Thapki Pyaar Ki- A Loving Pat (Episode 2)


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The episode begins with Thapki waking up Bihaan in the morning in a a different way.
Bihaan wakes up from sleep and wonders why didn’t Thapki wake him up as it’s their divorce today. As Bihaan wakes up, he finds Thapki coming with a strawberry cake.
Bihaan: Thapki? Cake?
Thapki: Yes, cake
Bihaan: For what? For divorce ?
Thapki: No.
Bihaan: Then
Thapki: For thanking you to be my best friend for the last one month and helping me overcome all the troubles. Thank you very much for being such a good friend.
Bihaan smiles.
Thapki lights the candles on the cake and they cut the cake together.
Bihaan feeds Thapki cake and Thapki also feeds Bihaan cake.
Thapki: I would love to feed you cake again.
Bihaan: Ghajab.
Thapki takes the entire cake and smashes it on Bihaan’s face. Bihaan is surprised and Thapki starts laughing.
Bihaan: C for Chug Chug Gari, why did you smash C for cake on my face?
Thapki: You always tease me and disturb me, today I will disturb you as its my last chance.
Bihaan: So, that’s the case.
Thapki makes faces showing Bihaan.
Bihaan: Now, you see what I will do?
Thapki runs and Bihaan chases her, just then Thapki collides with Dhruv and her smile vanishes.
Dhruv looks at Thapki and then Bihaan and reminisces the moment where Thapki smashed cake on him Tujho ko jo paya music plays.
And then he leaves, and as usual Shraddha fumes.
Bihaan goes to Thapki.
Bihaan: What happenened?
Thapki: When I was in office, that day it was Dhruv sir’s birthday. I was told that Dhruv sir loves it when someone applies cake on his face, so I smashed cake on his face?
Bihaan: What? But Dhruv hates that. He didn’t say anything?
Thapki: He was very angry that time.
Bihaan: Then how did you escape from his anger?
Thapki: I got so scared that I fainted.
And Shraddha who is listening to their conversation gives her that usual annoyed look.
Bihaan: What? This much scared.
And he starts laughing.
Thapki: Not funny.
Bihaan: Ok, ok. Then what happened?
Thapki: Luckily, ma was there. She saved me from Dhruv sir’s anger. She even saved my job. She was my idol. But now?
Shraddha gets surprised.
Shradda: (in her mind) I thought sasu ma hates Thapki, then why did she save Thapki from Dhruv’s anger? There is something more in this story. I must get hold of the entire truth.
Bihaan: Now?
Thapki remembers that she won’t tell anyone about Vasundhara’s truth.
Thapki: Now, you go and wash your face.
Bihaan: It’s all because of you.
Thapki: I said go.
Bihaan goes to wash his face.
Bihaan: (in his mind) I am sorry Thapki, I have snatched a lot of things from you. I am really sorry.

As Thapki is returning home today her family is making arrangements for welcoming Thapki when she comes home. Everyone is happy except for Shubh who knows that BIhaan is a good person.
Poonam: Aditi, can you please buy some groceries from the shop, I will cook all Thapki’s favourite food.
Krishnakant: I will come along with you Aditi beti, my elder daughter is coming back home after three long months and to stay with us forever.
Everyone smiles except for Shubh.
Aditi: Shubh, but why are you so sad? You are not happy that Di is coming back?
Shubh: I am happy that Di is coming home. But I will miss Bihaan jiju a lot?
Poonam: How many times I told you not to mention Bihaan’s name.
Aditi: And he is not our jiju.
Krishnakant: Why are you all scolding Shubh? He is a kid.
Shubh: But dad, I will really miss him a lot. He’s so good. You know he helped Thapki Di a lot, and he always play cricket with me. He always brings me outside whenever I go there, he treats me with my favourite food. He is the best Jiju ever.
Krishnakant: Shubh, he is not your jiju.
Shubh runs away from there .
Poonam: Shubh? This boy is so stubborn.
Just then Thapki and Bihaan comes home.
Bihaan: Naamaste everyone, I am sorry I should have not come here, but I can console Shubh.
He goes to Shubh.
Poonam: Why did you bring him here?
Thapki: Ma, he’s my friend
Krishnakant: You forgot that he cheated you.
Thapki: Yes, I remember but he has a reason behind it.
Aditi: Reason?
Thapki remembers and she diverts the topic.
Thapki: I mean he deserves a chance and he is really sorry for it.
Krishnakant: But Thapki?
Thapki: We are getting divorced today anyways, please keep aside your anger just for today.
Krishnakant hesitates just then Bihaan comes with Shubh.
Shubh: I am sorry mom, I am sorry dad, I am sorry Aditi di, I should not have talked like that.
Poonam: No problem beta come to me.
Bihaan whispering to Thapki.
Thapki: Actually, I came here to take Shubh with me, I have promised him that I will bring him to Bihaan’s house, on divorce day.
Poonam and Krishnakant agrees. Shubh is happy.
Thapki: We will meet you at the court later.
Aditi hugs Thapki.
Aditi: Are you hiding something, di?
Thapki gets surprised
Thapki: No why?
After that Thapki, Bihaan and Shubh leaves.
Aditi: (in her mind) There must be something Di is hiding from all of us, I have to find out what’s that as soon as possible.

Thapki, Bihaan and Shubh reaches at Pandey Mansion. Here, everyone gives love to Shubh and Thapki is happy to see that.
Dadi: Shubh beta, have whatever you want?
Shubh: So many food, wow.
Preeti and Suman also starts feeding Shubh.
Shubh: I had a lot for today, I can’t eat anymore.
Everyone smiles.
Shubh: Everyone is so good here. I wish I can come here everyday.
Bauji: Shubh beta, come here whenever you wish like.
Shubh: Thank you, uncle.
Shubh looks at Thapki.
Shubh: Thapki di isn’t it possible, you stay here forever, everyone is so good here?
Thapki and Bihaan looks at each other, and music plays.
Just then, a girl enters
Girl: Looks like everyone has forgotten about me.
Everyone looks.
Bihaan: Choti!
Thapki: Latika Didi!
(By any chance, if you didn’t read the introduction of this ff, in this ff, Latika is Bihaan’s younger sister who is also adopted by Pandey family when they adopted Bihaan, here she knows about Thapki-Bihaan marriage and likes them a lot and Bihaan calls her Choti. Latika hates Vasu and Shraddha a lot, as she know their truth but Vasu likes Latika a lot. You can assume Latika as Shweta Vyas who is seen as Riya in Zindagi Abhi Baki Hain Mera Ghost in life ok)
Latika smiles.
Bihaan: You were supposed to come after a week right.
Latika: Bhabi is leaving today, so how can I not get to see her? Thats why I came back earlier.
Latika hugs Thapki.
Latika: Bhabi, I will miss you a lot.
Thapki: I will miss you too, Latika Didi.
Latika takes blessings from everyone but she ignores Vasundhara.
Latika: Shubh, how are you?
Shubh: Latika didi, I am fine.
Latika: Enjoy your stay here.
Shubh smiles.
After a while, everyone is busy in their work just then Latika talks to Bihaan.
Latika: Bhaia, you didn’t miss me?
Bihaan: I missed my C for Cute C for Choti.
Latika smiles.
Latika: Bhaia can I ask you something?
Bihaan: Sure.
Latika: Why are you divorcing Bhabi?
Bihaan doesn’t reply.
Latika: I know very well you love Bhabi a lot, why didn’t you confess your love to her?
Bihaan: Look Choti, it’s a one sided love story, so there is no use.
Latika: You should have try at least once, Bhaia. Maybe she could have accepted your love. I know Bhabi very well she is very good-hearted.
Bihaan: You are right Choti, she is very good hearted but I have cheated her, I don’t deserve her love.
Latika: You did that for that Vasundhara, it’s not your fault.
Bihaan: Don’t call ma like that
Latika: She is not my ma
Bihaan: Choti, please I don’t want to talk about this matter.
Latika: But, Bhaia?
Just then Dadi calls Bihaan
Dadi: Bihaan!
Bihaan: I am coming. I have to go now Choti.
Latika: (in her mind), Oh no bhaia and bhabi is getting divorced, I have do think of something so that somehow they don’t get divorced. Should I tell Bhabi the truth? No, I think it’s better if I think of something else.

Everyone is going to the court by car, while Bihaan and Thapki are going by bike.
Thapki: Bihaan thank you very much for being a very nice and sweet friend in these days.
Bihaan: You forgot Shahrukh Khan’s dialogue in Kuch Kuch Hota Hain – Dosti main no sorry no thank you
Thapki smiles and looks at the cotton candy seller.
Thapki: By the way Bihaan, what will you do after divorce?
Bihaan: I don’t know. Maybe I will get to enjoy my bed.
Thapki: I knew it.
Bihaan: Thapki may I ask you something?
Thapki: Okay
Bihaan: What if somehow we don’t get divorced and you have to stay in Pandey house?
Thapki: I won’t mind, but honestly speaking as a friend I will say this from my bottom of my heart, that I do feel bad when I stay at Pandey house, as I always remember about that day.
Thapki becomes sad. Bihaan stops the bike.
Thapki: Bihaan what are you doing?
Bihaan: Wait a minute.
Bihaan goes to buy cotton candy for Thapki and Bihaan.
Thapki: What was the need for this?
Bihaan: I know that after today, we will be separated forever, so at least we can make my last treat a memorable one.
Thapki: Okay, fine. But why are you saying like this? We will still be friends. Why, you will forget me after this divorce?
Bihaan: No, I won’t forget you, never,
Thapki looks on.
Bihaan: I mean you never know, that’s why
While they are enjoying cotton candy, after finishing it, Bihaan has some cotton candy on his face.
Thapki smiles
Bihaan: What happened?
Thapki: There is cotton candy on your face.
Bihaan: What? Where?
Just then, Bihaan tries to find and clean the cotton candy on his face, Thapki uses her dupatta and cleans his face. Music plays. Bihaan is lost seeing Thapki.
Thapki: It is done.
Just then, an old beggar comes to them
Beggar: Beta, can give me some money?
Bihaan takes his wallet and gives her some money.
Beggar: Stay happily married and blessed. Hope you two will be blessed with children very soon.
Bihaan and Thapki looks at each other surprised. Beggar goes away.
Bihaan: Let’s go to the court now.
And they go to the court.

All the family members of Bihaan and Thapki are present at the court. Bihaan and Thapki reaches the court.
Dadi: Why were you two late?
Bihaan: Actually, there was traffic that’s why
Bauji: Okay, now let’s go to the court.
As they go to the court, they go to the lawyer room where the divorce lawyer asks them question.
Lawyer: When did you two get married?
Thapki: Three months ago
Lawyer: What is the reason for divorce?
Bihaan starts coughing and Thapki gives him some water.
Lawyer looks surprised. Dhruv interrupts.
Dhruv: They were never happy due to this marriage.
Lawyer: I have asked only the couple.
Lawyer: Are you sure you want divorce?
Thapki: Yes
Lawyer: Sign here.
Thapki gets thinking but she signs the paper. She is a little sad.
Latika: (in her mind) No use now, Bhaia and Bhabi will be divorced now.
Lawyer: Mr Bihaan Pandey now you sign here.
He gives the paper to Bihaan. Bihaan does not sign the paper.
Thapki: Bihaan, sign the paper.
But still nothing happens. Dadi, Bauji and Latika feels bad for Bihaan.
Lawyer: Sign the paper
Still Bihaan does not sign it.
Shraddha: (in her mind) Now, I wonder what is in Bihaan’s mind
Lawyer gets frustrated.
Lawyer: Do you want divorce?
As Thapki tries to say something, Bihaan interferes her
Bihaan: No, I don’t want divorce. Bihaan pandey doesn’t want divorce.
Everyone is shocked especially Thapki.
Thapki: It’s not the time to joke Bihaan. It’s serious.
Bihaan: I am not joking.
Thapki: Do you know what are you saying Bihaan?
Bihaan: Yes, I don’t want to divorce Thapki and that’s my decision.
Everyone is shocked, only Latika and Shubh smiles .
Shraddha: (in her mind) Now, a new drama starts.
Bihaan takes the divorce paper and tears the paper. Thapki is teary-eyed. Dhruv gets angry, he was about to hit Bihaan in anger but Shraddha stops him.
Shraddha: Dhruv, it’s not the right way to do so. Control.
Dhruv: Control? How can I control Shraddha? This Bihaan is out of his mind
Shraddha: Please stop for the sake of ma.
Dhruv stops.
Lawyer: What kind of behaviour is this, Mr Bihaan Pandey?
Bihaan: I don’t want divorce.
Thapki cries and says
Thapki: Please Bihaan, please say that you are joking. I want divorce.
Lawyer: Both of you should have handled your personal matters at home, you have wasted my time, one say wants divorce one says don’t want. I am sorry but this divorce can’t happen. I will give two more months for you two to decide if you want divorce. Before that, you can’t come here for divorce. This divorce is cancelled.
Krishnakant: Please don’t say like this, my daughter’s life will be ruined.
Lawyer: Listen, we can understand but this divorce will only happen when both husband and wife agrees to divorce. I am sorry.

The lawyer leaves. And as they go out of the court, everyone is angry with Bihaan and is scolding him.
Thapki is in shock and she sits down. And doesn’t speak a single word.
Krishnakant: See Thapki beti, I told you never trust this Bihaan, see what has he done.
Dhruv folds his hand to Krishnakant.
Dhruv: Krishnakant uncle, I am sorry I couldn’t let this divorce happen.
Krishanakant: Dhruv beta,
As Thapki’s dad was trying to say something, Thapki’s mom interferes
Poonam: The biggest mistake was to trust you Dhruv. It was not only Bihaan’s fault, it’s also Dhruv’s fault. And I will never forgive you for this.
Bauji: I am sorry sandamji, I didn’t know this Bihaan will do like this.
And Bauji starts beating Bihaan non-stop.
Dadi: Stop it, no use of beating this nalayak, today he has broken our trust. Bihaan you should not have hurt Thapki.
Bihaan: I am sorry, but I really don’t want this divorce
Vasundhara acts sweet to Bihaan, inside she’s happy as Thapki won’t be divorced and she can’t interfere in Dhruv’s life
Vasundhara: Beta, there must be some reason why you didn’t divorce Thapki, tell me beta, tell me the reason.
Bihaan: Sorry mom, I cant tell you the reason, I just have some reasons.
And he leaves from there.
Aditi: This Bihaan has crossed his limits today, how dare he didn’t divorce di.
Thapki continues crying and walks somewhere lost, she’s in complete shock. Thapki sad music plays. Others are sad. Shradda smirks.
The episode ends.

Precap: Thapki is walking on the road, and suddenly a car rushes in quick and is about to hit Thapki, Thapki screams. On the other hand, Latika confronts Bihaan. Latika tells Bihaan that she knows that he loves Thapki is not the only reason why he didn’t divorce Thapki. She is sure that Bihaan has some other reason for not divorcing Thapki. Bihaan doesn’t tell Latika the reason, Latika continues asking Bihaan until, Bihaan gets frustrated and shows Latika something, and says this is the reason. Latika is shocked.

What will happen now? Did Thapki meet with an accident? What is the actual reason why Bihaan didn’t divorce Thapki? What is the thing that Bihaan showed Latika which shocked Latika?

The next episode Thapki Pyaar Ki- A Loving Pat will be published by this Tuesday, 19 Jan Night, so please stay tuned.
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Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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