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The episode begins with everyone watching Thapki’s interview on TV along with Thapki’s family. Everyone is happy to see Thapki’s success except for Shraddha and Vasundhara.
Dadi: I knew that my Thapki bitiya will be a very good news reporter anchor.
Thapki smiles.
Suman: She looked so confident.
Preeti: And her interview is so awesome.
Aditi: Yes, Dii’s interview was very good, I think that’s due to Jiju. Right Dii?
Thapki gestures Aditi not to say anything else and feels shy.
Poonam; We all have got to go now.
Thapki: But mom, you can stay here for some more time,
Bihaan: Yes Sasu maa, Thapki is right,
Poonam: We would love to stay for longer time, but at home there is a lot of work, so we have goto to go now.
Thapki’s family leaves, and as Bihaan was about to go upstairs Thapki holds his hand.

Bihaan: Thapki?
Thapki: We have to speak regarding that matter to everyone nowl
Bihaan: But Thapki
Bihaan: (in his mind) I wonder what is going on this Chuk Chuk Gadi’s mind?.
Thapki: Bauji, may I ask you for something?
Bauji: Sure, Thapki bitiya you will get anything you ask for?
Shraddha: (in her mind) I wonder what is going on in this Thapki’s mind?
Thapki: Bauji, actually the thing is that Bihaan he should get an intermediate degree.
Bauji: I don’t understand, bitiya what are you trying to say?
Thapki: I mean that all of us know that Bihaan have studied till 11th standard and stopped studying afterwards, but don’t you all think that he should get an intermediate degree which will make him complete his studies?
Bauji and all are shocked.
Bauji: Thapki bitiya, I would have given if you asked for anything else, but degree what’s the need of that? I have already seen how people behave after they get their degree,
(Looking at Dhruv angrily)
Thapki: Bauji even I have got a degree, and if I have ever misbehaved with any of you, I would love to seek for forgiveness from all of you.
Bauji: No Bitiya, I didn’t mean that, I just want to know does Bihaan really wants to get a degree,
Thapki: That only Bihaan can tell you, Bauji.
Bauji: Bihaan, speak up what do you want,
Vasundhara: (in her mind) Thapki, now you have put yourself in trouble.
As Bihaan was about to speak, he remembers how Thapki encouraged him before,
Bihaan: Yes, Bauji its true that I want a degree.
Bauji and others are shocked,
Bihaan: It was my dream to get an intermediate degree, but I promise I won’t interfere in whatever decisions you take Bauji
Dhruv: Bihaan, I don’t know what is Bauji’s decision, but this time I with you and I make sure you give your exams and get your degree,

Vasu: Bihaan, if you wanted to do so why you didn’t tell us before, but now you are a married man not a 12th standard student.
Thapki: Maa, so what if he is married? There have been many people who have achieved a degree even when they are old, so age doesn’t matter. What matters is if you really desire to have a degree.
Vasu: I was just saying what I am thinking.

Bauji: I have already taken my decision.
All are surprised, Vasundhara and Shraddha smiles
Bauji: I have decided that Bihaan should study and also apply for intermediate exams.
All are happy and Vasundhara and Shraddha are shocked.
Bauji: But I have a condition?
Bihaan: What condition Bauji?
Bauji: You will have to pass the exams, get a degree and Thapki bitiya you will teach Bihaan everyday till the day of his exams,
Thapki smiles
Thapki: Sure Bauji.
Bauji comes and pats Bihaan,
Bauji: Beta, you must pass this exam at any cost, and I hate failures,
Bihaan: Bauji, I will try my best.
Dhruv: If I am not wrong your exams is after 2 months right?
Bihaan: Yes
Bauji: Good. Now its very late all go to sleep.
As Bauji was about to go,
Dhruv: Thanks Bauji for allwong Bihaan to apply for exams.
Bauji doesn’t say anything and leaves

Everyone goes and as Vasundhara is about to go, Shraddha comes
Shraddha: Saasu Maa, Bauji instantly agreed now what will happen?
Vasu: As far as I know Bihaan, I don’t think he can pass this exam, and when Bihaan will fail, Thapki will also get the blame.
Vasundhara and Shraddha smirks.

Here Thapki comes and Bihaan hugs Thapki.
Bihaan: Thank you for fulfillng my dreams, Thapki.
Thapki: Bihaan, you were the one who did a lot of sacrifices just for my dreams, can’t I even do this much for you?
Bihaan: Yes , you can but Thapki I am very nervous,
Thapki: Why Bihaan?
Bihaan: What if I fail the exam and I don’t manage to get the degree. Other people have one year to study and I have two months, how will I manage at such a short span of time.
Thapki: So what if you have less time? There is a saying nothing is impossible. And there will always be challenges on your way, that’s what you told me right?
Bihaan looks at Thapki.
Thapki: And remember one thing
Bihaan: Always take your weakness as your inspiration.
Thapki and Bihaan look at each other and start laughing, Na Na Na music plays.

Later in these 2 months it is shown, that Thapki makes a timetable for Bihaan to when to study and when to do what. Bihaan works hard and studies and later he feels lazy and goes to bed to sleep. Later evening Thapki comes and wakes him up from his sleep and
directly orders him to study, Bihaan shows a sad face Thapki doesn’t agrees and he goes to study and shows an annoyed face. Another day, Thapki is sitting beside Bihaan, and Bihaan is studying, and when Thapki is looking at the book, Bihaan silently takes his phone out and starts playing games. Bihaan says yeah as he wins and he looks at Thapki giving him an angry look, Thapki snatches his phone and orders him to study, Shraddha tries to create problems for Bihaan but somehow she fails to do so, like she mixed sleeping pills in Bihaan’s milk which Thapki serves but she is unaware that Bihaan always throws away the milk as he hates milk and even Thapki doesn’t realize it.
Two days before the exam, Bihaan is working really hard and Thapki feeds him Bihaan looks and smiles and continues his studies. Thapki asks him some question and Bihaan tries to answer them.

The day of Bihaan’s exam arrives, Bihaan takes blesiing from all the family members,
Bihaan: Please bless me so that I can do well in the exams,
Dadi: Sure beta, I know you have worked very hard and all the best for your exams,
Dadi feeds him sugar and curd and he leaves with Thapki.

Bihaan and Thapki reach the examination venue.
Bihaan: Thapki, I thought all these will be easy, but its not easy at all.
Thapki: Don’t worry, Bihaan you have worked really hard. And I know you will pass with flying colors.
Bihaan: This won’t have been possible without you and I promise you that I would give my best and also make you proud.
Bihaan is worried and as Bihaan was about to go,
Thapki: Bihaan?
Bihaan looks at Thapki, and Thapki looks around, and gives Bihaan a kiss on his cheeks.
Na Na Na music plays.
Thapki: All the best.
Bihaan: Now noting can definately go wrong now.
Bihaan leaves for giving his exams.

The result day for Bihaan’s exam comes and everyone is anxiously waiting for his resultd. Thapki is walking around and is quite worried.
Thapki: By now Bihaan should come where is he?
Dadi: Don’t worry Thapki bitiya everything will be fine.
Just then Bihaan comes and everyone rushes to him.
Thapki: Bihaan, how is it?
Bihaan is sad,
Thapki: Is everything okay, Bihaan?
Bihaan: I am sorry Thapki, I couldn’t meet your expectations I didnt’t pass the exams this time.
Thapki and others are sad. Vasundhara and Shraddha are happy.
Bihaan: I didn’t pass the exam, I passed the exam with flying colors
Bihaan shows Thapki the degree and smiles.
Everyone is happy. Vasundhara and Shraddha are shocked.
Thapki: That’s means you were joking?
Bihaan nods yes, Thapki chases Bihaan all around the house, and Dadi and others are enjoying it, just then Thapki slips and Bihaan holds her. They share an eyelock. Na Na na music plays,
Dhruv: Uhum uhum
Bihaan and Thapki feels shy,
Dadi: Finally a good thing happened after many days, so there is a call for celebrations.
Everyone smiles and Vasundhara and Shraddha have the angry look as usual. Thapki and Bihaan look at each other and smiles. The episode ends,

Precap: Here Vasundhara and Shraddha speaks about their plan to throw Thapki out of the house unaware of the fact that Bihaan overheard everything. Bihaan is shocked. Later he holds Thapki’s hand and Thapki looks at Bihaan. And goes to confront Vasundhara. Vasundhara is shocked.

The reason why I am ending this fan fiction in 18 episodes is because my lessons will begin at April.Moreover there have been a constant decrease in the number of comments in this fan fiction so ending it early is a wise decision. Maybe the decrease is due to dragging or no twist. But I will try my best to make all the ammendments in the last few episodes left. And I will inform you all when will I publish the next episode, next episode should be published by the end of March or beginning of April.
Only 3 episodes left
So do feel free to express your opinions and comment.

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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