Thapki pyaar ki + my imagination episode 9


The episode start with Aditia feel daze and fall down, druve tell the family he will go to check Aditia if she need help, he go up stairs and find the door ? is locked ? he feel wired and he open the look and enter the room he found Aditia in the Lost consciousness he go to her and try to let her wake up , he called the family the family what happened to druve let’s go to see him, when the enter they saw Aditia can’t wake up Bihaan bring water and give it to druve, druve make Aditia drink it and she wake up druve hug her and ask her how this happened,
Aditia: I don’t know I wake up and see a snake ?.
Vaus: snake but where this snake come from.
Aditia: I don’t know and I try to get out the room the door was locked.
Bihaan: who locked the door?
Aditia I thought is thapki because she the one who brought me to the room.
Thapki: no I didn’t.
Aditia: why thapki you locked the door I called you several time.
Thapki: Aditia believe me I didn’t lock ? the door.
Druve: thapki if you didn’t lock the door who did?!
Thapki: druve believe me why I will lock the door in Aditia she is my sister.
Bihaan : stop it thapki why you tell them you didn’t locked the door of course it wasn’t you I know who did it was shardda.
Everyone get shocked ? shardda was her ?

Bihaan: yes she was the old lady that want to let Aditia fall down from the stairs.
Druve: that evil woman why you didn’t tell us before.
Bihaan: do not make you feel worried and I tell her to not think to come back again to the house ?
Thapki cry from Aditia behavior she go to her room and says I don’t believe Aditia thinks that I will do like this with her,
Bihaan come and sees thapki crying ? he sit beside her and says thapki are you crying, thapki wipes her tears and says no Bihaan it just something come to my eyes,
Bihaan: oh so you are lying to me thapki my lovely wife I hate seeing you crying please smile and Aditia and druve they behave like this because they were worried about their child and I promise you I will never again make anyone hurt you so now smile .
Thapki smile ?,

Bihaan: no I want your big smile.
Thapki ?
Bihaan: now you look beautiful and did you think of a name to our child wait I think our child say something ..what yeah your mother cry a lot yes you’re right he try to make thapki laughs.
Thapki: Bihaan you will be a good father for sure , Bihaan hold thapki hand and tell her you will be an amazing mother,
Thapki: Bihaan did you think about getting a job .
Bihaan: yes I forgot to tell you I decided to work with druve channel business.
Thapki with a smile : for real o Bihaan am sooo happy for you she hug ? him.
Bihaan: do you know thapki I did this work because of you I know me doing a job was your dream so I will do it .
Thapki: and I know you will do amazing work because my b for bihaan it the b for best in everything.
In the same time, Aditia feel guilty about thinking thapki locked the door she go to her to apologize to her.

Break precaps:
Bihaan go to the work and shardda bring a man to destroy his work to make druve get angry at him .

Thapki was drinking water in the kitchen Aditia come and tell her,
Aditia: am sorry thapki .
Thapki: Aditia do you think I can harm you ?
Aditia: no thapki am really sorry she hug her .
Thapki: I accepte your apology,
Meanwhile, shardda was in her house she called the worker in pandy nevas house and tell him did thapki and bihaan get out of the house, the worker: no madam in fact Bihaan tell them it was you,
Shardda: what she get angry and close the phone ?, how I did a great plan but why I get worried I have another plan my revenge is to get you Bihaan and your stoped thapki out of the house than kill Aditia child and last get my druve,

In the another day, thapki and Aditia in dadi room learning how to do sewing clothes for the baby, Bihaan call thapki, thapki go to him and ask him what do you want ,
Bihaan: thapki today my first day in work I want you to pack a suit for me ,
Thapki find a white suit she pack it for bihaan,
Bihaan: thank you thapki ,he go wear it and thapki help him to wear the jacket .
Thapki: you look smart in this suit please Bihaan try to don’t get angry and do your job in the right way don’t play also give me your phone.
Bihaan: why you want it , thapki take it from his packet and delete the games in it,
Bihaan: noooo why thapki?
Thapki: to be focuses in the work now go ,
Bihaan smile and hold thapki in her shoulder: if am having a beautiful wife like you and soon our son will come to our life so I will do my best to make the two of you proud of me.

Thapki smile and hug him I love u Bihaan,
Bihaan: I love you too my lovely wife ❤️.
The family congratulations ? Bihaan for getting a job in druve channel,
Vaus: I was waiting for this day to see you Bihaan go to the job all my wishes with you all the best.
Blwender: don’t play while working.
Suman and preeti: all the best Bihaan dever ji we will take care of thapki so don’t worry.
Druve : lets go Bihaan or we going to be late.
Bihaan: you are right let’s go, Bihaan about to go dadi call him,
Dadi : Bihaan my son did you forget something.
Bihaan: dadi he go and tell her how I forget my beautiful dadi are going to say for me all the best in the job,
Dadi : all the best in the job .
Bihaan go with druve to the channel building and sees his office,
Druve: look Bihaan I didn’t say to the family that you will work in small job like printing the paper.
Bihaan: I know druve because I don’t have skills in the real job .
Druve: I hope you not sad at me or anything else.
Bihaan: no druve you right printing it is easy but what I have to do .
Druve: easy all you have to do put the paper and it will print and give it to me ok and if you forget or need help call me all the best Bihaan and he go .
Bihaan: am sorry thapki I lied to you but this small job is the best for me.
Druve in his office angry ? and says :

I don’t believe Babji he tell me to make bihaan to be with me in the office Bihaan don’t know how to speak English also he don’t know anything about the channel I hope Babji don’t know that I make bihaan work in printing papers.
Thapki in the house she thinks about Bihaan going to the work in the first day, she decided to call him, Bihaan phone rang ,
Bihaan answers: hello thapki .
Thapki: hi Bihaan.
Bihaan: it just 10 minutes and you call me are you missing your husband.
Thapki: yes I miss you Bihaan and I was thinking of you how was the work.
Bihaan: it is good sorry thapki I need to end this call I will call you later bye.
Thapki: Bihaan …he end the call .
Bihaan: sorry thapki i can’t tell you more or you will find out .

Shardda make a man enter the channel business and burn the papers that Bihaan should print, the man goes to Bihaan office and tell him that druve call him to his office Bihaan goes, the man take the papers that Bihaan prints and burn it and put the burn pieces In Bihaan office, druve ask Bihaan to bring the paper that he print to his office Bihaan return and found a burn piece and he get shocked and search for the man he didn’t found him, druve come to Bihaan office and sees the burn pieces he get angry and shout at Bihaan,
Druve: I asked you for small work and you can’t do it what should I do with you Bihaan ?!!
Bihaan: druve I didn’t do this believe me I will print again .
Druve: so you can burn it again this is your problem Bihaan you don’t know the value of doing work I will make you work with assistant he called one of the worker and tell him to work with bihaan.
Bihaan feel sad from druve words and get out of the building.

Break precaps:
Thapki cook for bihaan lunch and go to the channel building to give him the lunch box, she found out that druve make bihaan do a job in printing.

Thapki was in her room and sewing cloth for the baby Aditia come and tell her that she make lunch for druve and will make the driver send it to him,
Aditia: thapki you should do the same for bihaan.
Thapki: yes you are right Aditia I will and I will go to give to him because I miss him so Mach it is the first time that Bihaan don’t be with me all the time.
Aditia: wow you really love Bihaan I didn’t care when druve go to the work but you and bihaan have a unique love.
Thapki feel happy and says to Aditia to help her to make the lunch they both make lunch and thapki take the two lunch boxes to give it to druve and bihaan, Bihaan was sitting out side the building thapki come and sees him she give to the watch man druve lunch box to give it to druve and she goes to Bihaan,
Thapk come from behind and close Bihaan eye and sees: ahum…ahum.. Bihaan who am ??
Bihaan: thapki is that you , thapki remove her hand and says yes it me thapki your lovely wife she sees him in sad mood she sit beside and put her hand in his shoulder and says ,
Thapki: Bihaan what happened ?
Bihaan: thapki why this happened to me I always want to do the job in right way but bad things happen with me.
Thapki: Bihaan you have to work more to get the job in right way don’t give up and now my husband need energy to get his work don so I bring to you lunch.
Bihaan: I will eat it but you have to eat with me you and our child.
Thapki smile at him and start feed Bihaan and bihaan feed her ,
Druve sees them he feel sad that Aditia didn’t come to his office like thapki and he throw the lunch box,
Druve: i feel sometime that thapki was the perfect for me because Aditia don’t care a lot of me she didn’t bring the lunch box for me she make thapki bring it, Aditia call druve, druve answer ,
Aditia: hi druve sorry I didn’t come to your office actually I was going to come with thapki but I feel tired ,
Druve: it okay Aditia but next time for sure you have to come, druve smile and says I was wrong Aditia it is the perfect for me.
Bihaan fight with thapki that he wants to drop her home thapki disagree and push him inside the building to do the work, thapki about to go she hears worker saying : did you know that druve make his brother Bihaan work in small jop he make him work in printing papers will this jop anybody can do and they laughs at Bihaan she go to check if Bihaan really work in printing she saw him and tears ?she go to him and stop the printer from printing and bihaan sees thapki he got shocked,

Thapki: this was your job why you lied to me Bihaan don’t you know I hate lying she about to go Bihaan take her hand and walk her to his office and close the door ?
Bihaan: please thapki you need to listen to me I didn’t mean to lies to you ,
Thapki crying: but you did leave me Bihaan I don’t wanna talk to you she goes to the door Bihaan hold her hand and says,
Bihaan: thapki Please don’t do this don’t go I can’t make you leave you need to hear me ,
Thapki remove Bihaan hand and about to go ,
Bihaan: thapki if it is not for me for our child stay to hear the truth,
Thapki stop and she looks to Bihaan and says okay tell me the truth,
Bihaan: thapki druve advice me to work as a printer and I agree Because I don’t have the skills to do a assistant manager as Babji wish me to do.
Thapki tears and hug him and says why you didn’t tell me before,

Bihaan: gajab I was trying to tell but all you think is me lying to you ,
Thapki cut the hug and hold Bihaan hands and tell him no Bihaan you don’t need skills you need me I will teach you everything and then you will become a great assistant manager to druve let’s go.
Bihaan: where?!
Thapki: to your new office you will work with druve not her and don’t worry Bihaan I will teach you everything let’s go.
Bihaan: thanks thapki you always help me.
Bihaan and thapki look at each other and have eye look and raajanah song play .

Druve get angry when he sees Bihaan work as a assistant manager for him,
Thapki help Bihaan in doing the work,
Aditia get hit by a stick in her head and fall down .

hope you like it ❤️?

Guys I will make thapki and bihaan leave the house ? and in the future I will make more twists but I really hope you like it ,
Your opinion really important for me so write it and this story not my story it our story because of that your opinion it important for me ?❤️

A huge thanks for all of you ??❤️?
Love u all take care ????

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  1. Navami

    Nice trak ….dr…keep writting..i liked the nice…??????

    1. Thank you Navami am really happy that you like it ❤️?

  2. You should prove it Thahaan is the perfect couple for ever…they knows each other very well…I wish this ff going tobe a big success.

    1. Thanks pooja I will try to make that ❤️?

  3. Hi Sandy, i love the icons in your ff it’s funny and refreshing.
    I like the way you make bihaan’s character more wise, understanding, and smart.
    They’re gonna leave the house? I think it’s a great idea. Can’t wait for that.
    Waiting for the next. Good job

    1. Thanks lee_na ?

  4. It was so so so awesome … ?? … The way they both care for each other ? …. Loved the way u showed Bihaan and Thapki hug … She deletes his games and all ❤❤… And as u said it is right Thahaan should leave the house … Then more romantic scenes can come ??

    1. Thank you Soooo Mach NaiTan ❤️❤️
      I love reading your comments it always make me smile ? And am really really happy to see you like the new twist ??

  5. Just super…. I always want bihaan do a job ? thapki a loving wife… Yeah plz take them out frm that zoo it’s a awesome idea ? I always want in drama also but drama writer is full mental ??…keep it up dear

    1. Thanks fan your name is unique FAN ❤️
      Reallllllllly happy to see like the story I hope you like my story till it finish ??

  6. Amazing .I really like it.Thahaan is made for each other

    1. Thanks Rifa ❤️?

  7. Nice episode

    1. Thanks anchal ??

  8. I like Bihan characters, better if thahaan going out of Pandey Nivas and their own e-business in order not to be underestimated. Essentially they have a happy life and mutual supporter. ????

    1. Thanks fitri ??

  9. Ur ff is awesome di
    Plz don’t stop writing
    Remember 1 thing v thahaan fans
    Always with u
    So waiting 4 next episode
    LU di
    Plz take care

    1. Hello kudrat how are you ? ?
      I hope you keep liking my story ❤️❤️
      Next part almost finish and I will try to post it soon ??
      Love u tooo and a big thanks to all thahaan fans ?❤️?❤️

  10. very nice the perfect stiry thapki learns bihan how to become asistnt manager …good one….a new business man will come as bihan…

    1. Thanks you sOooooooo Mach Sadia ❤️?

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