, why did you open your eyes?
Bihaan: Keep Quiet!
Bihaan drapes the saree around Thapki, and makes her wear saree. Na na na music plays.
Thapki: (in her mind) I don’t know why I am always coming close to you? I can’t go far away from you Bihaan. I don’t know what is happening to me?
Bihaan: Done.
Thapki: Thank you.
Bihaan: C for see I don’t take thank you from C for chuk chuk gadis
Thapki: It’s S for see, just like S for saree.
Bihaan: Okay, fine. Bauji said to drop you there, so come with me.
Thapki and Bihaan leaves.
Bihaan looks at Thapki.

Bihaan: (in his mind) All the best, my thapki pyaar ki for my thapki.

Here everyone is preparing for locations and Thapki is practising to make sure she don’t stammer.
Dhruv: Thapki, it’s time for the interview now.
Thapki comes and takes a guy’s interview. The guy is very arrogant.
Thapki: I am Thapki, and I am taking the interview of Dr.
Guy: Can you say it properly please, you are wasting my precious time.
Thapki tries and she continues stammering. The guy gets angry.
Guy: You don’t deserve to take this interview, I wonder why people always employ the wrong person?
Thapki runs and cries. Bihaan gets worried and rushes behind her.
Dhruv: Thapki?
Bihaan: Wow, you just gave up right.
Thapki looks at Bihaan.
Bihaan: This interview is being set up to inspire millions of people in India, but this is the result? If you give up, then what’s the use?
Thapki: Bihaan?

Bihaan: Weakness being an inspiration all these only looks good in stories, not in real life. Once people have flaws, they can’t overcome it.
Thapki gets angry and she goes back to take the interview.
Bihaan: (in his mind) I knew that my Thapki will never give up.
The guy is about to go.
Thapki: Please sit down sir.
The guy is stunned.
Thapki: Sit.
Dhruv: Please sir?
Guy: Okay, this is the last chance.
Thapki takes the entire interview without stammering at all. She did it perfectly.All are stunned especially Bihaan. Thapki smiles and confidently takes it.
Bihaan: (in his mind) Finally my dream is fulfilled, but is she really Thapki? How did she do it without stammering at all?
Guy: Well done, you are really an inspiration. I am lucky that you took my interview..Thapki can’t believe it.
The guy leaves from there.

Thapki: Dhruv sir, maybe I did a lot of mistakes, right?
Dhruv: No, Thapki you did it perfectly. You didn’t stammer at all.
Thapki can’t believe it. She is super happy and sees Bihaan going and chases him.
Thapki: Bihaan, thank you so much.
Bihaan: Thapki? You have gone crazy.
Bihaan is about to go, and Thapki continues her stammering now.
Thapki: You did this purposely right?
Bihaan looks at Thapki stunned.
Thapki: I know your entire truth now. You did this for my dreams, this was the reason why you didn’t divorce me, right?
Bihaan is shocked.
Thapki: I know everything, Bihaan that you got my diary I have listened to your entire conversation with Aditi on the phone that day.
Bihaan is shocked.

Thapki: I also know that the third person involved in this marriage is none other than Ma.
Bihaan: What? But please don’t tell anyone.
Thapki: Strange. You call me a maahan atma, but you yourself is a mahan atma. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.
Bihaan cries,
Thapki: Don’t worry, I will never disturb you.
Thapki leaves angrily, Bihaan looks at Thapki and cries. Mat Ja Re Mata Ja from Tanu weds Manu Returns plays.
They both have tears.
The episode ends.

Valentines’ day special: Bihaan bends down infront of Thapki and requests her to forgive him, Thapki doesn’t listens. Bihaan continues and later he says please Thapki don’t do this. Thapki says why. Bihaan confesses his love to Thapki. Thapki is shocked.

How will Thapki react? Will she also confess her love to Bihaan?

Sorry all, you all may be thinking its too short, but I am kind of not getting time to update my fan-ficfion and I also work on 4 more fan-fictions thats why.
The next episode of Thapki Pyaar Ki- A Loving Pat, will be published on next Sunday, 14th February, so please stay tuned. It will be a Valentines’ special.
And yes do feel free to express ur opinions as the fate of this ff and no. of episodes will depend on the no. of comments so comment if possible and comment as much as you can ๐Ÿ™‚

Credit to: RANDOMFAN


  1. ash

    So what, its short, compare to your other episodes. But as good as same to compare all 6 loving pats. Keep it up. And May I know what what ff you write?

  2. Wonderful epside., I like it very much.., imagination was superb, writing skill also…….! Keep it up, I am waiting for next episode.,,,,

  3. Bihaan

    it was short , but this episode is what all of us want from thahaan ff
    eagerly waiting for your next episode
    i am single thats why i have no interest on the arrival of valentine day but the precap made me super excited and eagerly waiting for this day

  4. Kanika

    Nice episode !! Dont end it…but dont saparate them either !! include some twist but keep them together !!

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