Thapki Pyaar Ki- A Loving Pat (Episode 3)

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The episode begins with Thapki being shocked and shattered walking on the road. She reminisces all her friendship moments with Bihaan. As she was walking, just then a car approaches and is about to hit Thapki. Thapki screams but Bihaan saves her on the nick of time and pulls her closer to him. They share an eyelock. Music plays.
Bihaan: Are you crazy? Do you know what would have happened just now if I have not reached here on time?
Thapki: What would have happened? I would have died.
Bihaan closes her mouth with his hand and Thapki separates it in anger.
Thapki: Let me talk Bihaan, I got this right at least.
Bihaan: You do have rights to talk, but at least don’t speak nonsense.
Thapki: First, you tell me why you didn’t divorce me?
Bihaan is shocked.
Bihaan: I can’t say that.
Thapki: I know.
Bihaan gets surprised.
Thapki: I know you don’t want to divorce me because you like to see me hurt.
Bihaan: Yes, you are correct, happy?
Thapki: I didn’t expect you to play with my feelings. I didn’t felt that bad when you married me by cheat. I thought you did regret a lot, that’s why I made you my friend. Thank you so much for helping me.
What was that dialogue? Yes. Dosti main no sorry no thank you. That was the dialogue you told me today, right? I am sorry to say Mr Bihaan Pandey our friendship ends at this point today.
Bihaan is shocked. He is trying to control his tears.
Thapki: I can forgive you for the cheat, but for this I will never forgive you. Never!
Just then an auto passes by, Thapki takes the auto and angrily leaves from there.
Bihaan: (in his mind) I am sorry Thapki, I have some other reasons for not divorcing you. I feel hurt whenever I see you hurt. I love you a lot. But, I can’t tell you the reason, if I tell you the reason there’s no use of not divorcing you.
Thapki on the other hand, gets thinking
Thapki: (in her mind) I know Bihaan, you must have some other reasons, and you are forced not to divorce me. I will find out that reason at any cost. I know you very well. You have cheated me unintentionally and did all this for ma. But I must find out why you didn’t divorce me, I am sure you have a very strong reason for that which you can’t reveal.

Thapki comes to Bihaan’s house to take her goods back with her. And the Pandey family apologises to Thapki where Bihaan makes a shocking confrontation.
Thapki: May I come in this house?
Dadi: Sue, beti consider this as your own house. I know Bihaan have done very wrong with you, my bacchii.
Thapki: Sorry Dadima, I can’t stay in this house even though divorce is after 2 months. I have come here to take back all my personal belongings and some important papers.
Bauji: Beti, you have the full right to make decision not to stay here. I will support you for that. Don’t worry about that.
Thapki: I will miss all of you, but I am sorry I can’t stay in this house anymore.
Vasundhara: (in her mind) Its good, at least this Thapki will stay far from my Dhruv and Shraddha bahu.
Bihaan: No one is going anywhere.
Everyone is shocked.
Bihaan: Bihaan Pandey’s wife Thapki cannot leave the house.
Dadi: What are you saying, Bihaan
Bihaan: Whatever, you are listening.
Bauji: What do you mean, say it clearly.
Bihaan: Thapki cannot leave this house and go away to stay in her house, she has to stay here, after 2 months she can stay wherever she wants to.
Everyone is shocked, especially Thapki.
Thapki: I will not listen to you, I will go back home.
Bihaan: Okay, go home. But you can’t take your belongings with you.
Thapki: What do you mean?
And he shows her some important papers.
Thapki: Where did this came from?
Bihaan: Looks like you are quite forgetful, you have brought these documents home for divorce procedures, but your mistake was you left them here.
Thapki: How can I leave it here?
Bihaan: That I don’t know but I just want to say if you go home what will happen, people will taunt your family and also you. Then where will you hide your face?
Dhruv: Bihaan, I have kept quiet till now but now I won’t spare you.
Dhruv angrily holds Bihaan’s collar.
Bihaan: Dhruv, leave me
Shraddha: Leave him, Bihaan will never change
Dhruv does not listen.
Vasundhara: Beta, leave him just for my sake.
And he leaves him.
Bauji: Today you have crossed all your limits see what I do.
Bauji storms out and he brings his pistol.
Bauji: My biggest mistake was to adopt you. I may have taught you a lot of things, but I have never taught you to disrespect a woman. You have only brought shame to the family.
And he angrily points out the pistol at Bihaan. Everyone is shocked.
Dadi: Leave the gun.
Latika: Bauji, please don’t kill Bhaia.
Bauji: Beti, sorry I can’t listen to you today.
As he was about to shoot Bihaan, Bihaan closes his eyes. Thapki comes infront.
Bauji: Thapki bitiya, what are you doing? Move from there.
Thapki: Bauji, please listen to me. Don’t shoot Bihaan. It’s of no use. He may have done a very big mistake, but please don’t do a crime by killing him. It’s a request.
Bihaan looks at Thapki.
Bauji: Thapki, you are so good hearted. Look Bihaan, the girl whose life you have ruined is trying to save you, you should be thankful for that.
Bihaan: Whatever happens, but I can’t let Thapki leave this house.
Thapki: So you want me to stay here? Okay, I will stay here but please don’t do anything that may cause humiliation for my family.
And she goes from there sadly.
Bauji: From today, I declare that Bihaan Pandey is not my son.
Everyone is shocked. Bihaan stays mum. Only Vasundhara and Shraddha are happy.
Bauji: After 2 months, along with Thapki you will also leave the house forever.
Bihaan: But Choti?
Bauji: You don’t worry about that Latika will stay with us, she doesn’t deserve a brother who disrespects women a lot.
Bihaan doesn’t reply. Latika cries. Bihaan goes from there. Latika tries to persuade Bauji but he doesn’t listens. Latika follows Bihaan to stop him.
Dadi: What have happened to the happiness of our house? Whenever we think happiness is coming, it always goes far away from our family. Whatever it is Bihaan should not have done so.
Preeti: Today was such an awesome day for Thapki, but Bihaan deverji has ruined everything and made it an awful day for her.
Poor Thapki.
Suman: I agree.
And she whispers to Preeti.
Suman: Barki, in a way it’s good Thapki is not leaving as she always helps us in our work and decreases our workload, and we get more free time. Whatever is done is done by Thapki, not that Shraddha churail.
Preeti: Yes Chupki, I agree with you in a way it’s actually good.
Vasundhara: What are you whispering?
Suman: Nothing badi sasu maa.
Shraddha: (in her mind) These two will never change.
Bauji is sad. And he goes upstairs. Slowly, slowly everyone leaves from the place.

Here, Thapki’s family is informed by Thapki that she is not coming back, and that she will come back after 2 months.
Krishnakant: What? You are not coming today? Why?
Thapki: I am still Bihaan’s wife even though he forcefully did not divorce me. I have to stay here for 2 more months and after divorce I will come back.
Krishakant: But what if he still doesn’t divorce you in 2 months?
Thapki: I don’t know about that but as for now I have to stay here.
Krishnakant: At least come here
Thapki: He have some important papers of mine with him.
Krishnakant: But how? Okay, you do whatever you think is right? But rethink your decision. Are you sure that you want to stay there for 2 months?
Thapki: Yes. You take care of yourself. I have to keep the phone now.
Krishnakant: Okay, you also take care of yourself. Bye
And he keeps the phone.
Krishnakant: What does this Bihaan thinks of himself?
Poonam: What happened?
Krishnakant: He said that Thapki must stay in the house for 2 months.
Poonam: What?
Aditi: But this is not done. This Bihaan is too much.
Krishnakant: But Bihaan has some important documents of Thapki with him.
Aditi: How is this possible? Dii has kept them at home.
Krishnakant: That’s the thing I am confused about, that’s why I didn’t say much, we also have to respect Thapki’s decision maybe she has some reason behind it?
Poonam: My daughter is being forced in a marriage how can I not forget that?
Aditi: Mom is right. I will not spare that Bihaan if he comes infront of me.
Krishnakant: I must talk to Thapki personally as soon as possible.
Poonam: We will also go along with you.
Krishnakant: But Poonam ji?
Aditi: Mom is right, we must go there as soon as possible and that too without informing Dii.

Here Bihaan comes in his room and cries a lot. Latika comes and confronts Bihaan about this deed.
Bihaan: (in his mind) I am sorry Thapki. I didn’t want to hurt you. But I had no other way. I really love you a lot. I don’t care about what others say but I want you to be happy.
Latika: What is this Bhaia?
Bihaan: Choti! What is what? I did what I felt right.
Latika: You can’t lie to me.
Bihaan: Lie? No, I am not lying.
Latika: You can hide your tears from others, but you can’t hide it from me. Tell me what happened. Why you didn’t divorce Bhabi?
Bihaan: You know the reason right.
Latika: I know that you love Bhabi a lot, but I know that this is not the reason why you didn’t divorce Bhabi?
Bihaan is shocked.
Bihaan: What do you mean?
Latika: I know that you didn’t divorce Bhabi for some other reason. Tell me the reason.
Bihaan: What are you saying? I love Thapki, that’s the only reason.
Latika: Okay, I will agree that you love Bhabi that’s why you didn’t divorce her.
And then she puts Bihaan’s hand on her head,
Bihaan: Choti! What are you doing?
Latika: Swear on me, that you love Bhabi is the only reason why you didn’t divorce me?
Bihaan is shocked.
Latika: Why are you mum?
Bihaan: No, choti, I can’t
Latika: You must tell me why you didn’t divorce Bhabi? Why? Swear on me right now.
Bihaan gets frustrated.
Bihaan: Yes, I have some other reason for not divorcing Thapki.
Latika is shocked. Bihaan opens the drawer and takes something out.
Bihaan: This is the reason why I didn’t divorce Thapki.
Latika is surprised.
Latika: Diary? This is Bhabi’s diary. How did you get it?
Latika starts reading the diary and he gets into flashback. When he put Thapki on the bed while adjusting her pillow he found something.
Bihaan: What is this? Diary? Ghajab. I didn’t know Chug Chug Gari also write diaries?
Bihaan while keeping it back.
Bihaan: (in his mind) Should I read it? No. No. It’s Thapki’s personal stuff. I shouldn’t touch it.
And as he was going to keep it back,
Bihaan: (in his mind) Anyways me and Thapki will be separated forever tomorrow, should I read the diary? Maybe I will get to know how Thapki feels about me, and whether she genuinely have forgiven me?
And he starts reading the diary.

Bihaan: This Chug Chug Gari is so weird, she always writes about mango, sandals, a very weird girl.
He starts laughing silently. And just then he comes on a page.
Thapki’s Diary: I was very hurt when my marriage broke with Diwakar. I thought injustice was done, and I was so angry with life. But Dhruv once again brightened up me, his show. I just have a wish that I can meet him once and maybe I can have more hopes to fulfil my dream.
Bihaan: Dream? And he reads on.
Thapki’s diary: I thought there was nothing else for me to do in life as my wedding broke off but Shubh have proved me wrong. He has submitted a form he found from the newspaper to be an intern in Dhruv’s office, which has become a ray of hope for my dreams.
Bihaan: I wonder what is Thapki’s dream?
And he reads on. How Thapki and Dhruv met each other.
Thapki’s diary: Finally the day has come where I got to take the first step to my dreams, that is to get a chance to do a stint operation and reveal a criminal like Ghamshamlal. The credit goes to Dhruv sir who has saved my life from Ghamshamlal, and I hope I can contribute to the country by fulfilling my dreams which is to become a news reporter anchor. I sometimes thought that maybe because of my stammering I may not be able to fulfil my dreams but I was wrong. Today, my stammering has helped me a lot as I was able to continue with the stint operation thanks to my stammering. Someone said right that no one is right and we should take our weaknesses as our strength and inspiration. My stammering is my strength and inspiration, so is Dhruv sir?
Bihaan: I have always made fun of her, but I never knew that she had kept so many things closer to her heart.
He looks at Thapki who is sleeping. And he continues reading.
How Thapki and Dhruv fall in love, how she went and help Dhruv with his show, and then he reads another page.
Thapki’s Diary: Today is my wedding and all my dreams and wishes are going to be fulfilled. I have got such a good in-laws where everyone is so kind and good-hearted just like Dhruv sir. I just hope that after I get married to Dhruv sir I can lead a happily married life and fulfil my dream. I never hoped that everything will happen so fast. I just hope that after I get married, I can help Dhruv sir and continue to help the country by doing stint operations and become a news reporter like him. I am very lucky to be blessed with someone like Dhruv sir.
Bihaan has tears in his eyes.
Bihaan: What did I do? I just literally snatched all Thapki’s happiness.
After that he reads on,
Thapki’s diary: Maybe I was never destined to have a happy life. All my dreams got shattered in a moment when I got to know, that I married Bihaan instead of Dhruv sir? Why Bihaan? Why did you break all my dreams? What have I done to you? It will be very hard for me to forgive you.
And then he reads on,
Thapki’s diary: Tomorrow I am getting divorced to Bihaan, I was very angry with Bihaan initially but he have helped me a lot. I am very lucky to have a best friend like Bihaan, he is doing all he can to make me happy, but he has unintentionally broke all my dreams, it’s not his fault. After I divorce Bihaan, I will leave for Agra forever, I will not feel bad, but I would have regret that I have never been able to fulfil my dreams of being a news reporter anchor despite being so close. Maybe I was never destined to become one.
Bihaan closes the diary, and quietly keeps it in his dream, and he looks at Thapki.
Bihaan: (in his mind) Thapki, I am really sorry I have broken all your dreams, but I will promise you that I will make you the old Thapki back and I will be the one to help you fulfil your dreams. Now Thapki Bihaan Pandey’s dream is Bihaan Pandey’s dream. I have broken your dreams and now I will be the one to join back your dreams. For that I can do anything, anything. If you don’t fulfil your dream, I will change my name. Thapki your D for dreams will be fulfilled D for don’t worry.
And he comes back from the flashback.
Latika: I didn’t know that Bhabi also had a dream of being a news reporter anchor, she deserves to be one such a waste of talent.
Bihaan: Not a waste of talent Choti, I won’t let Thapki’s talent to be wasted. I will make sure Thapki fulfils her dream. Will you help me in that?
Latika: Sure Bhaia,
Bihaan: But make sure Thapki doesn’t get to know about it
Latika: No problem, Bhaia I will take care of that, but how did you do all these? Like not divorcing Bhabi and bringing all her things.
Bihaan: If I divorced Thapki, she could not have fulfilled her dreams as she would have left for Agra forever, I had no other option.
Latika: But how did you bring the important papers with you, because as far as I know Bhabi have kept all her important papers at her house as I went with her when she kept the papers in her house
Bihaan: It’s a long story.
He gets into flashback how he gets the papers from Shubh in Thapki’s house.
Bihaan: Shubh!
Shubh: Bihaan Jiju!
Bihaan: Why are you so disappointed?
Shubh: I got scolded.
Bihaan: Why?
Shubh: Don’t know.
Bihaan: Because of me right?
Shubh keeps quiet.
Bihaan: Shubh, you know you are very lucky that your parents scold you. You know my Bauji used to beat me a lot when I was your age. I was so scared.
Shubh laughs.
Shubh: Really?
Bihaan: Yes
Bihaan: Shubh, may I ask you something?
Shubh: Yes, jiju
Bihaan: What you want to be when you grow up?
Shubh: Cricketer
Bihaan: Ghajab. How about your Thapki dii?
Shubh: She wants to be a news reporter anchor.
Bihaan: Oh really, I don’t believe it.
Shubh: No, it’s true Jiju
Bihaan: Show me.
Shubh shows all the newspaper articles Thapki collected and tells him how she always practices reading. And then he opens the drawer where Thapki puts all her personal belonging.
Bihaan silently takes the file.
Bihaan: Yes, this is the file.
Shubh: But this is a very important file.
Bihaan: Can you do me a favour?
Shubh: Yes Jiju
Bihaan: Don’t tell anyone I took this file away,
Shubh: But why?
Bihaan: It’s a secret.
Shubh: Okay, I will tell Dii right now.
Bihaan: No, no shubh. I will tell you.
Shubh comes back.
Bihaan: You want to be a cricketer right, and your Thapki Dii wants to be a news reporter anchor, with these papers I can fulfil her dreams
Shubh: Really?
Bihaan: But promise me you won’t tell anyone especially your Thapki Dii about this. It’s only our secret.
Shubh: Promise.
And he takes Shubh with him. And he comes back from the flashback.
Latika: Wow, Bhaia I didn’t know you were that smart
Bihaan: It was very difficult to make Shubh agree. Just like sister, just like brother.
Latika: But how did you know that if you refused to divorce Bhabi, your divorce date will be postponed.
Bihaan remembers how he made an excuse to Thapki of buying cotton candy while that time he called a lawyer to know what happens when someone refuses to divorce, while other wants divorce.
Bihaan: I was confirmed that if I refuse for divorce, I will have 2 months with me to fulfil Thapki’s dream. In that time, I will make sure she becomes a successful news reporter anchor.
Latika: All the best Bhaia, I knew you never did wrong. But others?
Bihaan: I know that these sort will happen, but I don’t mind leaving the house, after fulfilling Thapki’s dream will be the B for biggest achievement in B for Bihaan Pandey’s life. I will at least have no regards if I fulfil Thapki’s dream as I was the one who broke it.
Bihaan Pandey your Thapki dream mission starts now.
And he smiles.
The episode ends.
Precap: Latika promises Bihaan that she will help him in fulfilling Thapki’s dream and as they look behind they are shocked to see someone who overheard their entire conversation. On the other hand, Thapki and Bihaan are fighting with each other with something, as both falls in the bed together, and the bed breaks and they share an eyelock.
Who was the one who overheard Bihaan and Latika’s conversation? Will Thapki get to know why Bihaan didn’t divorce him? Will Thapki-Bihaan fall in love?

The next episode Thapki Pyaar Ki- A Loving Pat will be published by this Sunday, 24 Jan Night, so please stay tuned.

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