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Thapki Pyaar Ki- A Loving Pat Episode 17

Here Thapki is unconscious as she falls and gets hit by a rock and Bihaan, Dhruv and Shraddha are shocked.
Shraddha: Th Th Thapki!
Bihaan rushes to Thapki and tries to wake her up.
Bihaan: Wake up Thapki!

Just then the driver from whose car hit Thapki comes out,
Driver: I am sorry I didn’t see.
Bihaan: Shut up! If anything happens to my Thapki I won’t spare you and I won’t spare you either Bhabiji.
Bihaan looks at Shraddha angrily and Shraddha is shocked.
Dhruv: There is no time to argue now we have to take Thapki to the hospital.
Driver: The accident is because of me so I will take you all to the hospital,
Bihaan carries Thapki in his arms teary-eyed and takes Thapki to the hospital.

Here the family members come to the hospital too. Shraddha regrets.
Shraddha: (in her mind) Thapki met with an accident while saving me. What have I done?
Dhruv narrates the entire story to the family members.
Bihaan is sad and Vasundhara and Bauji consoles her,
Later the doctor comes out,
Bihaan: Doctor, is my wife fine?
Doctor: Its a minor injury, so there isn’t a problem. Your wife is fine. We have conducted some tests and x-ray for your wife just to make sure if there isn’t any internal injuries. For now you can meet her.
Bihaan goes to meet Thapki. Thapki is conscious now.

Thapki: Bihaan?
Bihaan: Thapki what was the need of being a mahaan atma again?
Thapki: Bihaan but?
Bihaan: Keep Quiet! Do you have any idea how much you scared me?
Thapki: What would have happened? I would have died.
Bihaan closes her mouth with his hand, na na na music plays. They share an eye lock.
Thapki: Nothing will happen to me as you are always with me.
Bihaan hugs Thapki. Music continues.

Later the doctor comes,
Bihaan: Is Thapki fine now? Can I take her home now?
Doctor: Sure. But Thapki you have to take care of yourself and be serious.
Thapki nods .
Doctor: Mr. Bihaan there are some formalities to be done.
Bihaan goes to get the formalities done.

Bihaan brings Thapki home and Vasundhara welcomes her,
Vasu: Finally my Thapki beti is back.

Later everyone is talking while sitting in the living room and just then Dhruv comes holding Shraddha’s hand. All are surprised.
Dhruv: You are the reason for all the problems in my family, leave the house right now,
All are shocked and Shraddha bows her head down,
Thapki: Dhruv sir.
Dhruv: Thapki no one will come between me and Shraddha today.
As Dhruv was about to throw Shraddha out of the house,
Thapki shows Dhruv the papers,
Dhruv: How did this come to you? It was with Shraddha right.
Thapki: The day I was hospitalized Shraddha came to me and gave me the papers, and this time she really realized her mistakes.

Thapki gets Into flashback, how Shraddha came to her.
Thapki: Shraddha?
Shraddha fold her hands.
Shraddha: Thank you for saving my life. Forgive me for what I did
Thapki: No Shradda don’t do like this. I am happy that you realized your mistakes,
Shraddha: I have done wrong, but not anymore.
Shraddha takes out the papers.
Shraddha: Now Pandey Mansion is safe, I won’t be the owner of it.
Shraddha leaves and Thapki looks on.

Dhruv looks at Shraddha.
Thapki: Don’t you think she deserve a second chance?
Dadi: Thapki bitiya is right.
Dhruv: Its good she realized her mistakes but the divorce will still happen.
All are shocked.
Dhruv: The day I got to see her true colors, I instantly filed for divorce that day.
Shraddha is sad,
Dadi: But Dhruv?

Dhruv: And I forgot to say that there is 15 days before our divorce.
Everyone is surprised.
Vasu: No Dhruv, Shraddha won’t leave this house. She have done wrong, even I have done wrong in that terms I also shouldn’t be staying at this house.
Dhruv: Mom?
Thapki: Please Dhruv sir, think at least once.
Vasu: Thapki is right.
Dhruv: Okay fine, in that case the best I can do is to let Shraddha stay here for these 15 days. But no one can stop this divorce.
Dhruv is about to leave, and Bauji comes.

Bauji: I also have something important to say.
Everyone looks at Bauji.
Bauji comes to Thapki.
Bauji: Today you have made me realize the true value of honesty.
Thapki: Bauji?
Bauji: I have decided now to do business with honesty and no fraud from now onwards. Does anyone have problem with my decision?
Everyone is happy,
Bauji: Whatever amount I earned illegally, I have decided to give that amount for charity to clear my guilt. There maybe some problems with running this house, but we have to adjust.
Dhruv comes to Bauji and hugs him.
Dhruv: Bauji, I am so happy that you finally took the right decision. And there won’t be any problems after all your elder son is there for you.
Bauji smiles.
Bauji: Dhruv beta, I am sorry for misbehaving with you that time. You were right..
Bauji and Dhruv hugs. Bihaan smiles.

Bihaan comes to Thapki and whispers to her,
Bihaan: Thank you, Thapki.
Thapki smiles.
Bihaan: Since the day you came to my life, you have changed my life. I don’t know how to thank you,
Thapki: Bihaan there is no need for thanking me. You have done a lot for me, compared to that this is nothing,
Bihaan: Again my D for dear D for Dharam Patni’s Mahaan atma wala talk started.
Thapki: Bihaan?
Thapki and Bihaan both laugh.

After 15 days,
Its the divorce day for Dhruv and Shraddha. And the family me members are discussing about it. Shraddha is positive now and also helps the family.
Dadi: These 15 days, I have seen a lot of change in Shraddha bahu.
Vasu: You are right. She have been helping everyone in their work and also carrying out her responsibilities well.
Preeti: Shraddha used to be a Churail but now she is awesome.
Suman: I wish Dhruv Devarji change his decision.
Preeti: You are correct, Chupki.

While Shraddha is serving tea to everyone,Dhruv comes.
Dhruv: I have decided something.
Everyone looks at Dhruv.
Shraddha: What is that Dhruv?
Dhruv: I have decided to give you a second chance.
Everyone is happy.
Shraddha: Are you sure, Dhruv?
Dhruv: Yes Shraddha, I have decided to give our marriage a second Chance.
Shraddha is happy,
Vasu: Finally you took the right decision.

Thapki and Bihaan comes.
Dhruv: The credit goes to Thapki.
Shraddha smiles and looks at Thapki.
Dhruv gets into flashback, how is coming downstairs and Thapki comes to him.
Thapki: Dhruv sir, are you sure you want to give divorce to Shraddha?
Dhruv: Yes, Thapki I am sure.
Thapki: But why?
Dhruv: You know the reason very well why I am giving Shraddha divorce.
Thapki: What is that?
Dhruv: She have hurt my family and what else?
Thapki: Just look there,
Dhruv looks and sees all the family members smiling and chatting with Shraddha and everyone is happy while Shraddha is taking care of them.
Thapki: Did you see how much she takes care of this family? She have really realized her mistakes I saw that in her eyes. If possible, just rethink over your decision one more time.
Thapki leaves and Dhruv gets thinking.
And he gets out of the flashback,

Vasu: I knew only my Thapki can do all this.
Thapki smiles. Shraddha goes and hugs Thapki.
Shraddha: Thapki, I don’t know how to thank you. I have done so much wrong but you saved my marriage from being broken. I don’t know how I should thank or forgive you.
Thapki: Shraddha we are friends, and Bihaan says that in friendship no Thank you and no Sorry,
Thapki looks at Bihaan and they smile.
Shraddha: Okay fine, and if you ever need anything tell me. Not only as a friend but as an elder sister at least,
Thapki smiles.
Vasundhara comes to Thapki.
Vasu: Once again you have helped this family out.
Everyone smiles.

Later Bihaan comes to Thapki,
Bihaan: Again my Chuk Chuck Gadi helped me. I am happy that you are my wife. No one can steal my Chuk Chuck Gadi from me.
Thapki looks at Bihaan.
Thapki: (in her mind) I think I should tell Bihaan about this now.
Thapki: Bihaan, I want to tell you something.
Bihaan: Tell me.
Thapki: Bihaan, actually the thing is.
Just then someone calls Bihaan,
Bihaan: Its an important phone call, I have to pick it up.
Bihaan leaves.
Thapki: (in her mind) I need to tell Bihaan about this as soon as possible.

Later, Thapki comes to the room and finds Bihaan speaking on the phone and is in bad mood.
Bihaan: B for Bihaan Pandey have just started a new B for business. I am very busy I can’t come.
Thapki: (in her mind) I have to tell Bihaan about this at any cost before anyone comes.
Thapki pats Bihaan.
Bihaan: Chuk Chuk Gadi, I am speaking on the phone. I will talk to you later,
Thapki: Bihaan, I have to tell you something important.
Bihaan: Not now, Thapki,
Bihaan continues talking on the phone.
Bihaan: If you think you can’t do tell someone else why me.
Thapki: Bihaan, I won’t live for long.
Bihaan while talking is shocked and he drops the phone.
Bihaan: What are you saying Thapki?
Thapki: I won’t be able to stay with you.
Bihaan: What is this?
Thapki: Truth.
Bihaan holds Thapki’s shoulder.
Bihaan: What do you want to say? Say it clearly.
Thapki: I am suffering from brain tumor.
Bihaan is shocked and Thapki is sad,

Thapki gets into flashback, how she goes to the hospital to collect her reports from the doctor after her work.
Thapki: Doctor, you have called me in. Is it anything serious?
Doctor: Yes, it is something serious.
Thapki: What is it doctor?
Doctor: You are suffering from brain tumor, and you don’t have much days to live,
Thapki is shocked and teary eyed
Thapki: How is it possible?
Doctor: Its due to the accident and you must get it operated soon, if not it will be serious. Decision is yours
Thapki is shocked and crying,
Thapki: How many days do I have to live?
Doctor: Its not fixed. It maybe a year, a month or even some days.
Thapki is shattered,
Doctor: I am sorry Thapki, but I had to share this news with you.
Thapki looks at the report sadly.

Thapki gets out of the flashback and Bihaan is shattered.
Bihaan: No, all of this is lie! I won’t believe this.
Thapki: This is the fact, Bihaan.
Bihaan: No, you can’t leave me without me, I wont let you die.
Thapki: Bihaan, you have to learn to live without me.
Bihaan: No this is not possible. You can’t go away like this.
Thapki is sad and starts laughing,
Bihaan: Why? Why are you laughing?
Thapki: I was just kidding.
Bihaan: What kind of joke is this? You know how much scared I got?I won’t speak to you.
Thapki: I also felt same because of your mistake, Bihaan.
Bihaan: My mistake?

Thapki gets into flashback, how she is looking at the reports sadly, just then a peon comes and accidentally dropping some files on the floor.
Doctor: Your habit of dropping things is not gone yet.
Peon: I am sorry, madam.
Doctor: No sorry, you have always messed up and most of the time end up bringing wrong report.
Thapki is surprised as she looks at her report where the name is mentioned Bani Singhania.
Thapki: Doctor, this is not my report, my name is Vaani Bihaan Pandey not Bani Singhania.
Doctor is surprised as she looks.
Thapki: Moreover the date is few days ago.
Doctor: I am sorry, Thapki but your name is Bani right.
Thapki: Oh I get it now, my husband right? He always pronounces my name wrong.
Doctor: No wonder.Okay I will check the reports of this name. This report of Bani Singhania is of some other patient and later after checking again the reports turned out to be wrong that’s why it’s here. I am so sorry for the inconvenience Thapki
Thapki: Its okay, it was not your mistake.
The doctor goes to bring Thapki’s report,
Thapki: This Bihaan again pronounced my name wrong let me go home I will teach him a lesson.
Just then doctor gives Thapki her reports and she looks at it.
Thapki get out of flashback.

Bihaan: Oh, but I will still not talk to you.
Thapki: Wow Ghajab, I do like this is my fault you do like this is not my fault.
Bihaan: There is no use of even talking to you.
Thapki: Do you want to know what the reports mentioned?
Bihaan: No!
Thapki: You have to.
Bihaan: Not interested.
Bihaan looks at opposite side and Thapki gets angry.
Thapki: Bihaan, I am pregnant.
Bihaan: You always, what?
Bihaan listens to what Thapki just said.
Bihaan: What did you say?
Thapki: I just said that B for Bihaan Pandey you are going to be B for Baap soon. If you don’t believe me then see this report.
Bihaan sees the report and is super happy and he lifts Thapki.
Thapki: Bihaan?
Bihaan: You don’t know how much happy I am today.
Bihaan hugs Thapki and na na na plays.
Bihaan: But why you didnt tell me earlier?
Thapki: How could I? There was so much problem at home these days.
Bihaan: I am very happy, but will I be a good dad?
Thapki makes Bihaan touch her belly.
Thapki: I know you can be a very good dad.
Bihaan smiles. And he bends down and talk.
Bihaan: When you will be born I will make sure I give you all the happiness.
Thapki smiles.
Bihaan: Now let’s go and share this news if everyone.
Thapki is about to go,
Bihaan:You should walk slowly and carefully in this condition.

Later, Thapki and Bihaan comes downstairs. Just then Thapki’s family also comes.
Thapki: Ma? Aditi?
Thapki goes and hugs her mom and Aditi.
Dadi: Good you came here.
Poonam: Actually I came here to tell you that Aditi’s marriage have been fixed.
Everyone is happy.
Thapki: Congratulations. I am really happy. My younger sister is getting married soon.
Aditi feels shy.
Poonam: I have got some work regarding the marriage, so we should leave now.
Vasu: No stay here for longer time, actually another good news is there. Dhruv have decided to give his marriage a second Chance.
Thapki’s mom and Aditi gets happy.
Bihaan: Even we have something to say.
Everyone looks at Bihaan.
Dadi: What is it, Bihaan?
Bihaan: Actually not me, Thapki will tell all of you,
Thapki is surprised.
Thapki: Bihaan? Me?
Bihaan: Yes you.
Thapki: No no you tell.
Dadi: At least someone say something.
Thapki: Nothing Dadi. The thing is
Dadi: Say.
Thapki tries to tell but she stammers and then Bihaan.
Bihaan: We are going to become parents soon. Thapki is pregnant.
Everyone is happy. And Aditi and Shraddha hug Thapki.
Aditi: Dii I am so happy for you,
Shraddha: Congratulations, Thapki.
Poonam: I don’t know when my daughter grew up, that now she is going to become a mother,
Vasu: Thapki, why are you standing. Sit down you shouldn’t move too much in this condition.
Thapki: No no I am fine.
Vasundhara makes Thapki sits, just then Bauji comes.

Bauji: What happened? Everyone is happy
Suman: Little Thapki or little Bihaan is on the way.
Vasu: You are going to be a grandpa.
Bauji is also very happy and brings and feeds sweet to everyone.
Bauji: Thapki bitiya thank you for such a great news. May God bless you.
Thapki smiles.
Preeti: Wow awesome, now we have 3 awesome reasons to celebrate. First is Dhruv and Shraddha’s reunion second is aditi’s marriage and third is thapki and bihaan’s baby,
Everyone is happy.

After a few months,
All the family members are shown taking care of Thapki who is 8 months pregnant now.
Shraddha brings Thapki downstairs and make her sit.
Vasu: Thapki, have this milk.
Thapki: No, ma I dont feel like having it.
Vasu: Its good for your and the baby’s health. Have it.
Thapki: But ma?
Vasu: Have it.
Thapki drinks the milk and later Dadi comes.
Dadi: Thapki bitiya, here is some ladoos for you.
Thapki: These ladoos?
Dadi: I know it may be bitter but its healthy.
Just then Bihaan comes,
Bihaan: Ghajab. Ladoos.
Bihaam is about to touch them, Dadi hits him.
Dadi: These are for Thapki only, not you.
Bihaan: Ghajab. Everything is for Thapki. I am also going to become a father soon.
Vasundhara ,Thapki and Shraddha start laughing.
Bihaan: Not funny.
Dadi gives him a ladoo and Bihaan eats and spits it,
Bihaan: This is ladoo? Its so bitter.
Thapki: See, Bihaan I have only these kind of things its not easy.
Vasu: No excuse, Thapki you still have to eat the laddoo.
Thapki: But mom?
Bihaan also starts laughing and Thapki make faces at him.

Later, while Thapki is resting in the room, Bihaan comes to her,
Bihaan: Oh Chuk Chuk Gadi, look I have done some shopping for our baby.
Bihaan shows her the things. Bihaan buys all girlish stuffs and pinkish dresses for baby.
Thapki: I will show you how shopping is done.
Thapki takes out and shows him what she brought, and all are tomboy stuffs and blue clothes for baby,
Bihaan: These are for my princess, my daughter.
Thapki: Wrong. These are for my superhero, my son.
Bihaan: I want a girl,
Thapki: But I want a boy.
Vasu: What happened?
Thapki and Bihaan continues fighting. And Vasu hits her forehead with her hand.

Later one day, Bihaan brings Thapki to the park for a walk.
Thapki: It feels so good to see nature and feel it-
Bihaan: I brought you here because I knew you were not feeling good.
They have a walk.
Bihaan: Do you need anything?
Thapki: No.
As Bihaan was about to go to attend a call, just then Thapki starts having labour pain.
Thapki: Bihaan, its paining a lot. Ouch!
Bihaan: Thapki?
Thapki: I think its time now.
Bihaan: But its 8 months only.
Thapki: I can’t tolerate the pain.
Bihaan brings Thapki to the hospital.

At the hospital,
The other family members also reach there. Bihaan is super tensed,
Vasu: How this happened?
Bihaan: I don’t know we were walking at the park and suddenly.
Just then the doctor comes.
Bihaan: Doctor, what happened?
Doctor: Congratulations. You are a father of twins now. A boy and a girl.
Bihaan is super happy.
Bihaan: Doctor is Thapki okay?
Doctor: She is absolutely fine now, you can go and meet her. But only one person at a time.

Bihaan goes to meet Thapki and sits besides her.
Thapki: Bihaan our wish are fulfilled we got both a boy and a girl.
Bihaan: I am very happy today.
Bihaan takes the babies in his arms.
Bihaan: Hi B for babies I am your B for Baap.
Thapki smiles.
Bihaan: Thapki, thank you so much for giving me this much happiness,
Thapki and Bihaan look at each other. Na na na plays.

After 5 years,
Here it is shown that Thapki and Bihaan live happily in Pandey Mansion, and Bihaan runs a business now. Dhruv and Shraddha lives in USA now, and Thapki is taking care of the news channel now. Vasundhara looks after Thahaan’s two kids Vahaan and Bini.
Here it is shown that Bihaan is making arrangements.
Bihaan: Today Thapki’s first international interview will be shown on TV.
Everyone is excited, and all the family members sit together to watch the interview. The interview starts.
Just then Thahaan’s daughter Bini comes to Bihaan
Bini: Dad, what is In In
Bihaan pats her,
Bini: Yes, interview. I forgot
Thapki: Beta, in an interview a person asks another person certain questions about a certain thing.
Bini: Oh. So everyday you take in in interview of dad.
Thapki is surprised and Bihaan and others tries to laugh
Thapki is speaking very well and everyone smiles. Thahaan’s son Vahaan also sees the interview.
Vahaan: Wow, mom is speaking very well and mom looks so confident, cool.
Bihaan: Ghajab, you are praising your mom a lot,
Vahaan: Yes, because mom is cool, dad.
Thapki smiles.
Here the person on Tv asks Thapki what is her inspiration.
Thapki: My weakness is my inspiration, we should always take our weakness as our strength. And we should always muster courage to do all we can to fulfill our dreams.

Thapki while watching it remembers how Bihaan encouraged her and they look at each other and smile.

Conclusion: No one in this world is perfect. Everyone in this world will have flaws that’s for sure. But that doesn’t mean the end of the world. There are some dreams which contradicts to their weakness. But doesn’t mean they can’t fulfill their dreams. What they need is a pat, a loving pat. Once they are encouraged no one can stop them. in Thapki’s story Thapki who stammers didn’t find a way to fulfill her dreams, until Bihaan came and encouraged her and gave her a loving pat. With Bihaan’s loving pat, Thapki managed to fulfill her dreams and also overcome all challenges. A person just needs a pat, a loving pat to realize that their capable of fulfilling their dreams regardless of their weakness.

I am happy that in my fan fiction A Loving Pat there have been around 82 people commenting overall at least once, and there have been an average of 12 comments per episode in my A Loving Pat fan fiction. The least no. Of comments I received was Episode 14(7 comments) and The most no. Of comments I received was Episode 1(18 comments). I am happy with the overall response of this fan fiction but I am slightly disappointed there have been a gradual decrease in no. Of comments in my fan fiction like in episode 1-5 there was an average of 14 comments to an average of 11 comments in episode 11-17. Anyways I am happy with the overall response

Honestly speaking I have never thought that my fan fiction A Loving Pat will go on till episode 18, I thought that the highest no. Of episodes my fan fiction could go on was till episode 6 but you all proved me wrong 🙂 and I wanted to end it in 10 episodes but I have extended 8 more episodes for all of you.

Thanks for commenting in most of my episodes Santosh. And also thank you Prtibha, Shruti, Mineey, Anu, Nisi, Anu, Sharanya and Payal. Thanks to FF_Thapki, Puppy, Ash, Ruhi, Vennila, Malika, Ammu, Vaiu, Deepu, Aaliya, Bihaan, Mallu Lover, Tara, Ranaji and Nusz. And thank you to all the others too. And also those other 58 people who commented in my fan fiction twice or once (too lazy to mention sorry :P) and thank you silent readers.

And if I have not meet up to your expectations I am really sorry, I just gave my best.
And please do give me a feedback on my fan fiction so that if I come with a new one on TPK I can make it much better.

And yes do watch Thapki Pyaar Ki on Colors at 7pm (India time).

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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