Thapki Pyaar Ki- A Loving Pat (Episode 6) Maha Episode


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Summary of episode 1-5:
Here, it starts from what happens the day before Thapki and Bihaan’s divorce. Thapki and Bihaan share some moments, and they are enjoying their friendship. Thapki considers Bihaan as her best friend but Bihaan is in love with Thapki, but he is scared to confess his love as he don’t want to lose Thapki’s friendship. Thapki gets to know from Paan that Vasundhara is responsible for the wedding. She is shattered and when she got a nightmare she realized why Bihaan did so and decided not to tell anyone. The divorce day comes but Bihaan refuses to divorce Thapki and does not reveal the reason. Everyone is super angry with Bihaan and also Bauji breaks ties with him.Later, when Bihaan’s sister forces him to tell the truth seperately he reveals that he wants to fulfill Thapki’s dream of becoming a news anchor which he knew it via her diary. Aditi overhears it and helps Bihaan. Later, Bihaan secretly helps Thapki by submitting the form and persuading the selectors. Thapki gets the job and all is happy except for vasu and shraddha who is jealous to see bond between Dhruv and Thapki which is actually friendship. Later, Thapki gets to know about Bihaan’s contribution from the selector, and she gets thinking.

The episode begins with Thapki coming to the room and becomes shocked.
Here Thapki overhears Bihaan’s conversation, while he is talking with Aditi on the phone.
Bihaan: Thank you so much for helping me, if not this won’t have happened.
Thapki: (in her mind) Who is this Bihaan talking to?
Aditi: Bihaan Jiju, I should thank you as you did a lot for dii.
Bihaan: It was my duty to do so, Aditi.
Thapki: (in her mind) Aditi?
Bihaan: Luckiky I got the diary on time, and then I read it and got to know about Thapki’s dream. I was the one responsible for this mishap. If I divorced Thapki, she would have left Noida and then it would have been difficult to fulfill her dreams.
Thapki is shocked.
Aditi: Jiju, why don’t you tell Dii the truth?
Bihaan: No, I can’t tell her the truth, as far as I know Thapki she herself would withdraw from this job, and then she won’t be able to fulfill her dreams. Then what is the use of
not divorcing her?
Aditi: You care so much about Dii.
Bihaan: It’s not like that, it’s my duty. I know that due to this wedding, Thapki’s dreams got shattered. Now my duty, is to fix her dreams and make sure Thapki’s dreams get fulfilled. Then I will feel I have done something right.

Thapki has tears on her eyes.
Aditi: If you care so much about Dii, then why did you do the marriage?
Bihaan stays silent.
Bihaan: Sorry, I can’t reply that. You know the answer very well.
Aditi: I don’t think that is the reason why you didn’t marry dii. There must be some reasons, at least tell me.
Bihaan: I have already told you that I have done so for Dhruv, Thapki had to suffer a lot that’s why I am fulfilling her dreams. Now don’t ask me that question again, please Aditi it’s a request.
Aditi: Okay fine, I have to keep the phone now.
Bihaan: Bye, and once again thank you very much.
Aditi keeps the phone.
Aditi: (in her mind) Bihaan jiju is doing so much for Dii, I can’t believe the fact that he is the same guy who betrayed Dii a few months ago. I am sure something is more in this story. And I must find out why Bihaan Jiju did so.

As Bihaan is about to go, Thapki hides and Bihaan leaves and does not see her.
Thapki goes in the room and sits down and cries.
Thapki: The person who I have cursed a lot was the one who did a lot for me. Bihaan did this so that I can fulfill my dreams and I was thinking the other way. He sacrified so much just for my happiness and I just didn’t care for him. I am really sorry Bihaan. I am really lucky to have a best friend like you.
Thapki remembers all her moments with Bihaan and cries.
Bihaan comes back and Thapki acts as if she doesn’t know anything.
Bihaan: O mahaan atma, you have got the job so doesn’t mean that you will act like a Queen.
Thapki pretends as if she doesn’t care but from inside she smiles.
Bihaan: (in his mind) Ghajab. She didn’t say anything.
Bihaan: I am sure the person who must have selected you is deaf. What’s his name? Yes, Siddhart Khanna, S for Siddhart S for stupid.

Thapki: How do you know he’s name is Siddhart Khanna?
Bihaan is surprised and remembers.
Bihaan: Dhruv was talking on the phone, then I came to know.
Thapki does not reply and as she was about to go, she trips by the rug and Bihaan holds her. They both share an eyelock. Na na na music plays.
Bihaan: (in his mind) Thapki why are you so sweet and innocent? I try to go far away from you but I can’t resist myself. It will be very much difficult for me to forget you, Thapk, after all I m deeply in love with you. I LOVE YOU THAPKI.
Thapki: (in her mind) Why Bihaan? Why do you care so much about me? I will always remember what you have done for me Bihaan. You have always acted as my shield to protect me Bihaan. I am very lucky to have you as my best friend. But I don’t know why I feel it’s something more than best friend, but I don’t know what is it?
Just then Latika comes there and sees them and smiles.
Latika: Uhum, uhum
Bihaan and Thapki seperates themselves and both are shy.
Thapki: (in her mind) I must meet Aditi as soon as possible.

Here Thapki visits her family.
Poonam: Finally, you are here.
Thapki: I have a good news for all of you.
Poonam: You can stay here from today onwards?
Thapki: No.
Krishnakant: Then
Thapki: Actually I have got a job in Dhruv sir’s office and I can fulfill my dreams.
Everyone is happy but Poonam is having mixed reactions.
Krishnakant: That’s a great news, congratulations. Aditi bring some sweets.
Aditi smiles.
Aditi: Sure.
Thapki: Ma, you are not happy?

Poonam: No beta, I am happy but?
Thapki: But?
Poonam: That was the place where your problems actually start now you are going back to that place?
Thapki: Ma, you were the one who said that we should always face our problems and smile and take it as a challenge sportingly.
Poonam: Are you sure you are okay with it?
Thapki: Yes mom.
Poonam: Then, its fine.
Krishnakant: I have full confidence in my daughter.
Aditi comes and brings sweet where her family feeds Thapki sweets and Thapki also feeds them and smiles.
Here Aditi is in her room and Thapki confronts Aditi.
Thapki: Aditi, may I ask you something?
Aditi: Sure Dii, feel free to ask me anything.
Thapki: Are you hiding anything from me?
Aditi is shocked.
Aditi: What will I hide from you dii?

Thapki: Tell me the truth Aditi.
Aditi: What truth?
Thapki: I know that you and Bihaan are hiding something from me.
Aditi: (in her mind) looks like Dii have got some doubts.
Thapki: Tell me what are you hiding?
Aditi: Dii actually…
Shubh: I will tell you Dii.
Thapki: Even you, Shubh?
Shubh: Yes dii, Bihaan jiju did all this to fulfill your dreams please forgive him.
Aditi: Shubh?
Thapki: Shubh you may leave.
Shubh leaves.
Thapki: I have got to know everything.
Aditi is stunned.
Thapki: I overheard the entire conversation between you and Bihaan, I came to know before that Bihaan did this for my dreams.

Aditi: Then, why you didn’t tell anyone?
Thapki: I want Bihaan himself to tell everyone the truth. He have got nothing except for hatred. I have to make sure he gets forgiveness from everyone.
Aditi: Sure dii.
Thapki and Aditi hugs each other.
Aditi: Dii you are really lucky to have a husband like Bihaan jiju.
Thapki: Look Aditi, I know Bihaan have done a lot for me, but I have seen him as my best friend. I will also have to see how Bihaan feels about me. He only did so for his friendship and to get rid of the guilt he had.
Thapki leaves.
Aditi: (in her mind) Dii, I have seen love in Bihaan jiju’s eyes and that love was only for you dii. And I am sure you must have love jiju from your bottom of your heart. I will just pray to God that both of you realize and confess your love to each other. According to me, this is true love.

Here Thapki and Bihaan are in the bedroom and are sleeping seperately. Thapki is sleeping on the bed and Bihaan is sleeping on the floor and both are irritated by mosquitos. Thapki is sleeping and getting irritated by mosquitos.
Bihaan: (in his mind) I must do something, she can’t sleep with the net.
Bihaan takes out the coil. And then Thapki sleeps peacefully.
Bihaan is coughing but he tries to stop it but he can’t. Thapki wakes up.
Thapki: Coil? You have problems with coil right.

Bihaan: I am not crazy like you, that I would put my life at stake.
And he continues coughing.
Thapki: Okay fine, I will remove the coil.
Bihaan: No!
Thapki looks at Bihaan
Bihaan: I mean that someone must have put on the coil, and if the get to know the coil got removed, they will scold Bihaan Pandey a lot, they don’t care if I fall down from the bed but if you Thapki fall down from the bed it’s the end of the world for them. They won’t spare me if they get to know the coil get removed. Later, you get dengue I can’t worry for you like last time.
Thapki: Last time?
Bihaan: No, nothing now you can sleep peacefully.
Thapki remembers when Bihaan was concerned for her when he thought she got dengue and took care of her. Thapki realizes that Bihaan did so as he was concerned.
Thapki: (in her mind) So, Bihaan did so as he was worried I got dengue because of him.
Bihaan is coughing.

Thapki: Can you stop coughing?
Bihaan: Oo chug chug gadi, you are lucky to have a coil with you. At least let me cough peacefully, if you can’t let me sleep peacefully.
Thapki opens the drawer and gives him a mask.
Bihaan: What is this?
Thapki: Mask. Use it to cover your mouth and nose.
Bihaan: No need.
Thapki: Okay, as your wish.
Thapki keeps the mask on the table and sleeps.
Bihaan takes the mask quietly, Thapki is pretending to be asleep and Bihaan is about to look she sleeps again. Bihaan takes it and puts it on his mouth. They both sleep.

It’s morning and Thapki is going for work, and everyone blesses her.
Thapki: It’s my first day of work, please bless me.
Dadi and Bauji blesses her and Vasundhara pretends to bless her.
Thapki looks at the clock.
Thapki: Oh no, I have only 15 minutes, not possible to reach on time.
Just then Bihaan is about to go,
Bauji: Wait Bihaan, you will drop Thapki today.
Bihaan: Me, Bauji.

Bauji: Yes, you.
Thapki: No need of that Bauji, I will go on my own.
Bauji: I know you won’t want to go with him, but you are getting late. I could have ask Dhruv but he has already gone to the office in the morning.
Bihaan: Bauji, but?
Bauji: No ifs, and no buts. You will drop Thapki to the office and that’s finalized.
Bihaan and Thapki look at each other and they leave.

Here, Bihaan and Thapki are going by bike and suddenly there is traffic jam.
Bihaan: This traffic jam is too much. What to do?
Bihaan sees a shortcut, the police looks on the other way and Bihaan silently uses that route.
Thapki: Bihaan, what are you doing? This is wrong
Bihaan: You keep quiet.
As Bihaan and Thapki goes, the police looks.
Police: Look this couple is using the shortcut.
The police chases them.

Bihaan: Oh no!
Thapki: See, I told you.
And Bihaan goes on high speed, the police is coming nearer and they were about to hit a tree and they keep the bike in other side.
Police: Where did they disappear?
Thapki: Let me sit.
Bihaan: Are you crazy?
Thapki sits.
Thapki: Sit.
Bihaan sits and they go away.
Police: Look, look there they are.
Bihaan: Ghajab you drive bike so good, didn’t know you had such a good speed.
Thapki: Keep quiet.
And as they were going near to the office, Thapki becomes slow.
Bihaan: Why so slow suddenly?
Thapki: The petrol has ran out.

Bihaan: What?
Thapki and Bihaan stops and alights from the bike.
Bihaan: Now what will we do?
The police are coming nearer, and just then Bihaan sees a couple kissing.
Bihaan: Idea!
Thapki: What?
Bihaan shows Thapki the couple.
Thapki: Have you gone crazy?
Bihaan: You didn’t understand.
Bihaan sees the police and hugs Thapki.
Thapki: Bihaan, what are you,
Thapki sees the police and doesn’t do anything and also hugs him. Music plays.
The police sees them and leaves. They both are still lost in the hug.
Just then they realize and seperate each other.
Bihaan: I am sorry.

Thapki: It’s okay.
Thapki leaves for office.

Here Thapki comes to the office and remembers all the moments. She looks at her cabin.
Dhruv: It is still your cabin,Thapki.
Thapki looks at Dhruv.
Then all the other members come and welcome Thapki, Thapki is happy.
Dhruv: Thapki, this is your first assignment.
Dhruv hands Thapki a file. Thapki smiles and gets to work.
As Thapki is working along with other collegues, just then Siddhart comes.
Everyone stands up.
Siddhart introduces all the new employees to everyone, and then he is about to introduce Thapki.
Siddhart: This is
All: Thapki!

Siddhart: Oh yes, she was an intern here i forgot, you all already know Thapki make sure she doesn’t face problems.
Siddhart looks at Thapki’s work.
Siddhart: I am impressed. Well done Thapki.
Thapki smiles.
Siddhart: I have also come here to say that I am leaving tomorrow, so I have my assitant Mr Nachiket to be here.
(If you didn’t read the introduction, then Nachiket is Thapki and Aditi’s friend here and also Aditi’s love interest here. He is good but have some grey shades but overall positive. You can assume Shehzad Sheikh as Nachiket who was last seen as Rehan in Qubool Hai on zee tv)
Thapki: Nachiket!
Nachiket: Thapki!

Siddhart: You know each other.
Nachiket:Yes, she is my childhood friend.
Siddhart: Great. So Thapki if you need help you may ask help from Nachiket, and if there is any important papers to be signed give it to Dhruv.
Nachiket: Sure, sir.
Here Thapki and other gets back to work, and Thapki is happily working.
Thapki: (in her mind) Thanks Bihaan for giving me a ray of hope for my dreams. I won’t have been here if you weren’t here to help me.

Here it shows how Bihaan and Thapki helps each other for a week. Jeene Laaga Hoon from Ramaiya Vastaviya plays.
Here Thapki is working on the projects and Bihaan always indirectly helps her.
Thapki is working on the laptop and Bihaan brings juice for her.
Bihaan: (in his mind) How will I give her juice?
Bihaan: Have juice.
Thapki: No thank you.
Bihaan: Okay, as your wish.
Bihaan keeps the juice. And Thapki silently drinks it. Bihaan sees this and smiles.
Another day,
Bihaan is exercising, he is losing counts, Thapki counts for him.
Thapki is folding clothes and rushing for work and then Bihaan folds some by helping her.
after that,

Bihaan is rushing, Thapki irons his clothes, and helps him.
And one day, Thapki is dusting the wardrobe and she sees cockroach and screams and slips. Bihaan holds her, they share an eyelock and as they were about to kiss each other, Thapki’s phone rings and she rushes to hold the phone.

One day Bihaan brings an exercise equipment and gets thinking.
Thapki: What happened?
Bihaan: Actually, I brought this for some days but I don’t know where to sleep.
Thapki: You can sleep here.
Bihaan: You are okay with sleeping with me on the same bed?
Thapki is stunned.
Thapki: I was thinking to go to the guestroom.
Bihaan: Oh, it’s okay you sleep here, I am going.
Thapki: No, no it’s okay I will go.
Bihaan: If Bauji gets to know about it,he won’t spare me.
Bihaan is about to leave.
Thapki: We both can sleep here.
Bihaan looks at Thapki. Thapki takes a dupatta and puts it on the middle of the bed.
Thapki: You sleep on this side, I will sleep on that side.
Bihaan and Thapki sleep on the respective sides and they smile looking at each other.

Few days leap
Here Dadi, Thapki and Dhruv are chatting with each other happily while having tea.
Dadi: How was office today?
Thapki: Good.
Dhruv: Today Thapki have done the project really well.
Dadi: Really?
Dhruv: Yes, where did you got these ideas.
Thapki: Some I have observed and then I researched about it on the internet. I developed those ideas and included it in the final display of the office.
Dhruv: I hope you know what to do in tomorrow’s interview. I am sure you will do well.Thapki: I am very scared as it’s my first interview.
Dhruv: Don’t be scared.
As Thapki and Dhruv were having coffee.
Dhruv laughs
Thapki: Why are you laughing sir?
Dhruv: Remember once, you were so scared that in fear you drank coffee that was meant for me.
Thapki smiles remembering about it.
Dadi: So scared?
Dhruv: Yes.

Dadi, Dhruv and Thapki smiles and enjoys. Shraddha and Vasundhara sees this. Shraddha and Vasundhara both fumes.
Shraddha: (in her mind) You are laughing too much Thapki, you will snatch Dhruv from me, I won’t let you do so. Now wait and watch what I do, then you will forget how to laugh.
Vasundhara: Shraddha beta, we must do something, we can’t let Thapki to win everyone’s heart especially Dhruv
Shraddha: Yes ma, I agree.
Vasundhara: Now our aim is to do something so that Thapki loses respect infront of the family because of the job. We must make sure others think that Thapki cannot balance between her job and household chores.
I don’t care about her job but she must be out of this house.
Shraddha: (in her mind) I want Thapki to lose both her job and also respect she have in this family.
Dadi: Oh, I just remembered.
Thapki: Dadi, what you remembered?
Dadi: Actually I have a trunk box inside which all my things are inside.
Dhruv: What kind of things?

Dadi: Those have a lot of memories attached. I want to show those.
Thapki: I will bring it.
Dadi: Be careful, there is a lot of fragile things inside even if the trunk box falls down it will break so be very careful. It’s very heavy so be careful. It’s in the storeroom.
Thapki: Okay, Dadi.
Vasundhara and Shraddha looks at each other and smirks.

Here, in the storeroom Thapki takes the stool and tries to pick the trunk box.
Shraddha is hiding and attached a string to one of the legs of the stool.
Thapki: This box is really heavy, I must be careful.
Thapki tries to carry the box and manages to do so. As she takes the box, Shraddha pulls the string, Thapki screams and falls and catches the box to make sure it doesn’t falls down and her one of her entire arm is injuired while preventing the box to fall down. Thapki is screaming in pain. Shraddha runs.
Bihaan comes and is shocked to see Thapki in this state.
Bihaan: Thapki!
Thapki: Take this box carefully.
Bihaan keeps it carefully.
Bihaan: Give me your hand.
Thapki: It’s paining a lot, Ouch.
Dadi: How did this happen?
Thapki: The box was about to fall down, but then, ouch!
Dadi: I am sorry, my bachi
Thapki: No, it’s my fault I should have been careful.
Thapki tries to up and Bihaan brings her to the room.

The doctor examines Thapki.
Bihaan: Doctor, everything is fine?

Doctor: Her hand is fractured. She must have bandage for some days.
All is shocked.
Thapki has her hand bandaged.
Dadi: I am so sorry, it’s all because of me.
Thapki: No Dadi!
Dhruv: But how did you fall down?
Thapki: I lifted it quite careful, don’t know how it happen.
Doctor: Thapki needs some rest and care.
The doctor leaves.
Dadi: Bihaan please do take care of Thapki.
All leaves. Bihaan gets thinking.
Bihaan: (in his mind)How did the box fall down?
The episode ends.

Precap: Here Bihaan is making Thapki wear saree due to her hand and music plays. Thapki and Bihaan look at each other. Later, Thapki reveals to Bihaan that she has got to know everything that he didnt divorce her because of her dreams. Bihaan is shocked.

Will love blossom between Thapki and Bihaan? How will Bihaan react when he gets to know Thapki knows his truth?

The next episode of Thapki Pyaar Ki- A Loving Pat, will be published on next Wednesday 11th February, so please stay tuned. From this episode onwards my ff episodes will be slightly shorter than the initial ones.
And yes do feel free to express ur opinions as the fate of this ff and no. of episodes will depend on the no. of comments so comment if possible and comment as much as you can 🙂

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