Thapki pyaar ki + my imagination episode 8

The episode start with shardda decided to return to the house to kill Aditia child,
Shardda: you said thapki good people the good things happen with them now the opposite will happen ?
Thapki was dressed up and putting earring in her ears Bihaan come and help her and thapki says thanks Bihaan how do I look,
Bihaan: you look good .

Thapki: Bihaan don’t I look beautiful.
Bihaan: no you don’t.
Thapki: how Reid are you am your wife and you call me lovely what happen?
Bihaan: so you want to be beautiful thapki you don’t need all this and I tell you before beautiful inside your heart not in your look.
Thapki smile : thanks Bihaan so let go the guests are waiting.
Bihaan : wait thapki I want to give you something he go and bring a necklace and says I brought this for you he wear it in thapki neck ,
Thapki: wow Bihaan it is beautiful thank you ?

Bihaan kiss her in cheek and says now you are beautiful, thapki feel shy and about to go Bihaan hold her hand and says thapki you forget something he points in his cheek,
Thapki: Bihaan the guests are waiting I have to go .
Bihaan: thapki you can do anything for me right.

Thapki: yes Bihaan I can tell what do you want .
Bihaan: I challenge you to kiss me in cheek in front of everyone.
Thapki: what no no I can’t do this sorry Bihaan.
Bihaan: you not going to do it .
Thapki: yes I can’t.
Bihaan: so am not going to talk to you until you do it he leaves
Thapki: Bihaan …
Bihaan come again and tell her think aging you have time until the party ends .
Thapki : Bihaan not going to do it .
Bihaan : as you want but i will stop talking to you .
Meanwhile, Aditia was give druve his watch to wear it druve look at Aditia and tell her you look beautiful Aditia like always Aditia feel shy suddenly vaus come and tell them the guests have come let’s go and she go to Bihaan room and call thapki and bihaan, Bihaan walking beside thapki and tell her don’t forget my challenge thapki look at him and says not going to happen,

Bihaan: am sure you will do it because you can’t live without talking to me he goes.
Thapki: talking to her child look to your father always make me do things I don’t want but even that I love him ?
The guests has arrived thapki and Aditia welcome them preeti and suman give them drinks and the have s moments of happiness, suddenly shardda come disguised as a old lady thapki sees her and she finds that her eyes look like shardda she go to her shardda get scared she runs far from thapki, thapki follow her bihaan : stop thapki where are you going ?
Thapki: Bihaan there’s old lady runs from me I want to know who is she .
Bihaan : oh you run from the challenge .

Thapki: Bihaan I am not running from the challenge .
Bihaan: really so you going to do my challenge,
Thapki: yes Bihaan but I have to see that lady .
Bihaan: what I didn’t hear you you will do my challenge.
Thapki: no wait Bihaan I wasn’t hearing you .
Bihaan smile and go.

Thapki: that lady look like shardda but where she goes .
Aditia and druve was dancing together in stage and guests look at the and clips
Bihaan look at thapki and look at the watch and points in his cheek
thapki: Bihaan thinks I will do his challenge.
Bihaan go to stage after druve end the dance with Aditia and says : thapki my lovely wife soon will bring a beautiful son for me and she decided today to give me a gift, thapki get nervous, Bihaan points in his cheek and smile thapki look at him and start singing ? and dance with bihaan and in the end of the dance she kiss him in cheek and hug him and says you are everything in my life Bihaan, the guests get emotional and clip for them.
Shardda disguise as old lady ? go to Aditia and tell her she need help to go up stairs, Aditia agree to help her she walks with her up stairs shardda push her to fall down Aditia scream for help druve and the family look at Aditia.

Break precaps:
Bihaan go to the old lady and remove her scarf it was shardda.

Druve run and hold Aditia before she touch the ground, druve get angry and scream at the old lady : are you blind my wife about to fall down and lose her baby,
The old lady ? am sorry I didn’t mean to make her fall down,
Thapki: it okay mistakes can happen let’s go Aditia I will make you go to the room to take rest, thapki go .
Bihaan look to the old lady hand there was a ring that similar to shardda ring ? he follow her and remove the scarf he get shocked ? to see shardda.
Bihaan: SHARRDA what are you doing her ?
Shardda: get scared and she runs out side, Bihaan follow her and stop ✋? her and says look shardda if you think again to return to this house I will make you go to jail do you hear me now get out ,

Shardda: Bihaan my game will never finish and I promise you that you and thapki will get out of this house just like the way you do with me ?
Bihaan: I don’t care about what you saying shardda you will never win .
Shardda: we will see and she go .
Bihaan return to the house and tell thapki that shardda was the old lady ? he tell her not to tell anyone to they not get worried thapki agree, the family started dancing and celebrating.

Meanwhile, Aditia was in the room talking rest suddenly a snakes ? was in the room he go to Aditia while sleeping ?
Aditia open her eyes and scream ?

Break recaps:
Aditia try to run far from the snakes ? and she saw a stick she hit the sticks with it.

Aditia screamed for help now ones heard because of the music is to loud she run to the door and try to open it it’s looked she call thapki why you locked the door, anyone open the door the snakes come closer to Aditia she saw a stick she catch it and hit the snakes with it, she try to open the door ? she get daze and fall down, shardda out side I tell you Bihaan you and thapki will get out of this house like you did with me let’s see thapki how good people bad things happen with them and she laughs.

Aditia asks thapki why she looked the door while she sleeping, druve get angry at thapki .

Thanks for your comments and I hope you like the episode ?

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  1. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    aditi very stupid if angry to thapki

    1. thank you sir wahyuni hatta for your comments ❤️?

  2. A marvellous part…keep rocking

    1. Thanks pooja prabha ❤️?

  3. Hello guys ?? I forget to write it in the end of the story that I will make a new twist in the storyline and I hope you like it ??love u all take care ❤️❤️

  4. Nice episode

    1. Thanks anchal ???

  5. This is so nice ?? … Precap shows that all would get angry on Thapki . And I think Bihaan will support her … Whatever happens … I am literally just waiting for the next part. ?

    1. Thanks you soooooooooooooooo Mach NaiTan and I promise you I will try to post soon as possible ❤️??

  6. Navami

    Hi sandy..i loved the thahan scenes..dr ??keep writting it is really intresting

    1. Thanks you Navami soOooo Mach ❤️
      I hope you like my story til it finish ???

  7. Nice episode

    1. Thanks Rifa and I hope you say your opinion more like if you like the episode or not but overall thank you soooo Mach ?❤️??

  8. Navami

    Nice dr sandy

    1. Thank you again Navami ❤️❤️

  9. Plz di,
    Choto bihaan ko kuch mat hone dena
    Thahaan ko aleg mat kerna

    Bus oske baad to har dard thahaan OR
    Thahaan fans seh… Lenge

    Love you so much
    Plz try to post soon
    Or plz take care

    1. Hello kudrat how are you ? ?
      Don’t worry of course am not going to make thahaan separate ?
      Love you too dear take care ❤️?

  10. speechless dear .. You again rock.. Marvellous
    ☕ Cheer Up ?
    ? ✨ )) ✨ ?
    ?┃ (( * ┣┓ ?
    ?┃*? ┣┛ ?
    ?┗━━┛ ?
    ? For YOU ?

    1. Thanks wajeeha ??
      And thanks for the cheer up ❤️❤️

  11. very nice epi….i like the twist bt dnt separte thahaan

    1. Thanks Sadia ❤️
      Don’t worry I will not separate thahaan ???

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