Thapki pyaar ki + my imagination Episodes 14

The episode start with koyal ridding the bike her bike stop and she can’t move she decided to go to the garage to fix the bike,
Koyal : hello some body her I want to fix my bike.
Happy sing: hello Koyal ji what happened ?
Koyal smile: uncle ji you her this is your garage.
Happy sing : yes I make it from the money that you give it me thanks Koyal you really a sweet girl I hope you found a guy that make you happy.
Koyal: I hope , yes I forget I need to fix my bike because I need to go to work where is your worker?
Happy sing : it is coming if he got late I think I will…….
Bihaan come and get off from his bike and he was wearing helmet ,
Bihaan : I come .

Happy sing : I think you will not come your work has been started fix this bike .
Koyal : happy sing guess where I got a job .
Bihaan come and he didn’t saw Koyal he take the bike and start fix it ,
Happy sing : where you got a job ?
Koyal: in huge company all that happen because of the stoped man I tell him I will go first he agree than I got the job, bihaan listed to her and got anger he says in his mind can this girl be the one that I meet in the interview he go to Koyal from back and says hello madam your bike has been fixed, Koyal turn her face
Koyal: you !!
Bihaan : you !!!
Happy sing : you know each other
Koyal: yes this the stoped man that I tell you about
Bihaan: what did you call me ?!
Koyal: no you not stoped man you angry bird every time I meet you get angry ,
Bihaan: will hello madam you can’t make name for me and I tell you don’t meet me again or I will show you my another face ,
Koyal: what will you do let me guess you will hit me right do it come one do it,

Bihaan get angry he take a stick and he come closer to Koyal, Koyal smile give the stick to me you not going to hit it on me , happy sing take the stick from bihaan and tell him to go for work , bihaan in his mind this girl challenge me that I can’t do anything to her I will fix your bike but in my way I will show you how you get my job in office and how bihaan get angry ,
Koyal take the bike and bihaan smile at her and says sorry madam actually this is my work and I should not get angry at you, happy sing come and says if you didn’t apologies I was going to fired you this place build by Koyal money ,
Koyal: no uncle ji this place build by your effor not by my money, she ride the bike,
Bihaan let see you go to work lucky girl, Koyal drive the bike and the break in the bike is not working, she try to stop the bike keep moving, bihaan was working and singing, happy sing say I hope you didn’t do anything to Koyal bike, bihaan don’t worry am not that bad I mean no I didn’t do anything, bihaan in his mind sorry lucky girl your luck is done by this day but he think about thapki when she say don’t get angry in small stuff ,

Bihaan: uf thapki you have to destroy my join I will go to help her, he tell happy sing he will be back in 5 minutes, he tack his bike and drive fast to Koyal, Koyla in her bike try to stop she can’t she says why the break dose not work she recall bihaan fix her bike,
Koyal : anger bird!!
Bihaan come and sees Koyal bike he come in the front and hold Koyal bike until she stop ,
Koyal get off the bike and she get angry and says : are you crazy you break the break in my bike if you didn’t come I was died and what will happen to my mother you such a selfish Pearson I was joking with you I didn’t mean to take your place in the job interview but you try to kill me for that am so sorry if I take your job but I wanna live with my family not die because of you ,
Bihaan: will…actually…..I….didn’t ..
Koyal: let me guess it was a reveng from you I take you job you said I will make her bike fall down these games kill people don’t you know,
Bihaan: what happens just happened so let take your bike to the garage again,
Koyal: no thanks I will go to another place and please try to be far from me I don’t want to see your face again Koyal get angry and leave,
Bihaan: gajjjab I come to help her she tell me a article about how to keep your live safe weird girl I wish I never meet her again , bihaan go to the garage aging and start working.

Meanwhile, geet get the job and start working,
Druve: geet bring me the files ,
Geet: yes sir I will go to bring it , geet (shardda) thanks druve you don’t know how mach you help now plan two, druve come to take the files geet about to fall down druve hold her and they look to each other druve put geet down and ask her are you fine,
Geet with a shy face: yes sir …
Druve: watch your steps this is an office not play ground , geet get angry and says in her mind druve think am playing let see this first seen druve you will forget adita one day and remember your first wife,
Geet: druve sir can I take the files from you ,
Druve: take it and bring coffee for me .
Geet: okay sir..

In thahaan house thapki get a phone call from vaus she tell thapki that dadi get very sick and she need to to see her, thapki hesitate because she promise bihaan that she will not meet the family, finally she decided to go she meet dadi in hospital, she go to the hospital and ask the doctor,
Thapki ask the doctor: how is dadi now?!
The doctor: she is in very sick I will try my best to make her alive,
Thapki crying and says : oh God please make my dadi be fine , vaus come to thapki and hug her and says am sorry thapki ,
Thapki : don’t be sorry maa ….
Vaus : where is bihaan,
Thapki look at vaus and says bihaan don’t know am her he will be angry if he knows,
Bihaan call thapki, thapki sees bihaan name she get scared……

Bihaan ask thapki where she go in the night thapki lies to him, Koyal get friend in the office,
Geet hand get broken by a worker druve fired the worker geet smile.

Sooooooo sorry for posting late I really hope you like it but there is question that I wanna ask you do you like Koyal track yes or no , overall thanks for your comments and for you liking my story ❤❤❤❤❤

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  1. Hello di,
    how r u ?
    congts in advance 4 15th episode….
    di episode was nice…
    but di I don’t like wallpaper
    di plz don’t misstaken me
    actually I’m very posve about thahaan…
    I don’t know but whenever i saw thapki or bihaan very close to another person i feel headace…
    but i like koyel track because i know in last
    thahaan forever….
    so keep writing..
    plz don’t stop in mid and don’t give shock us like juveria and vinni di
    really sorry if my word hurt u…

    so keep smiling,rocking and writing….
    love you very much…
    plz apna dhyen rekna…

    or ha..
    eagrly waiting 4 next episode…
    so, plz try 2 post soon 15th episode with thahaan scenes…

    1. Hello sweet kudrat am very good today ?
      Sorry for the wallpaper if you don’t like it I will change it in next episode ?
      Thanks for your opinion and don’t worry am not the person that mistake people I understand ? and I will try to post soon ?
      Love U Too take care ❤❤❤

  2. I like koyal as long as she’s not ruinning thahaan relationship. Let her be thapki’s bestfriend and bihaan’s nok jok partner, but not intruder… that what i wish. But it’s up to you dear.
    I dislike thapki lied to bihaan. It could bring misunderstanding.
    Nice and smile 🙂

    1. Thanks lee_na and I will try to make your wish ❤?

      1. Oh…thank you sweetheart, maybe koyal can be bihaan’s secret admirer until her true love come, just to dramatize…
        i’m sorry if i ask too much.
        I’m sure you have better imagination than me, i believe you can make a great story, don’t bother what i wish, just do what you imagine.
        I trust you. 😉

      2. No I wanna hear your imagination because I tell you before this not my story it is our story because of that I asked you if you like koyal track and I love your imagination it similar to what will happen to the story keep writing your wishes I will try to make it ???❤️

      3. Also soooo thanks lee_na these word mean a lot to me ❤️

  3. Nice episode

    1. Thanks anuchal ?❤

  4. Hi Di how r u ? ❤
    This is an amazing storyline …. Shraddha disguises herself as Geet … Di great imagination ?? … And that Koyal – Bihaan tashan scenes ?… For me , I don’t like Koyal … But di when I read the garage scene ?? … It was the best … I know di that u would not drag it much …
    This exactly seems like the start of TPK where Thahaan had the same tashan …
    Di the way u wrote it is magical …? . I am speechless …. Hats Off to ur creativity ?

    Di just one request …. PLEASE DO NOT STOP WRITING …. You know how big fan I’m of ur ff … Plz di … I love it ❤❤ … Precap …? … Di upload whenever tu get time but do not stop di .. Plz … Di otherwise I’ll literally cry ?
    Di love u ??❤ … Take care ? ….

    1. Hi my love naitan how are you ?❤?
      Am sooooooo happy that you like and don’t worry I will not stop I know how mach this story bring a smile to a lot of thahaan fans so I will keep writing ?❤
      Love u too…..❤❤❤❤

  5. i like koyal scene….but for shrt not drag it….keep going…

    1. Thanks Sadia I will try to not drag it ❤️?

  6. pooja prabha

    Interesting way of writing and realistic way of imagination…

    1. Thanks pooja my friend ❤️ Keep loving my story new tracks coming up ?

  7. Manish ki deewani

    Koyal track is interesting keep writing episode is nice dear take care

    1. It mean you love it I will keep it but not drag it thanks for your comment ❤️️?

  8. Sulbi

    Amazing dear

    1. Thank you sOoooo Much sulbi ❤️❤️

  9. Alm.Abi

    sandy dear its amazing as always….

    1. Thanks alm.abi and I hope you keep liking the story ❤️️?

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