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The episode begins with Latika promising Bihaan not to tell the truth to anyone.
Latika: I wish you luck for your Thapki dream mission, if you need any help always remember that your Choti will always be there for you to help.
Bihaan smiles.
Bihaan: Promise me that you would never reveal the truth to anyone, especially Thapki.
Latika: I promise you.
As they look behind, they are shocked and the person who listened to their entire conversation is none other than Aditi.
Bihaan: Aditi!
Aditi: Is it true whatever I just heard?
Bihaan: Whatever you heard I don’t care, you should always knock the door before coming in, you are just like your sister.
Aditi: I am sorry, Bihaan Jiju.
Bihaan is surprised.

Aditi: I am really sorry for misunderstanding you. You did all this for di and I was cursing you. I am really sorry Jiju.
Bihaan: Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding? I didn’t divorce Thapki because I want to torture her.
Aditi: Good try, but I have already got to know everything beforehand.
Bihaan is shocked.
Aditi: I have realized it from that time when I saw the important documents missing.
Aditi gets into flashback where she went to the room to check Thapki’s documents and when she opens the drawer she is shocked to find the documents.
Aditi: Documents? Where are the documents? These are important documents and its Di’s.
Shubh tries to go out of the room.
Aditi: Shubh, did you see any documents of Di?
Shubh: No.
And Shubh tries to goes from there and Aditi holds his hand.
Aditi: You are hiding something, right?
Shubh: What will I hide?

Aditi: I am sure you know where the documents are. I think you lost it.
Shubh: No.
Aditi: Wait I am going to tell mom and dad now that you have lost Di’s important documents, and then you will learn your lessons.
As Aditi was about to go,
Shubh: It’s with Bihaan Jiju.
Shubh: (in his mind) what did I just say?
And he closes his mouth with his hand.

Aditi: What? Bihaan?
Shubh: No. No. Nothing.
As Shubh was about to go
Aditi: Shubh, you better tell me the actual truth, if not I will complain to mom and dad.
Shubh: Actually Di, I gave the documents to Bihaan Jiju, as he say that with this he will fulfil Di’s dream.
Aditi: And you easily gave him the papers?
Shubh: Yes.

Aditi: Do you know what you have done? That’s even worse than losing it.
Shubh: But di?
Aditi: Keep quiet and go from here.

Shubh goes from there sadly.
Aditi: (in her mind) This Bihaan can do anything to make Di sad, I must get the documents from him somehow, I am sure this document has something to do with him not divorcing Di. But I must find it out as soon as possible.
Aditi gets back from the flashback.

Aditi: I knew that the documents had something to do with the divorce. So I decided not to tell anyone and investigate the matter. I thought you must have been planning to do something wrong but I was wrong. You did all this to fulfil Di’s dream. I have listened to your entire conversation, and I also know that you got to know about Di’s dream from her diary.
Bihaan looks on.
Aditi: I am so sorry for misunderstanding you, Jiju.

And she folds her hand. Bihaan separates it.
Bihaan: No, don’t do like this. You are like my younger sister. I have never discriminated between you and Choti.
Aditi: Now let me help you in fulfilling Di’s dream. Please. I would be more than welcome to help you in your mission.
Bihaan: I will definitely ask you for help, but promise me one thing you will never tell Thapki the truth.
Aditi: But Jiju?
Bihaan: Promise me.
And then Aditi promises Bihaan. As Thapki is coming to the room, Latika sees her.
Latika: Bhabi is coming here.
Bihaan: Let’s get to acting.

Bihaan acts along with Aditi and Latika.
Bihaan: Who are you to come in my room without seeking my permission?
Aditi: Mr Bihaan Pandey, I think you forgot that you are my Di’s so called husband, so I can come here anytime I want, it’s my Di’s room also.
Thapki: What is happening here?

Aditi: Explain to your so called husband that I am your younger sister and I can come in here whenever I want to.
Thapki: Bihaan, Aditi is my younger sister, so she can come here whenever she wants to.
Bihaan: Chug Chug Gari, you keep quiet. This is my house, my room I can do whatever I want to.
Thapki: Aditi, don’t listen to him as some person don’t even know the actual value of relations.
Aditi: You are right Di?
Thapki: Okay, ma baba must be waiting for you let’s go from here, no use of staying here.
Aditi: Okay, fine lets go.
Bihaan: Yes, yes go
As Aditi and Thapki leaves, Aditi looks behind and winks.
Thapki: Why are you looking behind?
Aditi: Nothing Di.

Here Aditi and Thapki comes downstairs. And Bauji apologises to Thapki’s parents.
Bauji: I am really ashamed with what Bihaan did today; he should not have done so? If possible, I apologise to all of you from Bihaan.
Krishnakant: No, it’s okay
Poonam: The one who did the mistake should apologise.
Bauji: I am really ashamed.
And he looks at Thapki.

Bauji: I am sorry Thapki beti, please forgive me I wanted to keep you happy but all these happened. Once again, Bihaan broke my trust.
Aditi: (in her mind) Bihaan Jiju is so good at heart. Others say so much to him, but his aim is to only fulfil Di’s dream. Somehow, this marriage was a blessing in disguise for Di.
Dadi: We will try our best to keep Thapki happy for these 2 months.
Poonam: At first it was 3 months, now again 2 months, I wonder when my daughter will be free from all these problems.
Dhruv: Don’t worry, very soon. I will make sure Bihaan divorces Thapki after 2 months, if not I can make serious actions against him.
Bauji: I don’t like to say that, but this time you are right Dhruv beta.
Poonam: Dhruv, its better if you don’t talk about this at all, the main root of all these problems is because of you Dhruv. I trusted you, my daughter trusted you, and at least this day won’t have come.

Dhruv folds his hand and apologizes. Vasundhara gets angry.
Vasundhara was about to say something and Shraddha stops her.
Shraddha whispers to Vasundhara.
Shraddha: Sasu ma, please don’t do anything, I am sure all these will be over after 2 months.
Vasundhara: This is called a perfect bahu. Parents are like his, that’s why their daughter is like this, God has saved me from doing this big mistake, now I have no regrets.
Shraddha: Regrets?
Vasundhara: I mean that I thought Thapki was a good girl so I had regrets that Thapki didn’t become my bahu.
Shraddha: (in her mind) I know very well what you meant sasu ma, don’t worry, I won’t reveal your truth till the right time comes.
Shraddha smirks.
Aditi: (in her mind) Di is so lucky that she is has got loving in-laws. I wish I get in-laws like Di’s and a husband like Bihaan Jiju.

Aditi: We are not like Di who can tolerate all these humiliations, so it’s better for us to leave.
Thapki: Aditi?
Aditi: Sorry Di, I can’t stay here for a second. You may tolerate it but I can’t. But I will come here sometimes just to meet you Di.
Thapki’s family leaves. Thapki gets sad and she leaves.

Dadi: This girl has faced so much problems but she don’t have a single complain with us wherever she goes she will make others happy and bring luck for others.
Vasundhara looks on and she talks to herself.
Vasundhara: I wonder why other can’t see the flaws in Thapki and the good qualities in Shraddha.
Latika listens.
Latika: Because they don’t have one.
Vasundhara: Latika beti?
Latika: I am not your beti, I was saying that Bhabi don’t have any flaws and Shraddha, oh sorry Shraddha bhabi doesn’t have any good qualities.
Vasundhara: Latika beti, don’t say like this about Shraddha, I wonder what problems you have with Shraddha?
Latika: I have problems with you at the first place.
Latika leaves from there.

Vasundhara: (in her mind) I don’t know why you hate me so much, but I love you a lot beti, I wonder when the day will come when you will accept me as your mother.
Vasundhara leaves.
Here, Thapki comes to Bihaan’s room and their nok-jhok starts.
Thapki: (in her mind) Bihaan I know that you must have some other reason for not divorcing me, you yourself were forced in this wedding so it can’t be possible that you will do these sort of things, I am sure you must have some other intention and it must be a good one. But what is it that you are hiding from me?

Bihaan: (in his mind) Thapki, I know you must be thinking why I didn’t divorce you, it’s all because of your dreams, I did this to fulfil your dreams, I know that if we get divorced, you may not get to fulfil your dreams. I have made a very big mistake, but at least by fulfilling your dreams I can feel good.
Thapki is about to sleep on the bed.
Bihaan: Get up from here Chug Chug Gari.

Thapki: Let me sleep peacefully I want to sleep.
Bihaan: Ghajab. You have occupied my room and now also my bed.
Thapki: Ok fine I am getting out here.
Thapki takes the jug and tries to pour water on the bed.
Bihaan: What are you doing?
Thapki: If you can do anything, I can also do anything to wet this bed, I don’t know about myself, but I won’t allow you to sleep here.
Bihaan looks at her.
Thapki: You thought what? After what you did with me today, I still will be the old Thapki. Listen Mr Bihaan Pandey, this is new Thapki. You have tortured me a lot, now you just wait and watch what this Thapki can do.
Bihaan laughs.

Bihaan: Look who is talking, Chug Chug Gari.
Thapki: Laugh. Laugh as much as you want to. This is the just the starting.
Bihaan: I will see.
And they both look at each other, and point’s eye at each other.
Bihaan: (in his mind) I am happy to see you in this avatar Thapki, now it will be easier for me to do my job by fulfilling your dream.
Thapki: (in her mind) I had to act like that so that I can reveal the truth with your own mouth.
As Thapki opens her drawer, she is shocked.
Thapki: My diary? Where is my diary?
Bihaan: (in his mind) Diary is with me. What to do?
Bihaan takes out the diary.
Bihaan: Is this what you were looking for?

Thapki: My diary. Where did you get it?
Bihaan: It was here.
Thapki: Have you read it?
Bihaan: I am not like you who always interferes in others matter, but if you are insisting so much I will read this diary.
Thapki: Look Bihaan, give it to me.
Bihaan: Now I will definitely read this diary.

Bihaan opens the diary and he starts reading it, and Thapki tries to snatch the diary, but he jumps on the bed, Thapki also jumps on the bed, Thapki tries to take the diary from Bihaan’s hand, but Bihaan doesn’t allow her to do so, and somehow Thapki manages to take the diary, but both Bihaan and Thapki fall on the bed together, the bed breaks they look at each other they are lost in eyelock. Music plays. Bihaan gets closer to Thapki, Thapki looks on. As Bihaan was about to kiss Thapki, someone knocks the door.
Dadi: What happened? I heard a loud noise.
Bihaan opens the door. Bauji looks at the bed.
Bauji: How did the bed break?
Bihaan: Bauji, actually one of the legs had cracks so I think like that it broke.
Bauji: Who was lying on the bed that time?
Thapki and Bihaan answers together.
Bihaan: Thapki!

Thapki: Bihaan!
Bauji gets confused.
Dadi: What?
Thapki: Bihaan was lying on the bed that time.
Bauji: Then its okay, I just hope you didn’t get hurt beti?
Thapki: I was far from the bed.
Bihaan: Yes very far
Bauji: Okay, I will tell Ashwin to call the carpenter tomorrow and then he will fix the bed.
Bauji was about to go.
Bauji: Wait a minute. Bihaan you make Thapki sleep on the floor? How dare you?
Bihaan: Bauji?
Bauji: At least you should have let Thapki bitiya sleep on the bed.
Bihaan: You should have thanked me Bauji, as Thapki didn’t fall down.
Bauji: Keep quiet, don’t call me Bauji, I am letting you stay here only because of Thapki bitiya.
Dadi and Bauji leaves.
Bihaan and Thapki sleeps on seperates sides.

14 days leap
After 14 days,

Here it is morning and everyone is having breakfast together. Here everyone is angry with Bihaan.
Bihaan: Can pass me the juice?
No one does so. And then Latika does so.
Everyone is having breakfast, and just then someone comes with a letter. Dhruv gets the letter.
Dhruv: Thapki, there is a letter for you.
Thapki opens the envelope and is shocked.
Bauji: What’s in that letter, Thapki bitiya?

Thapki: Actually, it’s an appointment letter.
Bauji: What kind of letter is that?
Thapki: Actually I didn’t apply for any job, but then there is a letter which is mentioning for me to come for job interview tomorrow.
Everyone is happy except for Vasundhara and Shraddha.
Bauji: Then, you should definitely go for this interview.
Thapki: But Bauji, I don’t want to do this job.

Everyone is shocked.
Thapki: I do admit I came here for this job, but now there is no use as I would leave for Agra after some days anyways.
Bihaan: Thank god, you didn’t take the job. Better late than never, you have at least understood that you are good for nothing.

Everyone gets angry. Thapki gets sad. Dhruv is very angry and trying to control his anger.
Bihaan: I wonder who would be so foolish, to hire someone like you and that too as a news reporter? You. Impossible. You always stammer, when people will ON the TV, they will get so annoyed that they will switch off the TV in anger, good Thapki finally you have made a good decision.

Dhruv gets very angry, and as he was about to get up Shraddha stops him.
Thapki: Enough is enough. Now I am tired of listening to your nonsense. You have done a mistake by underestimating me Bihaan, now I will do this job, and I will show you by being a news reporter anchor, understand?
Everyone is stunned to see Thapki in this avatar.
Suman and Preeti whispers.
Suman: Barki, is this really Thapki?

Preeti: Even I have the same doubt.
Dadi: Well done Thapki bitiya, this is how you should answer. I am really proud of you Thapki.
Bihaan: Dadi ma, you won’t understand, this Thapki will fail this interview very badly tomorrow, don’t keep high expectations from her.
Thapki: You are wrong Bihaan, I will go for the interview tomorrow and prove to you, what I actually am Bihaan.
Bihaan: I will see.

And all leave from there.
Bihaan: (in his mind) Till now, everything is going according to plan.
Bihaan remembers how he and Aditi made a plan to submit Thapki’s form, Aditi fills up the form and makes an excuse to Thapki about their Agra house where Thapki’s sign is needed by making her sign the form, and then Aditi passes it to Bihaan and how Bihaan kept Thapki’s form by sneaking to Dhruv’s room, and put in the file where other forms are kept.

Bihaan: (in his mind) Now there shouldn’t be any problem as I am sure Dhruv knows Thapki’s talent so its assured that Thapki will get the job for sure
Bihaan gets back from the flashback. And he smiles.
Here Thapki assumes Dhruv was the one who applied the job for her and she confronts him.
Thapki: Dhruv sir, I am tired of your favours. Who told you to apply the job for me?
Dhruv: Thapki, I didn’t apply the job for you, even I am surprised to see this letter as I didn’t even see your forms.
Thapki is shocked.
Thapki: So, it wasn’t you. Then who was it?

Dhruv: Whoever it is did the right thing. You should set up your career again.
Thapki: This career has ruined my life, maybe I was never destined for it.
Dhruv: I don’t know about that, but you must give your best in the interview tomorrow.
Thapki: I just want to say Dhruv sir that don’t give me the job because you pity for me, look at my capabilities and compare it with others, there must be others who are more capable for me, so whether I should get the job or not, will depend on my capabilities. It’s a request.
Dhruv: I am not the one who will be interviewing you tomorrow. It will be the co-owner of this channel, Mr Siddhart Khanna, he will be the one who will interview all the applicants tomorrow.
Thapki: What? Mr Siddharth Khanna but he stays overseas right?
Dhruv: He has come to India after many years so he has decided that this year all the new comers for the job will be decided by him tomorrow.

Thapki gets nervous.
Dhruv: But don’t be nervous Thapki, I am sure you can pass this interview.
Dhruv touches Thapki’s shoulder.
Shraddha listens to this and fumes.
Thapki gets thinking.
Thapki: It’s not definitely Dhruv sir, who was the one who submitted this form? How am I going to pass this interview? Whatever it is, tomorrow I must give my best shot.
The episode ends.

Precap: Thapki comes to the office for interview, he goes in Mr Siddhart Khanna’s cabin, a young guy who is looking behind tells Thapki to introduce herself, as Thapki starts she stammers, he gets angry and says that you are fired. Thapki is shocked and gestures her to go away. The face is not yet revealed. On the other hand, when Thapki comes home as she was about to go in the room, she is shocked.

Will Thapki be able to pass this interview? Or will Thapki give up all her dreams? What would Thapki do now? What has made Thapki shocked?

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