Thapki pyaar ki & my imagination


Hello guys it me sandy that make a fun fiction of thapki pyaar ki finish the boring track but I changed the name to thapki pyaar ki + my imagination it is continue of my story if you read it or not her a small part of it

[ bihaan and the family know that vaani is thapki , thapki and bihaan return together after thapki know the truth that kosi kept the letter from bihaan , thapki got kidnapped by kabir , kabir force thapki to marry him or he will kill bihaan thapki know that kabir hide something he tell her that he want to get revenge from bihaan because he kill his sister husband, thapki challenged him that she will proves that bihaan is innocent]

The episode start with Bihaan was worried about thapki he call the police suddenly thapki come from the door bihaan smiled at thapki and kabir come after her bihaan feel something wrong happens why thapki is sad, bihaan hugs thapki and tell her I was worried about and the family asked thapki what happen why kabir is with you thapki said to them nothing happen I go to visit kabir, bihaan feel weird he take thapki hand and said to her I have to talk to you, thapki:but…. bihaan take her to the room and sit her in the couch he ask her why you are sad kabir tell you something i know I will go to talk to him, thapki stop him no bihaan, bihaan okay you tell me what happen thapki tell him You want to see me smiling bihaan you want to see me happy I can’t live happy with you if you always get angry all the time, bihaan what happen to you thapki, thapki I want you to marry sanker and I will marry kabir and to give me divorce paper ? bihaan get extremely shocked and look at her saying thapki but wh… he remember what she said bihaan said to her if this is you decision than I will make you happy I agree with you he left the room and thapki crying saying i am sorry bihaan I am sorry I do all this to save your life, bihaan know that this a plan of kabir he go to kabir room and ask him what happened between you and thapki, kabir act like he didn’t do anything he put all the blame at thapki he said to bihaan, kabir: bihaan thapki come to me saying she loves me and she can’t live without me I try to tell her but you are married to bihaan she said all this time that we act we love each other to make you jealous it become really love.

Bihaan : you think am stopped thapki don’t love you thapki only love me, kabir : bihaan if you don’t believe me why thapki don’t tell you the truth you have to know bihaan that love can come anytime she love me bihaan and hate you because you are not a responsible husband how a husband lost his child and want to continue his life bihaan you not a good husband to thapki, thapki need a man that can care for her and her future bihaan I want the good life for thapki I don’t want her to live a life with you thapki deserves the …., bihaan stop him shut up I know what you mean but i will always be for thapki. Kabir if you love her so much you have to let her go with me you hurt her a lot bihaan and that is the truth that you cannot run from. Bihaan recalled all the time that he make thapki cry and he said but I am nothing without her, kabir : bihaan you have to accept that thapki don’t deserve you as a husband. Bihaan left the room, Kabir in his mind I am sure bihaan that you will make thapki marry me without any drama. Bihaan go to his room and try to find a knife to cut his arm thapki stop him bihaan why are you doing this.

bihaan : you are asking me why you hurt me thapki if I don’t deserve to be your husband why you come back to me go to kabir and live with him I can live without. Bihaan go to his bike ? and go far from home ?, thapki crying ? kabir come and thanks thapki , kabir : thapki you really a good actor I thought you going to tell him the truth, thapki : all I did to save my bihaan from you and remember kabir if I proved to you that bihaan not the responsible for your sister husband dead you will not hurt bihaan, kabir: if you proved thapki but you cannot because I know it is bihaan who did all this, Thapki : we will see who will win you or me .

It is the wedding day every body was shocked to thapki decision to marry kabir and bihaan to marry sanker but they agree with them if the two of them happy with his decision. thapki wear a beautiful red wedding dress and kabir was
Besides her thapki looking at sanker wear a gree dress and ready to get marry to bihaan, thapki get a message in her phone ?

thapki : it is a message from bihaan she read the message, bihaan: thapki i can’t see you marry anyone besides me also I can’t marry sanker because you was my wife and you always be thapki I will go far from you as you wish I will travel to another country to be far from you but my heart will always be with you your old husband bihaan ,Thapki cry after reading the message she think to go to stop bihaan and she recall what kabir said to her and she thinks I know bihaan will return home and marry sanker, vasu knows about the letter from the record that thapki put in kosi room vasu cannot ask kosi so she decided to ask sanker about the letters vasu go to sanker and force her to tell the truth about the letter that thapki left to bihaan sanker act like she doesn’t know, vasu says okay you want to marry bihaan aren’t you, sanker says yes yes I want bihaan to be for me vasu says you want that so you have to tell me the truth sanker says I will tell you but you have to promise me to not tell anyone and make bihaan marry me,vasu agree to her condition, she tell her the truth that she put the letter in the wallet and she tracks thapki to think bihaan know about the baby, vasu shocked and angry you did all this, sanker with smile yes and am the the responsible for thapki baby lost I make some one hit her by a car ,thapki was listing from the door she get shocked and sad she says I have to stop bihaan from traveling.

First she thought that she have to prove to kabir that bihaan didn’t kill his sister husband, she go to kabir and tell him bihaan didn’t kill your sister husband kabir were is your clue, thapki give him a DVD record video and tell him all the truth in this DVD I tell you Bihaan cannot kill a person he come to your sister husband to save him from fires ? thapki : kabir now I proved to you that bihaan is innocent , kabir: Iam sorry thapki I didn’t know ……thapki : but I want you to do something to me kabir agree with her condition. in vase room vasu slap sanker and said to her on your dream to marry my son bihaan In my dead body you will marry him sanker angry she says you promise me you will make bihaan marry me vasu yes I promise you but i didn’t said I will do that from a killer like you, you killed bihaan child and you want him to marry you never, sanker got so angry she push vasu inside the room and locked ? the door ? and she said to vasu after bihaan become my husband I will release you, vasu yelling no you cannot marry bihaan, sanker go down stairs and she go beside kabir thinking is bihaan .

In the Same time thapki go to the airport search for bihaan . Bihaan recall all the moments that he shared with thapki . Thapki calling bihaan ?Bihaan think he is imagining her voice he continued his way to the plane ✈️ thapki listening to the calling of ” mr bihaan pandy is the last calling for you to the plane ” thapki run to his plane she saw the place is empty she ask a woman that work there the woman tell her the plane just fly minute ago thapki crying no bihaan you can’t leave me I am sorry i am sorry, bihaan said to her you cry a lot thapki ,thapki look at him raajnaha song play bihaan saw thapki thapki run to him bihaan open his arm and she hug him and they both start recalling all the moments that they both shared. In same time sanker was thinking she got married to bihaan the wedding happen and the family was happy and they also think kabir is bihaan suddenly they listen to vasu voice calling for help druve go up stairs and open the door ? vasu tell druve sanker should not marry bihaan the wedding happen tell her druve vasu cry no no he don’t know the truth she run downstairs and she watch bihaan and sanker got married she go to sanker and says you will never got bihaan ,

kabir says yes you are right vasu shocked to see kabir vasu feel happy and asked were is bihaan and thapki. In the airport Bihaan tell thapki he is sorry and he will never will hurt her feeling again thapki crying no Iam sorry I hurt you a lot and she tell him that the child die by sanker plan bihaan get shocked.

Bihaan get kosi out of house saying I wish I never been your son .

Sorry for my spelling or grammar mistakes
I love yesterday episode but I stop watching the show after seeing thapki marry kabir even if it was fake marriage I hate to see bihaan hurt ☹️

I will post the next part soon ❤️

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