Thapki Pyaar Ki- A Loving Pat Episode 14


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Sorry for the delay caused in publishing the episode which was supposed to be published on Friday, 18th March. This was due to internet issues.

Hey all I am sorry to inform that instead of 20 episodes I have decided to end my ff in 18 episodes. The reason is because I m planning to end all my ff by April. So basically there are only 4 episodes to go so please do comment and express your opinions,

The episode begins with Bihaan sadly sitting and looking at the sky. And Thapki comes and pats Bihaan. Bihaan looks at Thapki.
Bihaan: Mom, shouldn’t have done so.
Thapki: No, Bihaan maybe mom did all this because she misunderstood that Shradhha did all the arrangements.
Bihaan: But she should have given you the credit too. You even took a leave from work for that.
Thapki: Look Bihaan, I have no complaints against mom. But I really want to know how can I gain her love?
Bihaan: You always care for mom, and did sacrifices and she? You even know about all the marriage truth but you have never told anyone just for mom’s sake.
Thapki: Bihaan, I was disappointed initially that why she did so, but due to that I have also got my true love in you Bihaan.
Thapki and Bihaan look at each other and Na na na music plays.
Bihaan: I still regret for what I did.
Thapki: But you did all this for mom, right?
Bihaan nods
Bihaan: I never thought I will fall in love with you. Maybe this is our destiny. Even today I thank God for giving me my true love.
Thapki smiles but Bihaan is still sad.
Thapki: Look at the star you gifted me, what’s the name yes Twinkle Twinkle Thapki Star.
Bihaan looks at the sky.
Thapki: You have always encouraged me that I should always face all challenges and achieve my dreams. Bihaan, do you have any dreams?
Bihaan: I had one, but doesn’t matter
Thapki: What is it?
Bihaan: That is, to be happy with my family.
Thapki: There must be some other dreams you have right, Bihaan?
Bihaan: Look Thapki, a few years ago, I was someone with nobody, and I was quite lonely. But one day Bauji came into my life and then I had everyone and even a loving wife like you who is always there to give me a loving pat. I don’t want anything else, and I shouldn’t wish for it.
Bihaan pats Thapki. Thapki looks on,
Bihaan: Now its very late, I think we should go to sleep now.
Bihaan goes to sleep, and Thapki gets thinking.
Thapki: (in her mind) Bihaan, I know very well you are always desperate for a mom’s love and also that you have a dream, but what is it that even you won’t want to tell me?

Thapki wakes up from sleep and as she freshes up, she looks at Bihaan sleeping. Bihaan isn’t able to sleep properly due to the sunshine. Thapki goes and covers Bihaan’s face from the sunshine so that he can sleep peacefully. Later Bihaan wakes up and they share an eyelock, music plays. As Bihaan and Thapki were coming closer for a kiss, Thapki moves away and Bihaan falls down. Thapki starts laughing.
Bihaan: C for Chuk Chuk Gadi, now I won’t spare you at all.
Thapki is running and Bihaan is chasing her, and later Bihaan manages to catch Thapki and they both fall down with the curtain, and the curtain falls on them and they share an eyelock, later they both get up and laugh looking at each other.
Bihaan: Okay, now I am going to fresh up, do you want to come with me?
Thapki hits Bihaan, Bihaan smiles.
Bihaan: Okay I am sorry, I will fresh up and then I will drop you at the office.
Bihaan goes and Thapki prepares everything for Bihaan

As she was about to take out his watch, a piece of paper falls down from her drawyer, Thapki sees it,
Thapki: This is the form for those who wants to apply for intermediate exams. How come this is here?
Bihaan comes and sees this and is shocked. He snatches the form from Thapki.
Thapki: Bihaan, this form? This for 12th standard students right? Or those who wants to give exams later as a private?
Bihaan: Yes, yes I know no need teach me.
Thapki: But this?
Bihaan: Actually my friend’s younger brother is applying for exams so its for him.
Thapki: Which friend? And what is it doing here?
Bihaan is about to go, and Thapki holds his hand.
Thapki: Look at my eyes and say that you are saying the truth, that this form is for someone else,
Bihaan: Yes, this form is mine.
Thapki: That’s good, if you want to give exams then go for it, what’s the big deal in it? There is nothing to hide.
Bihaan: No, Thapki you won’t understand.

Thapki sits besides Bihaan
Thapki: I am your B for Bihaan Pandey’s wife and also B for best friend. Won’t you tell me what’s the matter?
Bihaan: Thapki actually the thing is
Bihaan gets into flashback. It is shown that Bihaan was a diligent student not a topper but someone who does decently well for his studies and used to study hard and every time he face problem he used to take help from Dhruv. One day while studying he doesnt understand a problem sum, and he just finished 11th standard, and Dhruv was a first year student in university, so he goes to Dhruv to ask him for help. And he sees Dhruv and Bauji having a fight.
Dhruv: I want to study journalism not business,
Bauji: No, either you study business or you wont study at all. And that’s my final decision.
As Bauji was about to go,
Dhruv: I will study journalism and I wont do business at all especially your fraud business,
Bauji gets angry and he slaps Dhruv.
Dhruv: Now I am not your son anymore.
Bauji: I am not your father anymore either.
Bihaan is shocked and Bauji goes away angrily, Bihaan goes to console Bauji.
Bihaan sees Bauji sad,
Bihaan: Bauji?
Bauji: Bihaan you will never disobey me right?
Bihaan nods.
Bauji: I should not have let Dhruv study at the first place, all this I did so that he can help us. I was such a fool to let him study and our business doesnt even need education.
Bihaan looks on.
Bauji: Bihaan beta, you will do as I say right?
Bihaan nods again.
Bauji: I know you like to study but from now on you won’t continue your studies.
Bihaan is shocked.
Bihaan: Bauji I want to get my intermediate exams degree and after that I will stop studying and help in the family business,
Bauji becomes very sad,
Bauji: Okay Bihaan, fine maybe none of my sons would listen to me.
Bihaan gets up,
Bihaan: Okay fine, Bauji I will not do studies anymore and from now on I will help in the family business.

Bihaan gets out of the flashback,
Thapki: So that’s the reason why you never completed your studies?
Bihaan nods yes.
Thapki: Look Bihaan you still have time you can still apply for exams and I am there to guide you and teach you don’t worry,
Bihaan: But Thapki?
Thapki: Look Bihaan I am getting late for work, you just submit this form today and I tell you by evening you will get confirmation call.
Bihaan: But?
Thapki: Bihaan, you will submit this form today at any cost, won’t you do this much for your Thapki, your Chuk Chuk Gadi.
Bihaan: Okay fine, since you are insisting I will do so.

Here Bihaan is waiting for the call and speaking,
Bihaan: I listened to this Chuk Chuk Gadi, and I submitted the form, and why am I waiting for the call, they have already rejected my application for sure, and I am just waiting like a fool.
Just the someone calls Bihaan,
Person: Mr, Bihaan Pandey your application to give intermediate exams have been accepted,
Bihaan: Really? What you are saying?
Person: We would have rejected your application due to your misbehaviour conduct during your school times but someone have persuaded us,
Bihaan: Who is that?
Person: She is someone named Vaani.
Bihaan: Bani?
Person: Yes, and you should thank the person because of whom this is possible,
Bihaan keeps the phone.
Bihaan: Who is this Bani?

Thapki comes in the room and Bihaan happily holds and spins her around,
Thapki: What is the matter, Bihaan you seem quite happy.
Bihaan: My application have been accepted,
Thapki smiles,.
Thapki: See I told you,
Bihaan: But who is this Bani?
Thapki: Bani?
Bihaan: They say that Bani is the one because of whom this is possible.
Thapki smiles and tries to laugh
Thapki: I think you should call to find who Bani is?
Bihaan calls the person.
Bihaan: I am sorry but if you don’t mind can you tell me who the person is who helped?
Person: Her name is Vaani Bihaan Pandey
Bihaan: Oh okay, what?
Bihaan is surprised and Thapki smiles,
Bihaan: Anyways thank you and sorry for disturbing.
Bihaan keeps the phone and looks at Thapki.
Bihaan: Your name is Bani, you never told me?
Thapki: My name is Vaani not Bani, and its your fault you never tried to find it out,
Bihaan: Sorry, Thapki I mean Bani
Thapki: Look Bihaan, how many times will I say its Vaani not Bani, how will you feel when I call you Vihaan?
Bihaan: Let me just make it easier, I will just call you Thapki that’s the best,
Thapki smiles,
Bihaan: But Thapki, how will I tell Bauji about the exam?
Thapki: You don’t worry I will manage that.
Bihaan looks at Thapki and the episode ends.

Precap: Thapki holds Bihaan’s hand and tells Bauji that Bihaan wants to give his intermediate exams. Bauji is shocked and others are shocked, Vasundhara and Shraddha smirks. Later Bauji, says that he will allow Bihaan to give the exams but he have a condition? Bauji tells them the condition and all are shocked especially Thapki and Bihaan,

And from 22nd to 31st March I may face some internet issues so I may not be able to publish ff in these days but if I get chance maybe in one or two of the days between these periods I may publish one or two episodes together and I will inform all of you beforehand. And once the issue is solved I will inform all of you. And if I publish next episode after 31st, I will publish the last 4 episodes on 4 consecutive days at first week of April.

Only 4 episodes to go
So please do commen

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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